what's up everybody Andres here back with another video and look I know I haven't put a video out recently I have been pretty busy with other things I haven't been feeling a hundred percent so I thought I'll make a video and put it out for you guys today but anyway look where I am beautiful I've never been here before I just discovered this location I'm actually out in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast and right there homey that is talebearer River so in front of me is the ocean eventually behind me is more trees anyway I want to discuss in today's video the power that you have as a vegan and the influence that you have as a vegan so let's get into it [Music] all right so I found myself a nice little little spot down here by the water all right so like I saying I want to talk about power of influence that you have as being a beacon what I mean by that is well let me start in the beginning since going vegan I noticed that a lot of people around me they're obviously taking notice of that a lot of people also said to me that they want to give up eating meat they want to try going vegan or they want to try going vegetarian and they they look to me or they come to me for advice and obviously I I want to help them because I want to help as many people as I can go to go towards veganism and giving up animal products from their life but in less extreme cases I get a lot more people saying to me hey you know I've cut down on the amount of meat that I'm eating hey you know I'll stop having dairy I'll stop drinking milk on my coffee you know all these things are so good to hear and you know that's what I'm saying that you have as a vegan you have the power of influence influence of people in your life the people around you you don't have to be an angry pushy vegan to help get people or push people in the right direction lead by example be positive you know show the people in your life that veganism is a positive movement for the greater good and it's not about being angry and hating people for their choices that's not what veganism is about veganism is about not supporting the suffering and death of innocent animals not contributing to that industry that we all hate so much so use your veganism for positivity to help people to help influence people in your life to help motivate them to make the change sure not everybody is willing to become a vegan at all but what you can do is help people to reduce the amount of animal products that they have in their life like take this for example my housemate he is a bodybuilder like me and he eats a lot of meat lots of chicken heads kangaroo beef you name it but how's this since I've been vegan now I've helped him give up dairy he no longer has milk he switched to almond milk when we go out for ice cream he doesn't want to get dairy ice he'll try and find a dairy-free option just like me and you know what it's these little things that help make a difference and in doing that it's helped him change his thinking slightly and he's more aware of what he's doing but he's willing to try vegetarianism at some point in his life whenever he's ready he thinks he can do it he doesn't think he can go full vegan but hey I said the same thing more than seven months ago I said I will never be vegan I don't think I can ever do it I love eat eating meat and animal products too much I need it for my diet I needed to build muscle but look I don't as you know it as you know seven months vegan and I haven't lost any gained and my housemate knows that as well so in proving that to him maybe one day he will go vegan other examples of people I've had people in the gym come up to me and tell me I've cut back on the amount of meat that I'm eating I started adding tofu into one or two of my meals I was just my mind was blown and I just thought wow that is amazing you know the the fact that just me going vegan and living my life has helped to change other people's lives and help to shift other people's thinking you know it's just amazing the power of your influence so please use your influence for positivity and lead by example show others what veganism is all about you don't like I said you don't have to be pushy you just need to be living proof that you can be a healthy strong vegan you don't need to eat meat you don't need to have dare you don't need eggs so some things that you can do in your life to help influence others is show them that you're healthy to show them the food you eat let them taste the food you eat show them that it's not just playing kale and broccoli every day show them vegan bodybuilders on YouTube show them healthy vegans show them how to eat out vegan take them to a vegan restaurant or take them out and order something vegan that is delicious just be positive and be positive about veganism the last thing you need to do is be a pushy vegan and harass people for eating meat and be disgusted by people that eat meat if you attack somebody for the type of food date you're automatically going to get a defensive reaction from them and it's going to make it harder for them to be open-minded about veganism so just remember that you don't need to attack people for eating meat and animal products you don't need to be disgusted to their face about it you could be disgusted in your mind about it but by showing that to them it can create this negative barrier between non vegans and vegans and it's going to make them less likely to be open minded about it and want to try it at all so please just remember that and please don't forget to use your power of influence for the good of veganism anyway guys that's all I wanted to say in today's video I hope you guys enjoyed that and please please don't forget to like this video share it with your friends hit that subscribe button now and I'll see you guys in the next video you

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