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sup everybody Andres here back with a quick video today and in today’s video I want to discuss the topic of bloating basically is something that we’ve all run into some of us might deal with it worse than others but chances are you’re vegan you’ve had to deal with this or you’re dealing with it right now there’s many different things that cause bloating but the blame on Mary talking about today

specifically is from diet and juice bloating

so when you are on a vegan plant-based diet chances are you’re getting a lot more fiber than you would have been getting from a regular on omnivorous diet how many extra fiber in your diet can help fill up your gut and give you that distended abdomen resulting in that bloated look another reason could be that you’re eating foods that very very gassy food or when they’ve frozen when they break down release a lot of gas for example beans and obviously you know if you’re into fitness you’re into health and you’re trying to get your protein for the day beans can be an essential part of your diet and you could be eating a lot more beans than the average person I’ve one have around 480 grams of beans a day and trust me I feel the effects of those I can be getting quite gassy sometimes and can be quite bloated but I have a few tips and tricks there sharing two guys today that can help with our reducing the bloating and reducing the gas in us tip number one is to have a cocktail of apple cider vinegar and lemon juice with a little bit of water drink that two to three times a day before eating maybe 10 to 30 minutes before eating what they can do it is that can help relieve some of that bloodiness the way it actually works is by drinking concoction you can help stimulate the body to produce more acid in the stomach therefore helping you create better digestion tip number two is to go and get yourself some digestive enzymes I haven’t tried these yet but I am wanting to try these you can get them from websites like I heard I’ll put a link down in the description below if you get grabbed digestive enzymes or things like HCl and pepsin I’ve read good reviews on those and they’re supposed to help with bloating and gas you miss a lot another thing is to watch your fiber intake you know you could be getting a lot more fiber than you need to in your diet so go have a look at your diet and to calculate the fire but in it if you’re getting a lot more than you need you might need to reduce or change your diet a little bit just to remove some of the excess fiber to help with some of that bloating tip number four is to stay hydrated drinking a lot of water can help reduce bloating this you would think would actually do the opposite and actually bloat you but by drinking more water your body is going to excrete more fluid so the more fluid you intake the more fluid comes out of you which can help reduce that puffiness and upload Earnest so drink your water I’ve also read their drinking water at least half an hour before eating a meal can also help improve digestion as well but don’t drink water while you’re eating just take sips while you’re eating because drinking water while eating will increase bloatedness and you don’t want that okay so don’t do that another thing is if you’re new to a vegan diet it might take your body several months to actually adjust in the change of diet your body is not used to being on a wholly plant-based diet so you need to give your body time to adjust to the change so you know you might only be a couple weeks in a couple months in and you still get imploded and yes give it time I’ve been vegan for six months now I still suffer from a little bit of gas a little bit of lightness but no way near as much as what I used to suffer from when I first started so it’s just one of those things patience patience patience but anyway I hope you guys learned something from the video if you have any other tips or treats leave them in the comments down below and don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up subscribe if you haven’t already and I’ll see you guys in the next video [Music]

Vegan Bodybuilding Meal Prep | 170g Protein

[UltraVid id=91 ]hey guys Andres here back in another video and in today's video I'm going to taking you through a full meal prep haven't done one of these videos report assembly something brand-new for you guys so stick around and I hope you enjoy it so I'm about to do my meal prep video but I don't have any flaxseed meal and that is a staple of my breakfast diet so I'm going to go for a ride down to Sid market and get myself some flaxseed meal yeah boy [Music] so what's the first thing that we're going to do so for the start of our meal prep before we do anything what we want to do is we want to get two pans on the hot plate now and when I switch them on to around about a medium-high heat next step is when we get out of and set on to about 200 degrees all right we get one beat oven tray forward up and ready to go the oven is on the pans are on so let's get into it obviously we need some calves what we're going to do in our cooking is my so three cups of rice and I'm from eight cups of water and put cougar on and let that cook okay for what I have here for my meals are a couple of different options for frozen veggies these ones are going to be for meal throughout the day and this is going to be for dinner what we're going to do with both these there's two pans that we tucked on before we're going to put these in there and we're going to stir fry them up quite simply get your packet of frozen veg and empty it into one can [Music] next thing we have is we have three days where the tofu and you're having 300 grams each day and instead of frying these up what are we going to be doing he's cutting them up putting them on the baking tray and then chop them in the oven so let's get into it [Music] you [Music] and all right so tofu is ready we'll let that cool down here for a while before you start plating it up right now the veggies are cooked we're going to let them sit here and rest for a while the tofu is cooled down and if they do come down and the rice is still cooking what we can do is we can start assembling our breakfast so let's get into that now so this is where you will need three containers because we're doing three days worth of food you need to sell some quick oats some flaxseed meal three bananas and some cinnamon so the first step is we're going to be weighing out 50 grams of oats for me [Music] next step once we've done that is we're going to be weighing at 60 grams of ground flaxseed meal permeate [Music] the next thing I do is we're going to add some cinnamon the amount can be as much as you want or as little as you want I like to just do it by eye [Music] so basically what we have here is we have three days worth of breakfast and I'm going to be showing you how to actually eat this meal in a second so the way this meal you actually eat it is you take your dry mix the add in about one cup water or one cup of plain milk of your choice and mix it together make sure that you scrape the sides as you want to put it in the microwave for about one and a half to two minutes alright now that that's cooked for about a minute and a half the consistency is a lot thicker just give it a bit of a mix you can have this cold you don't have to microwave it I like to microwave because I like to have a warm breakfast especially for those winter mornings all right so the next step is we're going to add the banana so get your banana and simply just chop it in however you want and then what I like to do is I like to mash the banana voila and that is breakfast next step is going to be play up or dishing up the beans or our pre-workout and post-workout meals now what I'm going to be doing is the two cans of being this at a time and we have one can of black beans one can cure business so what we're going to do with the first one we're going to add 240 grams 2 mini 240 the first one and then Chuck in more mass now to shout the remaining beans in the same fashion and we're going to continue prepping the rest of the meals now that we have all the beans sorted out what I'm going to do is distribute that tired stir fry veggie mix I have into three of these it's going to be for the dinners [Music] you [Music] but while we wait for that rice to finish cooking let's get on to lunch all right so this is going to be my second meal of the day and it's going to be tofu with stir-fried veggies so the other the other veggies that I had stir fine what we're going to do is going to distribute them evenly into three meals all right now that sound what we're going to do is we're going to add our tofu and we add in 150 grams each meal now because I've kept it nice and simple when I was cooking down what I prepped it before I cooked it it's going to be easy got my three stacks 150 grams each she's going to cut off a little bit more and add into each meal [Music] now this meal might seem like a small meal but I use it as a filler just between breakfast and my lunch I'm just going to be a very simple meal it's going to be a salad what we're going to do is we're going to put it together but we're not going to prep it fully because it is a salad if you prep it a few days ahead it's not going to last as well the spinach is going to wilt down avocado is going to go Brown so what we're going to do is we're going to assemble parts of it and put it in containers and then what you can do is the morning of is then you can fully prep it from there so step is we're going to get our spinach and distribute it even now of course before you add your tofu to the screen chelation eat okra has been fully cooled down or else it's going to wilt it too much except is going to add apps Milo's we just added in to each one but we won't cut it up just yet so what you want to do is you want to cut it up the night before with the tahini what what you can do is just chuck in a spoonful now and when you are ready to eat it mix it in [Music] you what we want to do is we can add some black pepper and of course some salt [Applause] what I also add to this before I am race eat it is old dress of I'll cut up the avocado mix it in there and I also add in some apple cider vinegar just gives a little bit more Tang and that is lunch done now that our rice is done cooking we can start distributing it to the rest of our meals so we'll get into that now all right so what we're going to do is we're going to add the rice into the milk so trying to 50 grams pre-workout and 200 grams post-workout and then we have it there is our pre-workout and post-workout meals for three days done and then we have it three days worth of meals all prepped and ready to go we've got a breakfast our second meal we've got our pre-workout you've got a post-workout and we've got our lunch all ready to go I hope you guys enjoyed today's video and I hope this helped you with your meal prep giving you a few ideas anything like that if you have any other great meal ideas of great recipes or ways to prep please leave them down in comments section below or is love getting messages from you guys and yeah don't forget to Like comment subscribe and I'll see you guys in the next video [Music] you


[UltraVid id=86 ]then I could feel that all right I'm here with the maid days going to get some skin our treatment never had it before don't know anything about it he's going to explain what it is and how it works you okay scanner it's electronic pulse frequency healing what you do is you place it and you work the device on the on the area of this that's causing pain so pain management area yeah or post surgery as well okay so my tricep is it give me a bit of a niggle so I'm going to work that today yeah and what it does is it picks up damaged nerve endings so which is always the case in pain management areas so we're thinking with very stimulating those damaged nerve endings to your central nervous system in turn turns on your body's own healing switches in the brain so it's it's it re recognizes it's got an injury there to go and do it on its own rapid healing okay cool developed by the Russian space agency in the 80s for their astronauts and space for when they do it themselves yeah and they don't have medications they can treat it and heal it interesting awesome awesome for oh yeah right ice alright so we just I just need your arm relaxed yep okay and I'm going to be getting here yep so the first thing we do is turn the device on okay and we're going to I'm going to place it on your skin these are unrealistic lip folks on your skin and we're just going to get a free you're going to start turning the frequency up okay yeah we want to find a frequency that you can tolerate you don't want to start biting your skin or clarify it needs to stay comfortable so it will work regardless but I will see the higher the better the frequency ceiling that yeah I can fill out is it comfortable yeah okay can manage that okay we'll just keep we'll keep tuning it up because I want it to get to a point where you go out okay okay kill that like most it's none if you feel like pulsing in down my arm like you've got a high tolerance tolerance yeah very high it's gone on me still not too high yeah that's right Wow yeah I mean I love like deep tissue massage and yep so yeah like that but get hang it high to get me yeah yeah yeah skew yeah a little bit more I think yeah I think there we go yeah that there yeah feels quite like hot you know yeah so the first thing we do is cool brushing yep so and you can hear the device working yeah I feel that – hi now he's dying right already oh really – it's not – fine we'll just use the muscles ha ha mr. pain tolerance and team getting our max readings yes right on damaged nerve endings and waking them up Dyson can go anything that can go past 30 seconds where an addendum 7 ends so just so it just does it by itself basically it yeah man yep totally appropriate amount of time yeah well like with the brushing effect we've just finished doing we found the sticking points here which is the dermis no benning's it's drawn to them so it will stick to the skin and then that gives us our dosing points as well yeah decent good dose in email okay yes all right I'm back now from a first scan our treatment Dave I think it went well I already notice that way our whole arm felt so much lighter afterwards it's a weird sort of feeling but I'll show you the points that we worked on so worked on this point here around my former my bicep was getting a lot of pain around there also you really see but on my wrist here all around was getting really high readings we worked out well and all on my hands my hand was just like killing me so worked on my whole palm and the pain area that I went there for which was on my tricep erm I said well they work red will also work around there but all these other areas were getting readings so it's all linked basically if you have an issue or a pain somewhere it's all linked the whole arm is linked area length shoulders back chest so we isolated these areas and the Machine sounds that they were problem areas with this tension nerve endings so we worked all them well and yeah right now I can feel that my arm feels a lot lighter and just a lot more relaxed so we said to give it a few days and then let them know how it feels and we'll go from there to see whether I need more treatment or not but so that means no training back tonight like I was going to Train Lakes instead and then like the next half that is my resting so it works so well but anyway I'll keep you guys updated and let you know how it's going yeah it's pretty interesting to to get the sort of treatment so I know nothing about I've never really heard of it but like I said I'll keep you guys updated and see how it goes from there

Vegan Bulking Diet | What I ate today

[UltraVid id=83 ][Music] sup everybody Andres here back with another video now Saturday it's 12:00 in the afternoon lunch time I haven't eaten anything today I've been fasting all day all I've had is two copies and it's time for my first meal what I'm going to have is I'm going to have some tofu and have some spinach I'm going to make a salad some extra veggies some tahini avvocato going to have some some good protein some good fats and some good five of plenty of micronutrients there alright so here is part of my lunch today I've got in here pretty shit loading so baby spinach one small of akkad o one tomato about 1/3 of a cucumber some purple kale some apple cider vinegar salt pepper and little dabs of unhulled tahini which is full of calcium if you get the hold you get no calcium so get the unhold and you get plenty of calcium and for my protein oh that's hot I got my tofu cooking away and add in there about 150 grams no I'm going to add 300 grams in there we're going all out today that's what 300 grams of hard tofu looks like that's going in there I'm going to eat that and then I'm going to rest to let that digest all right so for my second meal of the day which is also my pre-workout meal and as you can see I've got kidney beans and white rice with a little bit of soy sauce 240 grams of kidney beans and 250 grams of rice this is going to go down a treat then we're going to go hit the gym after I eat this all right guys so bag is packed pre-workout ready and we're going to go train some back oh fuck and now I look jacked damn that's right bulking season baby look at the legs yeah boy legs a bit white but still looking good all right all right time to go [Music] [Music] aha I'm hungry some just driving back from the gym now on my way to get a feed and I've just turned onto the highway and it looks like there's been some accident or something just don't get why people I like not paying attention when they're when they're driving what I like they like on their phone or snapchatting or recording vlogs or something you know it's just I mean come on man so I just got home as you can see I went to Guzman and Gomez haven't been there for a while but these guys this place used to be like most staple cheap night when I was not a vegan and I loved that I would go there every Friday and get like nachos and a burrito and I chose an enchilada or an enchilada and a burrito and I won't like the reason that I like them so much was because of the meat they said they gave you a lot of meat and being a bodybuilder I was a big meat-eater but since I'm now vegan I haven't gone that as much but the food still tastes amazing what I did get is I got a veggie and squawk burrito and veggie mild veggie nachos both no cheese of course and nachos you're going to get it you're going to get it and I've also got some beef free chunks which I'm going to cook up over there we're going to toss them on top of my nachos so I want to keep them nice and warm for now and I'm going to start cooking this soon this stuff how to before is pretty good it is made from soy protein macros si trainer to zoom in properly right per 100 grams you got 20 grams of protein 8 point 8 grams of fat and 44 grams of carbs so pretty high caloric food but pretty good meat substitute pretty tasty something a little bit different get some extra protein in my direction [Music] [Music] whereas there had more dinner which was the nachos and burrito salud gum have the best tortillas out of anyone over the discuss soft and tasty but anyway of course no gimmick is complete without dessert right so the dessert I have this year which is the worst afraid of contains our first intent on being in so this is the next best thing and they are delicious you haven't tried these ones already do yourself a favor go to bullies go to the health food or gluten-free section and get these because these are vegan they also do a rinse loss and an Oreo versions that are baviaan are targeted by any way whether it's destroyed this packet of chocolatey biscuity goodness [Music] you [Music] thanks for watching guys don't forget to Like comment share subscribe and I'll see you guys in the next video [Music] you [Music]

Dr. McCord – The Scientist Behind Protandim

[UltraVid id=79 ]Dr. McCord – The Scientist Behind Protandim- Chronic Fatigue – Scientific review and The future of nutrition. Call Dr. Ed Noa at 707-718-2036. Get Dr. Noa’s new book – Doctor You – Overcoming the Sick & Tired Styndrome:
FFID Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, IBS & Depression. Amazon – Kindle

2441 Imola Napa Cal 94558

Dr. Joe Milton McCord, PhD. was born March 3, 1945. He is an internationally known biochemist who as a graduate student, he and his senior professor, Dr. Irwin Fridovich Ph.D, were the first discover the enzymatic activity of superoxide dismutase. Dr. McCord is involved with LifeVantage Corporation – makers of Protandim, TrueScience and Canine Health since 2006.

Dr. McCord received his B.S. degree in chemistry from Rhodes College (graduated in1966) and a Ph.D. in biochemistry from Duke University (graduated in 1970).

Curriculum vita;jsessionid=F535716C685D4F85C50100CA395BA3DC.tobacco03

Dr. McCord has held biochemistry faculty positions at Duke University Medical Center, University of South Alabama, and the University of Colorado Denver.

Protandim is an all natural product is scientifically proven to decrease the oxidative stress of an adult by an average of 40% (Free Radical Biology, 2006), that of an
infant. 14 peer-reviewed scientific studies (go to PubMed (
and write in Protandim), 4 patents and a Nrf2 activator.

The ingredient synergy is proven. A proprietary blend of 5 herbs – green tea, tumeric, milk thistle, ashwaganda and bacopa that is 18 times more effective than the herbs used alone.

Scientific studies that have been and are being studied at such research institutions such as University of Colorado, Denver Health Medical Center, Children’s Hospital, Denver, Virginia Commonwealth University, Colorado State, University of Florida, University of Kentucky, University of Michigan,Ohio State University, Vanderbilt University, Glamorgan University-Wales, Sahlgrenska University Hospital- Gotbor-Swedon, University Hospital,Brno, Czech Republic and Mexican Institute of Social Se
curity, Mexico City.

Protandim Review The future of nutrition.
Call Dr. Ed Noa at 707-718-2036. Get Dr. Noa’s new book – Doctor You – Overcoming the Sick & Tired Styndrome:
FFID Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, IBS & Depression. Amazon – Kindle

2441 Imola Napa Cal 94558

SCENAR 101: How to Use the SCENAR Device for Chronic Pain like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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When you are using your SCENAR device, whether you’re doing a treatment on another individual or on yourself you need to make sure to take off any metals in your body like earrings, rings, watches, belt buckle and more.

I guess is ok unless you’re doing the lower quadrant then I take the belt off as well and to get going you turn it on probe is on the back of this one although you can get individual probes that you will plug in the bottom here to use and so you’ll want to put this probe wherever you’re going to work close to that area.

How to use SCENAR device

Now, you’re going to hit the plus button and you’re going to plus up the top number you can see it moving until you can feel that and then you want to back down three or four so you hit the minus button one, two and three.

You need to put on the diag diag so you’re going to hit this button off to the right as and the lower button plus or the minus 2 a 1 and then I pick it up and I start looking for numbers and the number that you’re going to want to look at is right here.

SCENAR therapy for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

On the left the very top left the lower that is anything 20 or below means it’s chronic so wherever your pain is or the area you want to work on you’re going to kind of work around it and try to find the lowest number and that’s where you’re going to start so it looks like my wrist is pretty good.

I’ve been working on it because my carpal tunnel has been bothering me so I’m going to go with right there 52 and you’re going to leave it there until the bells ring you.




ENART SCENAR Device Tutorial Video: 9 Easy Steps


[UltraVid id=77 ]

ENART SCENAR Device Tutorial Video: 9 Easy Steps

  1. So you found the spot you’re going to start at hold it there until the bells ring.
  2. Go above it again hold it until the bells ring.
  3. You want to go below the original point you started and hold it until the bells ring.
  4. You’ll go to the left and hold it until the bells ring.
  5. Go to the right of your original point hold it until the bells ring.
  6. You need to still keep it there until it says zero on the very bottom.
  7. Once you’ve zeroed it out, then go back to the left and zero that out as well.
  8. You want to shut off your ENART SCENAR device so you take it back to zero.
  9. You’re just going to rub out and you need to do that for probably 10 seconds anyway just rub it out and you’re done.

ENART Biological Centering Help Improve Results of Treatment Sessions

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Good afternoon, I’m glad to welcome you on my channel with you doctor lansky and today’s video we are again guilty of the biological centering of their past videos I told that people who are engaged in other techniques if they study this technique for them the results of their work will be many times better and now I I will tell one of the aspects of how this happens or how it can happen in you let’s say a person is engaged in some medical practices such as a massage or some sort of massage of a higher level then studied or biological centering and do not need to abandon those familiar techniques perhaps loved by them that he worked with before this.

I am now trying to explain the main thing on what I want to focus attention is all about only the techniques that we apply to work on the physical body of only this aspect because the ENART biological centering is much more extensive and there is spatial technique there is another type and technique of a higher level there that’s just that improvise is not worth it, it’s better to do everything as if on a prescription because believe this dude and that’s when working with a physical body using biological centering weaving it into the technique that you used and how to work the results will be much better tolerated.

I said already you are working the usual massage first used in the diagnosis of bc biological centering so abbreviated use bc we immediately realized where the relevance of what amount you need treat the first very much regardless of where the patient has pain and after that you can just finding this zone pretending that you are not changing even the technique is doing just your massage only about working through the zone including those and biological centering let’s say you took worked all over the vectors found the superposition worked it put the formula from the side it will look just like we worked before but the results will be much faster and at times better and your customers will be surprised that the expert seems to have done what he does nothing changes it may be the sessions become shorter because all of mine really flow faster and the results will be more long-term and the patients will soon recover, that is, everything remains almost the same as before and we began to get much better effects.

ENART Biological Centering Techniques

It turns out that you just do not give up all the experience that you have accumulated you are working with the same techniques but just weave in there that new thing that will bring the biological centering as I said already this is the diagnosis. Well, maybe there can be 80 percent success, that is, know where to act and after as I have been around for more than two years probably tightly studying the galactic centering for me now to work by patients, a certain pleasure used to come before, especially if a person begins to have a sharp pain, he starts m screaming moans there is caused sometimes may not be panic and some stupor, and here I do not know what to do so even though they know well that is a little bit patient you enslave enslaves and underneath are the impact of this all the more doing wrong things here.

You just clearly determine the relevance there are several types of diagnostics there the basic is stitching it by zones in the diagnosis of liver italy just doing your own affairs without paying attention to what we say recommend them or say the patient because that this is one of the mistakes that unfortunately many of us do at the beginning of our career the patient says here he seems to be imposing opinions here, do me that do it to me Well you like going to start paying the money then does not help and he makes claims and you say that but I did the same thing when you were talking and that’s why I like that.

I know you’re here as a specialist you had to decide and now everything happens very quietly the most important thing is the first to establish where from than we work that is, where do they grow not even such an anecdote can be a parable as once a big ship there cruise liner recruited tourists and we stopped engines no one will understand the reasons they tried and so invited different specialists does not work and here speaking there is a specialist yes but in expensive but let’s invite him came such a person with such a small suitcase took a walk on the ships there knocked there tugged there looked then took such a small hammer came to the wall of the bale hit and once the engine started and everything started working in e happy captain happy that is all excursions they will not break the will not have to return the money, and I congratulate all the thanks and the most important issue and how much it is worth by what he gives $ 10,000 if thousands of dollars for a single blow with a hammer and there the invoice was written there was no blow. 1 dollar to know where to strike 9999

That’s how it is in life to understand where to work and then the methods are of course important but they are already in second place and after you have determined the relevance as I said already you can just work with your technicians and connect the processing techniques zone of logical centering I will say more I now when I look and akira did not look at various specialists of osteopathy of similar techniques and I look at a lot of things there and there author’s techniques very many things similar to what the biological centerer gives Bani, and then I look at the biography of an author he had once held a seminar and Yuri valentine Th well and then immediately.

It becomes clear where the legs grow this principle is not bad people found how their ways found their techniques just added the biological centering and getting the results work as they like so I think it worth studying this method I never regretted that I began to study it that is, I started using it and it can happen to you and the most important organ does not have to change what you have worked so far this is what you like here is such a small addition of mine or how to call it observation if you liked the video and the show elk something useful you place a thumbs up subscribe to my RSS feed and will be healthy.

добрый день я рад приветствовать вас на своем канале с вами доктор линский и сегодняшнем видео мы вновь повинным тем биологического центрирования своих прошлых роликах я рассказывал что люди которые занимаются другими техниками если они изучат эту методику для них результаты их работы будут в разы лучше и сейчас я расскажу один из аспектов как это происходит или как это может происходить у вас допустим человек занимается какими-то лечебными практиками например массажем или какими-то разновидностями массажа более высокого уровня то изучил биологическое центрированием и вовсе не нужно отказываться от тех привычных техник возможно любимых им которые у которыми он работал до этого как это сейчас я постараюсь объяснить главное на чем я хочу акцентировать внимание это все касается только техник которые мы применяем для работы на физическом теле только этого аспекта потому что биологическое центрирования она намного более обширная и там есть пространственные техники есть другого типа и техники более высокого уровня вот там как раз та импровизировать не стоит там лучше делать все как вот по прописи потому что поверьте этот чувак а вот как раз при работе с физическим телом применяя биологическое центрирование вплетая его в технике которыми вы привыкли работать результаты будут намного лучше допустим как я сказал уже вы работаете обычным массаж вначале использовал в диагностику bc биологическое центрирования далее так сокращенно использовал диагностику bc мы сразу же поняли где актуальность какую сумму нужно лечить первым очень не зависимо от того где у пациента боль и после этого вы можете просто найдя эту зону делая вид что вы то есть не меняет даже технику делаете просто ваш массаж только про прорабатывайте зону включая тех и биологического центрирования допустим вы взяли отработали все по векторам нашли суперпозицию отработали ее ставили формулы со стороны это будет выглядеть точно также как мы работали до этого но результаты будут намного быстрее и в разы лучше и ваши клиенты будут удивляться что вроде бы специалист сделал то что и делает ничего не меняется она может быть сеансы стали короче потому что реально все мои проистекать быстрее и результаты будут более долгосрочные и быстрее пациенты будут выздоравливать то есть всего осталось почти как прежде а мы начали получать намного лучшие эффекты то есть получается что вы просто не отказываетесь от того всего опыта который вы накопили вы работаете теми же техниками но просто вплетаете туда то новое что принесет биологическое центрирования как я сказал уже это диагностика это ведь ну наверное может быть процентов 80 успеха то есть знать где воздействовать и после того как я уже около более двух лет наверное плотно изучают галактическое центрирования для меня сейчас работать пациентами одно удовольствие раньше бывало приходил особенно если человек начинает у него острая боль он начинает там кричит там стонет это вызывало иногда даже может быть не панику а какой-то ступор и вот не знаешь что делать те хотя так знаешь ну то есть пациент тебя немножко закрепостить закрепощает и ты под воздействием от этого всему более делаешь неправильные шаги здесь же ты просто четко определяет актуальность там есть несколько видов диагностики там основные это сшивание это по зонам в диагностика по печени италия просто делаешь своих делах не обращая внимания на то что там скажем рекомендую их или говорить пациент потому что это одна из ошибок которую к сожалению многие из нас делают в начале своей карьеры пациент говорит вот он как бы навязывает мнения вот сделайте мне тот сделайте мне это ну вы как бы идете на поводу начинать платить деньги потом не помогает и он предъявляет претензий а вы говорите что но я же дело вот когда вы говорили а вот почему вот так я откуда знаю вы же здесь специалисту вы должны были и решать вот теперь все происходит очень спокойно самое главное это первое установить где из чем нам работать то есть откуда растут not есть даже такое анекдот может быть притча как однажды большой корабль там круизный лайнер набрали туристов и у нас остановились двигатели никто не поймёт причин пытались и так приглашали различных специалистов не работает и тут говоря тут есть специалист да но в дорогой но давайте пригласим его пришел такой человек с таким небольшим чемоданчиком взял ходил по кораблям там постучал там подергал там посмотрел потом взял такой небольшой молоточек подошел к стене тюк ударил и раз завелись двигатель и все заработало все счастливы капитан доволен то есть все экскурсий они не сорвалось не нужно будет возвращать деньги и поздравляю всем спасибо и самый главный вопрос а сколько это стоит счет то он дает 10000 долларов если тысяч долларов за один удар молоточком а там фактуре написано нет удар было . 1 доллар знать куда ударе 9999 вот так и в жизни важно понять где воздействовать а потом уже методы конечно важны но они уже я считаю на втором месте и после того как вы определили актуальности как я сказал уже вы можете просто работать своими техниками и подсоединять техники обработки зоны логического центрирование скажу больше я вот сейчас когда смотрю и акира не смотрел различных специалистов остеопатии подобных методик и смотрю очень многие вещи там да там авторские методики очень многие вещи похожие на то что дает биологическое центрирования а потом я смотрю биографии того или иного автора он в свое время прошел семинар и у юрия валентина че ну и тут сразу становится понятным откуда растут ноги это принципе неплохо люди нашли как своих дороге нашли свои методики просто присоединили биологическое центрирования и получать результаты работают так как им нравится поэтому я думаю стоит изучить этот метод я ни разу не пожалел что начал его изучать то есть начал его применять и это может случиться и с вами причем самое главный орган не не придется менять то чем вы работали до сих пор это что вам нравится вот такое небольшое добавление мои или как и назвать наблюдение если понравилось видео и показалось чем-то вам полезным ставьте пальцы вверх подписывайтесь на мой канал и будем здоровы