Will SCENAR Take My Pain Away?

hi my name is Kay from the scanner experts and i'm here today to answer another question that we frequently get and that is will scanner take my pain away I've tried so many things nothing has worked and I tell you after just a brief explanation of scanner this is the question that we usually get next we answer the question what is scanner and then people want to immediately know what they can expect in terms of pain relief kind of relief can I get will it take my pain away the most frequent questions we get usually the first questions we get and as you can see on the screen the short answer is yes it will help your body stop the pain it does this most of the time quite quickly you know keep in mind that because pain is generated due to many different types of conditions and injuries we can't address them all in the exact same way so of course after the answer yes there is more to say you need to understand how scanner actually helps the body it helps the body by stimulating your own internal pharmacy did you know that you had an internal pharmacy or did you think the only pharmacy there was was Walgreens or CVS or something inside walmart well you do have your own internal pharmacy and scanner actually helps your body secrete the right amount of what's called neuropeptides along with other neuro mediators all part of your internal pharmacy and the this is actually what relieves your pain and initiates the healing sequence in your body so when you get a scanner treatment you might get immediate relief where the relief might come several hours later how and when you experience the relief is related to your condition and how scanner works with your body taking a pain pill generally begins to dollar mask your pain about 20 minutes or so after you take the pill into your system right and then once the medication is worn off your pain is going to return and you need to take another pill and you repeat this process continually when you have chronic pain issues those of you with chronic pain issues listening to me know what I mean when you get scanner treatments your pain relief will last longer and longer as the device doesn't dull or mask the pain and then we're off it actually stimulates your own internal pharmacy to work on the underlying problem the reason for the pain and to help it return to a normal state so you can expect that when you have repeated applications of the scanner that you're going to progress toward health we have had many hundreds of people with pain related to fresh and very old chronic injuries receive scanner treatments over the last eight years in our office with a success rate around ninety percent you'll see below a link where you can listen to some videos of some of our clients and what they've had to say about pain relief with scanner and we continue to build the video testimonial if you will it's something that we didn't used to do and so we now get to do that right so that you can hear more and more people talk about their experience with scanner you will find that scanner therapists around the world will really echo our results that it is quite a successful type of therapy and when you have a very chronic condition one of the things you need to keep in mind is it's not a magic bullet it's not something that you're going to do a few times and voila you know have this chronic condition in your body be healed and have that can go away but your body does have an amazing ability to heal and self-repair and so over time you will see that that underlying condition beacons to normalize and the pain relief becomes sustainable so while it's not for everyone and I will say it's not for everyone the results most often are so positive that it's worth testing it for yourself if you're suffering from a painful condition if you're experiencing side effects of your current pain management treatment if you're tired of the side effects that that brings that's kind of what I mean or if you just know that you're not playing your life at the level that you would like to play and you wonder you know is this something that's going to be able to help you put your injury your painful condition in the rearview mirror of your life and move forward further and further and further away from it it is worth trying because I've seen that happen for so many people speaking of pain management you will have to listen to our next video to hear our little rant and I say rant and air quotes kind of about pain management because pain management is such a prevalent thing here in the United States and we just don't know why on earth anyone would want to manage pain instead of getting rid of it once and for all it's really beyond us so check it out look for that video specifically and see how it sits with you bye for now

What is a SCENAR Device?

hi everyone my name is Kay here from the scanner experts and I come in to you today to share with you the answer to a question that we get asked frequently one way shape or form people want to understand what is a scanner device so that is a very frequently asked question one we answer a lot and thought we would share with you today here a little short video so a scanner device is actually an electro therapeutic medical device and you see on the screen a picture of a rhythm scanner a professional unit interacting with the body and you see actually that it says FDA cleared the fact that it says that gives you an indication that we are located here in the United States we're actually in San Diego California in the United States and that the rhythm scanner is an FDA cleared medical device it's important that you look as you look at different devices to actually ascertain if the company that manufactures or distributes the device has actually bothered to get regulatory clearance that clearance is so important it protects you as the consumer so scanner is an electro therapeutic medical device and I want to go through what the name means because it's actually an acronym and some people know that and some don't some people actually search for scanner on Google like SCA n and ER like it sounds um so what is scanner and what does it mean as an acronym the SC actually stands for self-controlled this means that the device establishes a biofeedback link with your body when it's in use and it's constantly changing the properties of the applied electrical impulses and it's making those changes in response to a very measured reaction from your body so in that way it's self-controlled the en actually stands for an Ergo neuro so what does that mean well the effective scanner is actually based on electric impulses of a specific shape and the shape of those impulses are patterned after the natural nerve impulses of the human body and lastly the AR AR stands for adaptive regulator so your scanner device not only provides a very direct therapeutic effect but it also activates the natural defenses of the body so there you have it scanner is self controlled an Ergo neuro adaptive regulator now we pronounce it like scanner because as in a way this is what the device does it scams the body consistently throughout a session as it activates the natural mechanisms of your body so let's dive a little bit deeper into what a lecture of therapeutic device actually means when we say that we mean that the scanner interacts with your body from an electrical perspective versus a chemical perspective like a drug would human beings are actually electrochemical beings and so we're speaking to it in its own electrical language so it's a good non drug solution for a wide variety of painful conditions in the body and that non drug perspective is good in terms of the absence of side effects like a drug or a chemical would bring when we interact with the electrical aspects of the body with a device like the scanner you can help the body's own natural processes that are in place that would stop paying and create self repair in the body now in the US market scanner devices are classified as class 2 medical devices and again as I said earlier you want to check that any device that you're investigating is actually registered in your country by its regulatory body because not all devices are and those regulations are purely in place to protect consumers now you may or may not be familiar with electro therapeutic or sometimes they're called electro medicine devices I will ask if you think or you believe that you do know about them like you know about Eastham but you haven't used a scanner we hope that you'll set aside what you know and I put in air quotes that word no set aside what you know about electro medicine or estim technology in order to learn about the advances in the field and why we call scanner the smartest device available today in the field and that comes from somebody who has 35 plus years of experience in the field so not somebody who's sort of a newbie trying to sell something if you don't know about electro medicine or electro therapeutic devices or Eastham you're here learning about it now at a very very good time as more and more people are looking for alternatives to drugs to injections invasive procedures and surgery and many times we have found that scanner can be that alternative not all the time certainly but when you get prescribed these different things venture out and get a second or a third opinion and take a look at what is possible with scanner our co-founder he's my other half dr. Peter Lathrop has been in the field of electro medicine as an inventor working in the industry as well as a practitioner he's a neurophysiologist and he's been in the field over 35 years he actually co-developed the first commercial tens unit at Medtronic incorporated in 1979 so if you've heard of a TENS unit he's one of the co developers of that and nowadays he says trade in your old Tim's and your old Eastham technology or put it way in a drawer just like you did your first mobile phone he says the technology has advanced tremendously and becomes smart technology just like your smart phone and you want to upgrade in this technology just like you've done in your phone technology now he's been using the e rhythm scanner since 2008 before that he was using earlier generations of electro therapeutic devices some of which he co-developed but in 2008 he was introduced to scanner technology he explored it he adopted it he gradually got rid of everything else that he was using and he hasn't found anything to replace it and he continues today to help people get sustained pain relief and back to high levels of functioning using this he's also a level three master trainer teaching practitioners and consumers around the world so what you get in him is somebody who's not just teaching but doesn't know because he has a day-to-day practice as well this is a picture of he and I we are partners working together I have a nursing background a deep medical device background in the pain management space as well as well as a coaching background so we make we think a very good team and we hope that you're going to follow along and learn more from us about scanner about stopping pain and about all the benefits that come from using scanner technology as either a lay person or as a practitioner so look down below for where you can go next to follow along with us we want to end today by telling you a client story this particular individual comes from doctor Lathrop practice his pain problem was becoming chronic he'd had it for a number of months he actually came in with this soreness in his shoulder II had an injury while playing baseball and that soreness in his shoulder was at about a level seven you know they do a pain scale on a scale of one to ten and he was a sad and mostly when he was throwing otherwise it was just kind of generally okay and in the background for him it wasn't the pain wasn't interfering with his daily activities but boy it was interfering with his love of playing baseball and his goal was to play baseball and specifically to throw without pain and to know that his shoulder was okay so before he came to us he had that goal he did chiropractic he did acupuncture we did exercise and soft tissue work and he didn't have any resolution of the problem and he'd gone to a surgeon to get an opinion and about the same time he came in to see dr. Lathrop he decided to try the scanner treatment first that was his decision he had an MRI that showed a small posterior superior labral tear then the surgeon said he should have surgery but he decided he wanted to try the scanner treatments before doing something invasive and committing to that surgical procedure and so he had his scanner treatments and after some time his range of motion was much better doctor Lathrop really believed that he was progressing while he was throwing though he was still having some pain so they decided to do another MRI and lo and behold on that MRI there was no evidence at all of the labrum tear that tear had healed and so Rick had a little bit more physical therapy to take care of aspects of what was going on in terms of a frozen shoulder and then he was back to playing and he played in baseball tournaments and the shoulder responded great and he didn't have any pain problems so it was a fantastic result from scanner therapy and a little bit of physical therapy to take care of frozen shoulder at the end and we find oftentimes the scanner and other modalities chiropractic or exercise can be very beneficial together so that's Rick's story it's a common story in our practice and if you'd like to look learn more again just go down below and follow along with us future videos webinars or give our office a call and find out whether or not scanner is right for you by interacting with a professional or getting your own home unit scanner in the meantime create a great day and we'll be with you soon bye

Do I Need A Prescription To Buy SCENAR In The USA

hi everyone it's k here once again from the scanner experts here answering a question that we occasionally get sometimes more frequently than others and that question is do I have to have a prescription from a doctor to purchase a scanner so the question is generally coming from an everyday lay person like you or I it's not coming from a licensed practitioner and it's about whether or not just like medications are prescribed is scanner prescribed and the short answer is yes at least here in the United States which is where we operate we're located in San Diego California and we cover the United States and in the United States the FDA actually requires that when a consumer buys a scanner device that they have a prescription now that prescription can come from any type of licensed practitioner we have several different home unit scanners the rhythm scanner sport d the sport and a licensed practitioner needs to write that prescription so if you have a physician or other type of practitioner may be a chiropractor or an acupuncturist or someone like that who will write you the prescription that's fantastic if they would require some information prior to doing that you can certainly reach out to us if you need someone to help you write that prescription we do actually partner with a very wonderful physician and md who is well versed in scanner and she does do consultations if you happen to live in San Diego County you're going to be able to actually see her at her office if you live somewhere else in the United States she takes a telemedicine approach and if you're not familiar with telemedicine you could google that to find out about a very common practice now of physicians on the phone with clients with patients with everyday people asking the questions that they need to ask in order to learn about your situation and then determining whether or not you're an appropriate candidate for a scanner and so we're happy to connect you with her that particular resource if you need someone to write a prescription for you you could just give us a call at six 1950 1375 to again that's six 1950 1375 to you can feel free to ask for me as 4k and I can get you what it is you need or somebody I can direct someone on our team to get you what it is you need so again the question is do I have to have a prescription to purchase the scanner and the short answer is yes now if you search online you are going to find that you can get scanners from other places I have conversations with people when they go to places like eBay and see that they can purchase one and that device comes from Russia or maybe they can get one from Canada I highly recommend against that the reason that I recommend against that actually is the devices that will be coming from other countries will not be registered here in the US they will be hopefully registered in the country that they're coming from sometimes they are sometimes they're not but you also have more of a challenge to get any support should you need further education should you have any quality issues with the device you've bought because it will not be able to be taken care of by a US distributor so I've seen people need to send devices back to Russia and not have any support and have it take quite a long time to get it back so that's the longer answer to people who would like to kind of go around the need for a prescription and by outside the United States we like to make it very easy for you here in the US to get a device to get a prescription and to receive the support that you deserve so we hope you'll contact us alright everyone have a great day

Julie Kidder RITM SCENAR Testimonial

great my name is Julie Kidder and i have been using the scanner for i think about six months now and it's made a tremendous difference in my mobility in my life at first I've tried many many things I've had many issues for a long time in my spine in my back and I've I broke my tailbone about 25 years ago which started causing all kinds of problems and had car accidents with just caught many many problems and I've tried acupuncture I've been to chiropractors and physical therapists and all of them helped for a while but the issues keep coming or kept coming and so I heard through my physical therapist about the scanner and dr. Lathrop and so I thought I would try it because you know what have I got to lose so I met with him and I started using it actually he was doing treatments on me and I i noticed differences right away and so I determined that I was going to get better so i purchased my own scanner so that I could do it regularly at home which is the key really to be consistent and so to get home started using it and started seeing all these layers of injury start to go away and now i'm at the point where i can actually back off some of the treatments because my body is going to start taking over on its own but i just recently took a trip to Boston where I walked five to eight miles every day and I hadn't done that for three years so and now i'm doing stairs i'm doing all kinds of things that i didn't think i'd be able to do again so it's been a great experience i would i would highly recommend it so thank you

Keith Cammell shares pain relief & nerve signal restoration with SCENAR

i shattered my left femur in a motorcycle accident my firm or I'll never know through got damaged I was partially paralyzed my leg ended up at related point where I couldn't walk I was in pain and according to a nerve conduction report in 2011 night ongoing denervation Iraq in 2007 and finally put all this behind me in 2012 if I was introduced a scanner I'd probably still be recovering I met Peter Lathrop a neurophysiologist four years into my recovery he said he could help me and I went for it within the first three months of using a scanner I wasn't in excruciating pain and after six months of treatment I had another nerve test done this time the report indicated i had total normal nerve conduction I didn't just pop up one of my feet overnight I had to do a bunch of PT and slide to dilute the muscle but now I'm strong I'm doing everything I used to do I know scanner sounds crazy but it's not magic it's just a TENS unit a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator health care professionals have been using tens unit since the 70s scanner is just a version from Russia that's programmable and uses biofeedback I know there's a bunch of people online making outrageous claims about scanner but it did help me in my recovery if you want to use scanner you got to know how to use it or it probably won't work so ask PA Lathrop about Skinner is the only person I've met that knows what he's talking about when it comes to this