[UltraVid id=367 ]classic Sunday vlog time alright I'm off to my mum's place now and then we're going to go hit up Bunnings if you don't know what Bunny's is it's a massive hardware store that we have here in Australia it's not the nicest day here's Norton – originally a haircut – but anyway you know jump in the car and drive over there now all right we're in bunnies now and while I was looking for some seedlings see she's looking for kale and spinach the classic vegan options but they've all run out of kale you ask you can go I'll keep looking sound the kale this would be the most vegan thing I ever do [Music] [Music] all right some in the carpark and in the shopping center in there is apparently one of the Gold Coast's biggest big in selection shops I guess you could say well it's a normal mark like supermarket type shop but they've got one of these vegan ranges available on the Gold Coast so I'm pretty excited to see what they got and probably going to get myself some treats for tonight so let's go a look that's my old work I used to work there so this is a place Holly railroad market let's give a look [Music] now definitely going to get me when I use my favorite some back from the shop I only got three things and I don't normally get things like this because they are expensive over here in Australia especially now I've got myself some Jardine groundlessly so I'm making spaghetti bolognaise tonight and to dessert got myself some vanilla fudge ice cream pie tofutti is it so fruity or tofutti whatever cook yeah tofutti but yeah this looks good only at home for this melts and for right now so myself a comforter of course the remedy brand see very low calorie in fact 23 calories per serve five grams of carbs and great for your digestive system good man so it's now time for my pre-workout meal and I'm going to have something a little bit different I like to record when I eat different foods to give you guys ideas of something you might want to try so at this point it seems pretty normal I've got some chickpeas and I'm about to put them in the blender but this is where it gets interesting now at this point you're probably thinking what the hell are you doing banana and chickpeas well I don't know I it probably tastes good okay we'll find out oh yeah look at that goodness come on come on yeah we'll put a little bit more cinnamon on top just because I love my cinnamon plaintiff health benefits of course good for diabetics great for your blood sugar levels we have my special high-protein pre-workout baby food I know it's going to taste good well tastes like chickpeas in bananas but it's not that bad the initial flavor you can take as a banana and then the chickpea starts to sit through after but a shuttle you could probably do a little bit more sweetener or a little bit more Finley in there just to balance it out but damn this clear it's actually nice it's actually yeah nicer than I thought um but yeah babe – homemade high-protein baby food perfect because gym procedure carb you protein low-fat or put salt in there as well but yeah you guys should definitely try this recipe I'm just about to head off to the gym and I just started pissing down like it was raining before but as soon as I open the door is just like no you know what you want to go outside so have some more rain all right so I'm going to run to my car and hopefully not get too wet so I made it like a little bit wet plus today a little bit little dotty but as you can see they're running pretty hard dangerous driving in the rain so of course I will drive safely but now it's time to get to gym [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] [Music] now I forgot to record my dinner but basically what I had was I made a vegan spaghetti bolognaise I used the Gardein beefless ground mint now with one onion one carrot some garlic and I used a pasta sauce basically just cooked it and then I added that to some fettuccine and that was my dinner and then for dessert I had the tofutti vanilla fudge frozen dessert it wasn't an ice cream was more like a mousse it was really really good and then after that I had some pancakes so yeah I had a good night anyway guys thanks for watching my video today and I do want to announce the second one into my competition so this is your name below you are the lucky winner and don't forget to contact me to claim your prize and I want to pose a question to you guys what do you want to see that videos on do you have any specific topics any questions you want answered leave them in the comment section below because I want to make some new videos but I want to make what you guys want to see alright so yeah they've been down below alright guys thanks for watching and I'll see in the next video [Music] [Music]


[UltraVid id=366 ]what's up guys I'm Janice here back with another video today and this today's video I'm going to be discussing the health benefits of when you go times based now making this video said because a friend of mine messaged me telling me that she wants to try going vegan for 30 days to see how it feels and she wanted me to sell it to her basically but not from a vegan perspective more from a plant basis perspective and the health benefits associated with eating a plant-based diet as opposed to eating an omnivorous diet so what I've done is I've written down a few points that I know from research and from experience myself are the benefits of a heart based diet so let's get into it so the first point I wanna address is micronutrients micronutrients are often overlooked especially in the health and fitness bodybuilding industry people often look at the macronutrients of the micronutrients when in fact micronutrients are what determines our health it's all good to be getting you know the right amount of protein carbs and fats but if you're not hitting your micronutrients daily your health is going to suffer if you're eating a whole food plant-based diet you're more likely going to be incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet fruits and vegetables up full of micronutrients full of vitamins full of minerals so you need to ensure that you're getting the correct micronutrients daily things like vitamin C vitamin A vitamin D calcium zinc the only thing that vegans or plant-based people on a plant-based diet may have to substitute is vitamin b12 so vitamin b12 you get when you eat meat right but where does the meat get is vitamin b12 from when the meat is still alive and an animal farmers have to inject that animal with b12 shots now that's the same thing as I start get a supplement the reason we don't have b-12 naturally-occurring anymore is because one our soil is so degraded that is not found naturally in soil anymore and two we treat our waters we don't get it from there so we have to supplement with it just like animals do the next point that one discuss is once you go to plant base you're more likely going to be eating less protein in your diet which in turn is going to put less stress on your digestive system now we've all heard this that eating a high protein diet your body takes more energy to break that protein down when compared to things like carbohydrates or fats now that's true the body does use more energy to break down protein and what that does or what that means is what is drawn from places like your brain down to your gut to focus hard on trying to digest all this protein that you're constantly filling your body with now have you ever had a big meal and then feel lazy or lethargic or sleepy after that meal that's because the blood is traveling from your brain down till you got to digest all that food now when you're feeding your body a lot of protein the same things happening constantly you're putting a lot of strain in that area so you body has to work harder has to work overtime to break it down things like meat and animal protein actually can take two through times longer than plant-based food to be broken down and fully digested and flushed now this is why people who are a high animal protein diet usually suffer from things like constipation and IBS more commonly now this leads into my next point which is bowel movement when you go to plant-based and you're eating Whole Foods you're going to be having a higher fiber diet which basically means you're going to be a lot more regular and your colon is going to be clean well from one perspective it's going to be cleaning itself out more regularly I don't know if it's actually going to be clean in the sense that because it's going to be filled with now you might find yourself cooking a lot more than usual now this is a good thing because it means your body is not struggling to break down the foods that you're feeding it so don't be scared if you're pooping two to three times a day that's normal once you go on a plant-based diet the next point I want to address is gut health or more gut inflammation when we consume things like meat eggs or dairy our body or add guts can become inflamed because our bodies are not designed to break these things down and gut health is very important for your overall health it can affect how you're feeling on the inside and on the outside your gut health will also affect your immune system so by having a healthy gut you're going to have or you're going to support your immune system and have a healthy sort of immune system if your gut is inflamed and constantly aggravated your immune system is going to suffer your health is going to decline and that is not good if you want to be a healthy human being the worst offender in this category I would say will have to be daring because as humans our bodies aren't designed to break down other mammals milks it's designed for those other mammals babies our bodies lack the necessary enzymes to break down things like lactose and that's why so much of the population on earth is lactose intolerant think about it why do so many people report feeling sick or bloated or just not right after eating dairy products or drinking milk it's because we're not meant to drink it we're not meant to eat dairy it's made for baby cows think about it so rather the next thing that I want to bring up is energy levels once you go to plant-based you're more likely to increase your carbohydrate intake now carbohydrates are basically humans primary fuel source our body runs on glucose so when we take in carbohydrate our bodies break it down into into a simplest form which is glucose that bank goes into our blood converts the energy and keeps us alive now plant-based foods are high carbohydrate foods it makes sense that once you start eating more carbs and less fats and loot and less protein your body is going to be working a lot more efficiently which means you're going to have an increase in your overall energy levels I remember when I first went vegan the first week or two I just remember jumping out of bed every day I remember going to the gym and just hitting PBS because my strength was done through the roof that's because my carbohydrate had increased significantly and I reduced my protein intake and my fat intake slightly I had all this extra energy and it just helped me make better gains in the gym so for me that's a plus so by eliminating animal products from your diet you're also going to be eliminating cholesterol and most likely going to be eliminating saturated fat intake this is a good thing because having high cholesterol and a high saturated fat intake are linked to the highest cause of death in humans and that's things like heart disease diabetes cancer so by eliminating these things from your diet you're going to be reducing your risk from developing these chronic illnesses now we've already discussed the benefits that he can have for your insides but what about your outsides so if you're going to be eating less processed food less refined sugar eliminating dairy eliminating meat eliminating eggs lynnae's all animal products the health benefits on the outside are awesome you're going to notice that your hair is going to grow faster it's going to be stronger your nails and grow faster and be a lot stronger and a lot healthier and if you suffer from things like acne or pimples or get you know regular breakouts if you're reducing animal products from your diet you're going to help clear up your skin you're going to get that nice vegan in everybody wants to have nice skin don't they now if you feel like I've missed something or have anything else to add to this please leave it down in the comment section below I love when you guys contact me I love getting feedback from you guys and if you haven't already subscribed please consider subscribing I try to put out at least two videos a week and I cover things on veganism health bodybuilding I also upload blogs if you have any topic that you want me to discuss let me know down below and yeah don't forget to give this video like share with your friends and I'll see you guys in the next video ah and if you did notice I'm wearing my vegan athlete shirt which I got from my new sponsors living engine I'll put a link to their website down below and you can use my coupon here to get 10% off your order go check those guys out now [Music]

Vegan Bodybuilder What I ate today | More vegan donuts?!

[UltraVid id=365 ]what everybody is Saturday morning and it is pretty crappy weather outside you can see it's pretty great pretty overcast I just wanted my morning cardio run from war started raining on me luckily I have my umbrella but right now I'm having just some BCA's and lemon juice a little bit of water it's about 9:00 9:00 a.m. I don't feel like eating yet so I'm just trying to get some liquids in me stay hydrated and I'll probably have my first meal in about an hour so so today I'm going to take you through a full day eating as well everything I'm eating today because you guys love those videos so much so when I start eating I'm going to start recording again right now I'm going to go play some battlefield hi guys so this is the first meal of the day I've got in there some baby spinach and kale tomato quarter of an avocado about 150 grams of hard tofu and I've dress it with salt pepper and apple cider vinegar so I'll put the macros on screen now and I'm going to go to moist this well you plop plop-plop-plop-plop you go just drop your gloves off so going down to grab get a haircut now as you can see it's still very crappy cloudy day but tomorrow's first to clear up it's been freaking raining all week here so I'm pretty keen for the Sun to come back out because I want to go down to the beach and go for a walk down there anyway I'm going to get checked out and then I'll come back and eat lunch and show you what I eat so I'm back got my nectar looking fresh and I just went to the shops or went to the grocery store and got a few things so I'll show you what I got it's nothing interesting I just have like frickin no food in the house I haven't done my own prep I want to be doing that till tomorrow so I just got a couple of things I'm going to be eating maybe tonight maybe later I don't know I just got a few things rather look all right out of the way so first thing I got paper towels very important to have in the house but also got some baby spinach love that stuff really really good for you and tomatoes will I can bucks and kilo at the moment so yeah just some little filled cherry tomatoes I didn't want to spend ten bucks on tomatoes it's just not worth it and bananas they're also expensive my three dollars eighty eight kilos like for old 64 this bunch of six bananas totally hating the prices at the moment now these yeah got myself some rice cakes the sun-dried tomato and basil flavor these are my favorite I'm going to be having these today instead of rice and they are full of sodium and they're going to just give me nice nice pump when I train arms later today also got three blocks of tofu that'll be for my prep tomorrow already got some cooked moment and I got myself two bags of this cauliflower and broccoli mix just because I'd love broccoli and I love cauliflower and I feel like being healthy today and just eating vegetables with my next meal and also got packet of mix frozen berries that's what I got alright so I'm going to make my next meal now which is going to be frozen veggies or broccoli and close our and tofu so I wasn't going to have this boring or steamed broccoli and cauliflower and my boring tofu but I was like you know what it's the weekend I got time I'm going to make this taste good so I'm currently in a stir-fry this with some soy sauce what else do I have make some ginger and some cumin seeds I've always go down well I think those are maybe some paprika a color of course and I'm Chuck corner of an AVO in there just to try to thicken it up a little bit and because I need my fat all right and then we have it looks pretty damn good that's my tofu broccoli and cauliflower stir-fry with avocado and we'll put the macros on-screen for you now see you guys if you want to make it you know exactly how many calories how many proteins how many cups and how many factor in this meal alright so aside from my pre-workout meal I was actually just miring my arm vascularity here and thinking it's going to get a whole lot better once I have some carbs and some salt drop drop drop Oh blah blah blah we have it we've got my mash kidney beans 20 40 grams and about 95 grams of these sun-dried tomato and basil rice cakes I mean it look at all that freaking flavor sodium central baby that mmm I love rice Wow you know sometimes I wonder why I even make these YouTube videos my life is so goddamn boring that's where the highlight of my day every day is going to the gym and eating food is that a sad life of what let me know in the comment section down below [Music] [Music] good dog good dog up you dog well I guess I put the gay guy stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it stop [Music] I'm down the gym now finish training arms how to sign up a little bit of posing and now I'm heading off into mermaid down the highway just to grab some treats and I'll show you guys what that is [Music] that's right ladies and gentlemen got myself some donuts honey I'm home how are you darling splendid cooking dinner oh how sweet whoo damn I saw back from the gym now Blaine's kindly put my potatoes in the oven that I'll have for dinner got my donut sitting there ready for dessert so right now I'm just having a protein shake to make sure I have my protein requirements from the day yeah I'll show you guys why eat for dinner soon when we do sauce it up looking bloody good all right so demolish my dinner it was bloody beautiful now his dessert time I've got myself or a delicious doughnuts here from doing our time shout out to my friend and little hooking me up here this one right here is a like cream frosting with hundreds and thousands unlike a plain sort of donor this is a chai doughnut eager to try that one got red velvet and caramel pretzel with chocolate so pretty bloody excited eat all these they're all begin where to start me I'll try this one first I'll put a lot of pressure [Music] well how sticky right right I'll have these two or so I'm going to try that one now look sighs a filling inside [Music] really young was like a try weighted filling good lady so quickly [Music] that cream frosting oh yeah look at these I don't keep watching a movie for you combination all your ears any wouldn't use abuses that's my diabetes hope you enjoyed it that kids like comment share subscribe remember without two videos a week so subscribe now if you haven't already and yeah I'll see you guys next year [Music]


[UltraVid id=364 ]then I could feel that all right I'm here with the maid days going to get some skin our treatment never had it before don't know anything about it he's going to explain what it is and how it works you okay scanner it's electronic pulse frequency healing what you do is you place it and you work the device on the on the area of this that's causing pain so pain management area yeah or post surgery as well okay so my tricep is it give me a bit of a niggle so I'm going to work that today yeah and what it does is it picks up damaged nerve endings so which is always the case in pain management areas so we're thinking with very stimulating those damaged nerve endings to your central nervous system in turn turns on your body's own healing switches in the brain so it's it's it re recognizes it's got an injury there to go and do it on its own rapid healing okay cool developed by the Russian space agency in the 80s for their astronauts and space for when they do it themselves yeah and they don't have medications they can treat it and heal it interesting awesome awesome for oh yeah right ice alright so we just I just need your arm relaxed yep okay and I'm going to be getting here yep so the first thing we do is turn the device on okay and we're going to I'm going to place it on your skin these are unrealistic lip folks on your skin and we're just going to get a free you're going to start turning the frequency up okay yeah we want to find a frequency that you can tolerate you don't want to start biting your skin or clarify it needs to stay comfortable so it will work regardless but I will see the higher the better the frequency ceiling that yeah I can fill out is it comfortable yeah okay can manage that okay we'll just keep we'll keep tuning it up because I want it to get to a point where you go out okay okay kill that like most it's none if you feel like pulsing in down my arm like you've got a high tolerance tolerance yeah very high it's gone on me still not too high yeah that's right Wow yeah I mean I love like deep tissue massage and yep so yeah like that but get hang it high to get me yeah yeah yeah skew yeah a little bit more I think yeah I think there we go yeah that there yeah feels quite like hot you know yeah so the first thing we do is cool brushing yep so and you can hear the device working yeah I feel that – hi now he's dying right already oh really – it's not – fine we'll just use the muscles ha ha mr. pain tolerance and team getting our max readings yes right on damaged nerve endings and waking them up Dyson can go anything that can go past 30 seconds where an addendum 7 ends so just so it just does it by itself basically it yeah man yep totally appropriate amount of time yeah well like with the brushing effect we've just finished doing we found the sticking points here which is the dermis no benning's it's drawn to them so it will stick to the skin and then that gives us our dosing points as well yeah decent good dose in email okay yes all right I'm back now from a first scan our treatment Dave I think it went well I already notice that way our whole arm felt so much lighter afterwards it's a weird sort of feeling but I'll show you the points that we worked on so worked on this point here around my former my bicep was getting a lot of pain around there also you really see but on my wrist here all around was getting really high readings we worked out well and all on my hands my hand was just like killing me so worked on my whole palm and the pain area that I went there for which was on my tricep erm I said well they work red will also work around there but all these other areas were getting readings so it's all linked basically if you have an issue or a pain somewhere it's all linked the whole arm is linked area length shoulders back chest so we isolated these areas and the Machine sounds that they were problem areas with this tension nerve endings so we worked all them well and yeah right now I can feel that my arm feels a lot lighter and just a lot more relaxed so we said to give it a few days and then let them know how it feels and we'll go from there to see whether I need more treatment or not but so that means no training back tonight like I was going to Train Lakes instead and then like the next half that is my resting so it works so well but anyway I'll keep you guys updated and let you know how it's going yeah it's pretty interesting to to get the sort of treatment so I know nothing about I've never really heard of it but like I said I'll keep you guys updated and see how it goes from there

10 Things Vegans Are Tired Of Hearing

[UltraVid id=363 ]But like, where do you get your protein from? But like, why are you vegan? I don't think I could ever go vegan. But I could definetely go vegetarian. But like, don't you miss meat don't you miss taste of meat, meat tastes so good.. How can you not eat it? I don't think I could ever give up cheese, cheese is just so good. So like… What don't you eat? You don't eat meat. You can still eat eggs and… …milk right? Bacon is life. Isn't it hard to eat out, I mean like what can you even eat when you go out? I bet it's so expense to be vegan. I mean it probably costs you a lot more now that you're vegan. What if you're trapped on a desert island and you had no choice but to eat meat would you eat it, or would you just DIE?


[UltraVid id=362 ]what's up everybody Andres here back with another video and look I know I haven't put a video out recently I have been pretty busy with other things I haven't been feeling a hundred percent so I thought I'll make a video and put it out for you guys today but anyway look where I am beautiful I've never been here before I just discovered this location I'm actually out in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast and right there homey that is talebearer River so in front of me is the ocean eventually behind me is more trees anyway I want to discuss in today's video the power that you have as a vegan and the influence that you have as a vegan so let's get into it [Music] all right so I found myself a nice little little spot down here by the water all right so like I saying I want to talk about power of influence that you have as being a beacon what I mean by that is well let me start in the beginning since going vegan I noticed that a lot of people around me they're obviously taking notice of that a lot of people also said to me that they want to give up eating meat they want to try going vegan or they want to try going vegetarian and they they look to me or they come to me for advice and obviously I I want to help them because I want to help as many people as I can go to go towards veganism and giving up animal products from their life but in less extreme cases I get a lot more people saying to me hey you know I've cut down on the amount of meat that I'm eating hey you know I'll stop having dairy I'll stop drinking milk on my coffee you know all these things are so good to hear and you know that's what I'm saying that you have as a vegan you have the power of influence influence of people in your life the people around you you don't have to be an angry pushy vegan to help get people or push people in the right direction lead by example be positive you know show the people in your life that veganism is a positive movement for the greater good and it's not about being angry and hating people for their choices that's not what veganism is about veganism is about not supporting the suffering and death of innocent animals not contributing to that industry that we all hate so much so use your veganism for positivity to help people to help influence people in your life to help motivate them to make the change sure not everybody is willing to become a vegan at all but what you can do is help people to reduce the amount of animal products that they have in their life like take this for example my housemate he is a bodybuilder like me and he eats a lot of meat lots of chicken heads kangaroo beef you name it but how's this since I've been vegan now I've helped him give up dairy he no longer has milk he switched to almond milk when we go out for ice cream he doesn't want to get dairy ice he'll try and find a dairy-free option just like me and you know what it's these little things that help make a difference and in doing that it's helped him change his thinking slightly and he's more aware of what he's doing but he's willing to try vegetarianism at some point in his life whenever he's ready he thinks he can do it he doesn't think he can go full vegan but hey I said the same thing more than seven months ago I said I will never be vegan I don't think I can ever do it I love eat eating meat and animal products too much I need it for my diet I needed to build muscle but look I don't as you know it as you know seven months vegan and I haven't lost any gained and my housemate knows that as well so in proving that to him maybe one day he will go vegan other examples of people I've had people in the gym come up to me and tell me I've cut back on the amount of meat that I'm eating I started adding tofu into one or two of my meals I was just my mind was blown and I just thought wow that is amazing you know the the fact that just me going vegan and living my life has helped to change other people's lives and help to shift other people's thinking you know it's just amazing the power of your influence so please use your influence for positivity and lead by example show others what veganism is all about you don't like I said you don't have to be pushy you just need to be living proof that you can be a healthy strong vegan you don't need to eat meat you don't need to have dare you don't need eggs so some things that you can do in your life to help influence others is show them that you're healthy to show them the food you eat let them taste the food you eat show them that it's not just playing kale and broccoli every day show them vegan bodybuilders on YouTube show them healthy vegans show them how to eat out vegan take them to a vegan restaurant or take them out and order something vegan that is delicious just be positive and be positive about veganism the last thing you need to do is be a pushy vegan and harass people for eating meat and be disgusted by people that eat meat if you attack somebody for the type of food date you're automatically going to get a defensive reaction from them and it's going to make it harder for them to be open-minded about veganism so just remember that you don't need to attack people for eating meat and animal products you don't need to be disgusted to their face about it you could be disgusted in your mind about it but by showing that to them it can create this negative barrier between non vegans and vegans and it's going to make them less likely to be open minded about it and want to try it at all so please just remember that and please don't forget to use your power of influence for the good of veganism anyway guys that's all I wanted to say in today's video I hope you guys enjoyed that and please please don't forget to like this video share it with your friends hit that subscribe button now and I'll see you guys in the next video you

Vegan Bulking Diet | What I ate today

[UltraVid id=361 ][Music] sup everybody Andres here back with another video now Saturday it's 12:00 in the afternoon lunch time I haven't eaten anything today I've been fasting all day all I've had is two copies and it's time for my first meal what I'm going to have is I'm going to have some tofu and have some spinach I'm going to make a salad some extra veggies some tahini avvocato going to have some some good protein some good fats and some good five of plenty of micronutrients there alright so here is part of my lunch today I've got in here pretty loading so baby spinach one small of akkad o one tomato about 1/3 of a cucumber some purple kale some apple cider vinegar salt pepper and little dabs of unhulled tahini which is full of calcium if you get the hold you get no calcium so get the unhold and you get plenty of calcium and for my protein oh that's hot I got my tofu cooking away and add in there about 150 grams no I'm going to add 300 grams in there we're going all out today that's what 300 grams of hard tofu looks like that's going in there I'm going to eat that and then I'm going to rest to let that digest all right so for my second meal of the day which is also my pre-workout meal and as you can see I've got kidney beans and white rice with a little bit of soy sauce 240 grams of kidney beans and 250 grams of rice this is going to go down a treat then we're going to go hit the gym after I eat this all right guys so bag is packed pre-workout ready and we're going to go train some back oh and now I look jacked damn that's right bulking season baby look at the legs yeah boy legs a bit white but still looking good all right all right time to go [Music] [Music] aha I'm hungry some just driving back from the gym now on my way to get a feed and I've just turned onto the highway and it looks like there's been some accident or something just don't get why people I like not paying attention when they're when they're driving what I like they like on their phone or snapchatting or recording vlogs or something you know it's just I mean come on man so I just got home as you can see I went to Guzman and Gomez haven't been there for a while but these guys this place used to be like most staple cheap night when I was not a vegan and I loved that I would go there every Friday and get like nachos and a burrito and I chose an enchilada or an enchilada and a burrito and I won't like the reason that I like them so much was because of the meat they said they gave you a lot of meat and being a bodybuilder I was a big meat-eater but since I'm now vegan I haven't gone that as much but the food still tastes amazing what I did get is I got a veggie and squawk burrito and veggie mild veggie nachos both no cheese of course and nachos you're going to get it you're going to get it and I've also got some beef free chunks which I'm going to cook up over there we're going to toss them on top of my nachos so I want to keep them nice and warm for now and I'm going to start cooking this soon this stuff how to before is pretty good it is made from soy protein macros si trainer to zoom in properly right per 100 grams you got 20 grams of protein 8 point 8 grams of fat and 44 grams of carbs so pretty high caloric food but pretty good meat substitute pretty tasty something a little bit different get some extra protein in my direction [Music] [Music] whereas there had more dinner which was the nachos and burrito salud gum have the best tortillas out of anyone over the discuss soft and tasty but anyway of course no gimmick is complete without dessert right so the dessert I have this year which is the worst afraid of contains our first intent on being in so this is the next best thing and they are delicious you haven't tried these ones already do yourself a favor go to bullies go to the health food or gluten-free section and get these because these are vegan they also do a rinse loss and an Oreo versions that are baviaan are targeted by any way whether it's destroyed this packet of chocolatey biscuity goodness [Music] you [Music] thanks for watching guys don't forget to Like comment share subscribe and I'll see you guys in the next video [Music] you [Music]


[UltraVid id=360 ]so now I just climbed the mountain well I'll show you what it looks like in the distance pretty impressive from where I'm standing it looks very impressive in this video not so impressive but anyway there it is good morning YouTube now is 3:30 in the morning Saturday morning I'm whispering because blindness or sleep I haven't slept a wink last night and I am kind of tired kind of right away about what I'm going to do right now is pack my bag and I'm going for business it is a hike I'm going to go River Drive and our hours drive down south and I'll go there climb Mount Warning so stay tuned all right in the car now and some coffee that's hot and dumb my cupholders aren't big enough for my travel company oh well I'll make do time to go so made it now to the bottom of Mount Warning there's quite a few people who are already and it's like 4:30 in the morning but ready to start my climb now it's bloody pitch-black walking through the car park now all right oh my god this is a four to five hour return trip what have I got myself into walking in the rain forest it's pitch black hopefully battery my torch laughs can't see shit like this all these farts really tell but here steps all the way up to the top I think some poor bastard had to come here and stick these things in the ground all the way to the top of the mountain fuck that oh fuck take your brush I made it to the top it's bloody awesome view to shame that the camera can't pick up the detail but the sunrise is so beautiful up here [Music] so nice up here but to show you so many people kind of crowds it but the walk was crazy the last maybe half a K is straight uphill rocks you go literally rock climbing way up here there's chain the hold on dude but it's pointless full body workout to me an hour and a half to walk up this whole thing I said the estimated time is about four to five hours round-trip so pretty pretty crushed it ran up here [Music] heading back down now so I'm going to try my best to show you that vertical path that I was talking about once I get there this is going to be tricky [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] which was very the end of it just got this anyone up on the phone why I want to go all right sir made a down the rock rock wall thingy now back on the track and the track you've literally just rocks everywhere my knee my feet I saw did a bit of ninja warrior jumping down the rocks that's probably why running on coffee and no sleep or parallel I've been awake 24 hours so yeah plenty at home you have nice big fees and then probably go to bed he's like an or I'll just go about my normal day we'll see over anyway I'm gonna keep going whole trip what's you guys [Music] so much easier when you've got daylight and you can see where you're putting your feet this massive tree uprooted way down there you know take some serious power to uproot tree they speak oh my god all the stairs I made it to the end Here I am so successfully completed mount morning and I don't know how long that took me to me an hour and a half to get up there an hour to get down so not bad they reckon on the sign they say four to five hours round trip it took me two and a half hours I finished ran down the hallway about I got halfway absolutely wrecked freaking me shocked hell I'm starving and I probably lost all my gain from that cardio item trading so it's all good anyway time to get so had a couple hours sleep with the neighbors for the first time in his life decided to use power tools so it's working me up by anyway that's fine I'm going to eat now I'm getting pretty hungry and I'll show you what I've got it's my arm my stocks and salad it looks like a bowl of spinach but there's other things in there I can issue it is tomato cucumber tofu avocado salt pepper lemon juice and tahini so I'm going to eat this and watch a movie on my laptop rest stop eat again and then track better view of it yeah we like goodness all them games [Music]

Walking In Finland

[UltraVid id=359 ]it's andreas here back with another video but I haven't made a video in a long time being pretty slack but guess what I'm in Finland now you know from the Gold Coast in Australia where it's like 30 degrees all the time and I'm here in Finland it's like one degree at the moment and look there's snow just like the first time I've actually properly seen snow I mean I've seen it once before in New Zealand when I was like maybe five or six years old but that was different you know who remembers when they're that young really but anyway I just wanted to say that if you want to be vegan Finland is the place to be there are so many like vegan options in the supermarkets is like a crazy amount of mock meat made from not just soy made from oats made from beans and for soy seitan it is crazy awesome mum like kebab meat made from seitan which is beautiful and the sound whose one which is called pulled oats and it's kind of like pulled pork I guess it comes in a few different flavours it's quite nice you have that every day rather than that there's tons of tons of other oh don't even think now what else is there Oh tons of tons of chocolates and candies and sweets like you wouldn't believe it's crazy and there's this Finnish Finnish food which is called Cariad Lampe daca or DCP there but ECP daca which is like a rice pie face like a like a rye bread thing with like a rice filling it's quite nice actually I really enjoy it but definitely if you are vegan you should definitely come to Finland the food is awesome people are nice place is great there's all this nature everywhere it's just like pristine untouched and there's some great little vegan cafes and restaurants as well which you can check out use the happy cow app and find them but anyway just wanted to give everyone a quick update let everyone know what's happening and hopefully I should make some videos in the future but anyway if you have any questions about anything feel free to contact me and leave them down in the comment section below bye guys peace talks later


[UltraVid id=358 ]what's up everybody andreas here back with another video and it has been a long time since I put a video out a few months but I decided to put out another one and it's because I am leaving the Gold Coast tonight that's right I'm going on a trip first stop is Macau for one week and then I'm off to Finland to see my lovely girlfriend Mira I haven't seen in like eight months so it's been a long time bye anyway let's get into the video first flight down I made it to KL now I'm going to the transfer desk to get to my connecting flight to Hong Kong and then from home time I'm going to take my ferry will take a ferry rather to Macau so I'll see you guys soon [Music] I made it to the ferry terminal on the ferry leaving Hong Kong you're going to Macau [Music] so I made it to the cow just go from ferry now we'll open up farmer dad and then hopefully over coffee relax [Music] [Music] so this is where I'm staying in Macau this is my dad's little apartment that's a bathroom there and here we got the main living area computer station there's my dad in the kitchen so this is the first dinner here in Macau home-cooked meal y-yeah well over there got cucumber and tomato salad coriander what type of bread is this Portuguese for me brick Portuguese wholemeal bread and what do you call this again cha cha chi-soo room ah cha just your school ba vegan chickpeas there you go so you got chickpeas your two types of rice basmati rice and red rice tomatoes yeah celery what was the green stuff he put in there baby kale baby kale leaves all the good stuff and then what's that casserole oh this is chicken casserole a Chilean chicken Consuela so I grew up eating that stuff yeah me too yeah and of course Tabasco anyway we're gonna dig into this first mural looks great [Music] [Music] so now we're going into a Chinese supermarket my favorite bags of rice we'll see where we go where's the tofu here we go beautiful who's the selection of God all the tofu that's my favorite one 650 MIP what's this $1 yeah rice cake stick once it's a rice cake yo you see that about that oh no they're putting this stuff here if it's vegan bean curd pasta if it's soy based well the only one I would just you be this one here that's all it's all um non-vegans from dairy it was easy supermarket we can come back to you in the morning but that's what it is 24 hours perfect please look good they may have a girl soybeans mung beans kidney beans yeah chi Chi berries I think so good yeah yeah not even body I were crazy one day looking for them I couldn't find it kidney beans this chicken tonic what's that no but this kind of thing we we can go to some malady at least five games yeah this is a lot twenty bucks Los Feliz about three dollars three do not think is telling that foolishness for refried beans about Simon had a quick look in the supermarket one thing I haven't seen since being here one thing I haven't seen a single Jim and I haven't seen one single person that has muscles like me but seriously I haven't seen one Jim here I'm on the hunt wish me luck [Music] this is our lunch today chickpea salad with tomato cucumber avocado Carrie and uh what did he call him shallots we call it spring onions yeah and simple dressing and then some oil free but a free garlic bread thank you it's bloody good I'm on my first mission to a gym and Macau and go to twofold cow fitness I was taking a bus didn't I place in Macau and I was stopping here at Starbucks and grab a coffee amazing food so yeah anyway I hopefully it's good fun Jim shoulders [Music] this is Macau fitness pretty cool gyms [Music] so I just finished my first session at Macau Fitness trying to be the shoulders their arms and that place is pretty cool like I had a really nice sauna really nice bathrooms and like electronic lock is yeah really nice anyway I'm heading back to my dad's place now and then we're gonna go hit up the supermarket and get something for dinner I'm thinking I want some rice noodles I've got some bean paste Bowl at home I'm gonna steam them up and make some sort of like tofu stir-fry think anyway out here in the middle of Macau it's morphin it's really nice nice fresh day so we just stopped back from the supermarket and we've got some goodies that's some small green but it looks like packaged oi a couple of capsicums some of these mushrooms shiitake I guess at least shitake mushrooms tomatoes soy sauce couple onions some of this fried bean curd like basically fried tofu got a big ol carrot and some women selling noodles so we're making stir-fry tonight all that there it was 128 patacas which is about 20 bucks Australian not bad it is vegetable stir-fry plenty of veggies of some shitake mushrooms white house on top careful with the noise in the background because some tofu leftover salad from lunch and vermin selling noodles in there looks pretty good [Music]