Vegan Bodybuilder What I ate today | More vegan donuts?!

what everybody is Saturday morning and it is pretty crappy weather outside you can see it's pretty great pretty overcast I just wanted my morning cardio run from war started raining on me luckily I have my umbrella but right now I'm having just some BCA's and lemon juice a little bit of water it's about 9:00 9:00 a.m. I don't feel like eating yet so I'm just trying to get some liquids in me stay hydrated and I'll probably have my first meal in about an hour so so today I'm going to take you through a full day eating as well everything I'm eating today because you guys love those videos so much so when I start eating I'm going to start recording again right now I'm going to go play some battlefield hi guys so this is the first meal of the day I've got in there some baby spinach and kale tomato quarter of an avocado about 150 grams of hard tofu and I've dress it with salt pepper and apple cider vinegar so I'll put the macros on screen now and I'm going to go to moist this well you plop plop-plop-plop-plop you go just drop your gloves off so going down to grab get a haircut now as you can see it's still very crappy cloudy day but tomorrow's first to clear up it's been freaking raining all week here so I'm pretty keen for the Sun to come back out because I want to go down to the beach and go for a walk down there anyway I'm going to get checked out and then I'll come back and eat lunch and show you what I eat so I'm back got my nectar looking fresh and I just went to the shops or went to the grocery store and got a few things so I'll show you what I got it's nothing interesting I just have like frickin no food in the house I haven't done my own prep I want to be doing that till tomorrow so I just got a couple of things I'm going to be eating maybe tonight maybe later I don't know I just got a few things rather look all right out of the way so first thing I got paper towels very important to have in the house but also got some baby spinach love that stuff really really good for you and tomatoes will I can bucks and kilo at the moment so yeah just some little filled cherry tomatoes I didn't want to spend ten bucks on tomatoes it's just not worth it and bananas they're also expensive my three dollars eighty eight kilos like for old 64 this bunch of six bananas totally hating the prices at the moment now these yeah got myself some rice cakes the sun-dried tomato and basil flavor these are my favorite I'm going to be having these today instead of rice and they are full of sodium and they're going to just give me nice nice pump when I train arms later today also got three blocks of tofu that'll be for my prep tomorrow already got some cooked moment and I got myself two bags of this cauliflower and broccoli mix just because I'd love broccoli and I love cauliflower and I feel like being healthy today and just eating vegetables with my next meal and also got packet of mix frozen berries that's what I got alright so I'm going to make my next meal now which is going to be frozen veggies or broccoli and close our and tofu so I wasn't going to have this boring or steamed broccoli and cauliflower and my boring tofu but I was like you know what it's the weekend I got time I'm going to make this taste good so I'm currently in a stir-fry this with some soy sauce what else do I have make some ginger and some cumin seeds I've always go down well I think those are maybe some paprika a color of course and I'm Chuck corner of an AVO in there just to try to thicken it up a little bit and because I need my fat all right and then we have it looks pretty damn good that's my tofu broccoli and cauliflower stir-fry with avocado and we'll put the macros on-screen for you now see you guys if you want to make it you know exactly how many calories how many proteins how many cups and how many factor in this meal alright so aside from my pre-workout meal I was actually just miring my arm vascularity here and thinking it's going to get a whole lot better once I have some carbs and some salt drop drop drop Oh blah blah blah we have it we've got my mash kidney beans 20 40 grams and about 95 grams of these sun-dried tomato and basil rice cakes I mean it look at all that freaking flavor sodium central baby that mmm I love rice Wow you know sometimes I wonder why I even make these YouTube videos my life is so goddamn boring that's where the highlight of my day every day is going to the gym and eating food is that a sad life of what let me know in the comment section down below [Music] [Music] good dog good dog up you dog well I guess I put the gay guy stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it stop [Music] I'm down the gym now finish training arms how to sign up a little bit of posing and now I'm heading off into mermaid down the highway just to grab some treats and I'll show you guys what that is [Music] that's right ladies and gentlemen got myself some donuts honey I'm home how are you darling splendid cooking dinner oh how sweet whoo damn I saw back from the gym now Blaine's kindly put my potatoes in the oven that I'll have for dinner got my donut sitting there ready for dessert so right now I'm just having a protein shake to make sure I have my protein requirements from the day yeah I'll show you guys why eat for dinner soon when we do sauce it up looking bloody good all right so demolish my dinner it was bloody beautiful now his dessert time I've got myself or a delicious doughnuts here from doing our time shout out to my friend and little hooking me up here this one right here is a like cream frosting with hundreds and thousands unlike a plain sort of donor this is a chai doughnut eager to try that one got red velvet and caramel pretzel with chocolate so pretty bloody excited eat all these they're all begin where to start me I'll try this one first I'll put a lot of pressure [Music] well how sticky right right I'll have these two or so I'm going to try that one now look sighs a filling inside [Music] really young was like a try weighted filling good lady so quickly [Music] that cream frosting oh yeah look at these I don't keep watching a movie for you combination all your ears any wouldn't use abuses that's my diabetes hope you enjoyed it that kids like comment share subscribe remember without two videos a week so subscribe now if you haven't already and yeah I'll see you guys next year [Music]

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