Methods of setting goals and fulfilling desires – PART 1

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There is such a business The trainer of the policy of Kovalev he gives an example that the game was working with the production goals with the fulfillment of a wish with one in school she wanted to get a traveler to live he said no problems write which square is 100 he and I should like qualities he should Pavlodar she wrote about that aliens to all the points where it’s all yes that’s enough of this written from the mother work in six months comes content then everything everything was fine then meeting after a while and what is that something does not match no all corresponds but I did not sign so that not happened try to write to everyone what you want in detail and details the next moment so visualization that is you should what do you want to represent on different levels because people have volumes are there any debris there are experts, that is, those that are what so how to understand the account, I understand this way, such images are someone who is on hearing it is desirable engage all these qualities Putin’s course of smell is a sensation that you are You will feel this when your desire to be visualized make rights collage dreams because it will spend some time to take old magazines cut out from there or from the Internet pictures then print out what you want a house there or let’s say some kind of the goal of five you see yourself there the leader of someone who has achieved something or something, take a photo of the event or the hood of the subject there put their photos only here so how would it all come true and you write the terms be sure what your goal is peshawar this collage is an isthmus yourself on November 5 that is where you woke up right away the bank lazard reproached with a boot in general, that is, constantly stands out energy and desire faster about it their very well tells about the culture of its first part there in detail told how to use visualization taken fulfilling the desires of this from the third work from fundamentally this I took this information from different sources jessica japan repeatedly worked so it really has a place to be and everything is basically satisfied if but here some problems about which I also want this desire that or the goal that we set and maybe just not a whim that is somewhere have heard that that who so wants and to him why be not less, too, do not get it, that is, seemingly must subconsciously in the course of this do not want and most likely fell your target and your flames so you need to to spend time there are different techniques to understand and pasha the species came to life besides I desire and so let the force in the first part of the desire is required should be environmental friendliness is my you advice no rate whatsoever goals and desires that will harm other people or let’s say a man’s desire postcards or organize a business on sale from alcohol and cigarettes more severe case drugs maybe your wish It will come true but believe the problems otpotogo personally you have it from your loved ones it shows life shows practice is much more better than desire to was an environmentally acceptable person there sets itself the goal of a cafe an impression was created as an act to help others people that there was such a position then, as you know, the desire usually stands out very much a lot of energy and is not reached the next moment can be what it is external factors that interfere with your desire or your dream will come true this can be The influence of other people of some higher forces is different from other people, and here, it seems, man sisters mirabal what’s right Has put and that that influence that that will not reach to come true with this also need to work a fizzy inner factors that prevent implementation your goal is a diocese can be understated self-esteem can take what then the events that occurred with him tekke the subconscious mind does not remember much well consolidate the events that occurred when a person was In utero at delivery, there may be more earlier translations of these factors internal necessarily necessary account because they are very strong people here I am in brief told about how it should be set so that they are performed and how to eliminate those factors that interfere with narrow skirts of goals Yezhov I will talk in next saw and now ask questions this will not create a video that will be you will be wondering if you liked the statue of a thumb up we will all rest well are healthy

добрый день с вами доктор
глинский я рад приветствовать
вас на своем канале и сегодняшним видео
речь пойдет о том как правильно ставить что нужно делать чтобы наши цели как можно быстрее и
как можно точнее воплощались в жизнь я сейчас сделаю
краткий обзор методик которые существуют в
этой путаницы я таким очень давно и плотная интересовался много пропустил через себя информации
пробовал что то работает что
тот бросил и вот сейчас я вкратце
расскажу существует вообще 2
эту тему первое чтобы желание
певицы исполнилась одну обязательно
должно быть подписано на бумаге это опасно ко всему этому это важно для того
чтобы энергия которая позволит нам достичь нашей цели под ног направлений количество ее только увеличивалось
постоянно концентрировалась на
одном мид например рублей
сегодня хотите но купить какой то машин хотите сегодня завтра
неделю а через две недели вы решили
купить что то другое бывает такое и очень часто соответственно так
энергия которая была направлена на
исполнение предыдущего желание
будет потеряно имам нужно начинать все помог а так это записано
энергия идет нужно руб кроме того с помощью записей
путин четко сформулируйте
заказ потому что высшие
силы которые помогают нам исполнять наши
желания достигать целей они всегда знали что
мы хотим говорить чего скрывать и сами
всегда знаем что нам нужно а куда лучше системы не пора ли она формируем запрос допустим от женщина
жалуется что я хочу счастье
господи почему я же уильямс а вот
пельмени дойдут у меня нет ни спутника
жизни год или несчастного кто сказал прах приносит счастье во многих случаях это
не так высшие силы
посмотрели у человека есть
работа она живет допустим нормальный партии есть какие то другие
блага на 10 путешествовать кто
сказал что счастье впрочем о находке сейчас появится
спутник жизни они начнут скандале какой уж тут счастья если оставили все как
нужно то есть то что она отказалась то она
не получит это все должно быть
подписано бумаги вот так формируется что о конкретных
человек и кроме того итак
удерживает постоянно имя итак первый всего должно быть
записано настоящее время нельзя описать я когда того гости из будущего
года или вот я получу это дочь но никогда то же самое нельзя
отрицать в прошедшем времени я получил там или я
заработал это уже прошло тыс она
тоже никогда не наступит все предложение закат должны быть
сформированы настоящим прений я получаю приобретаем с июля именно в таком
ключе то есть всего к настоящему
времени кроме того предложение все они должны
содержать частиц ныне иначе это будет
обратная заказ нет пока сама не
слышит допустим от животные
так наглядно видно на примере живут собак и сказать себе
канадские если сказать не
сидеть она все равно все подсознание частиц
нет не слышит и если вы говорите я не хочу работа частицу не убираем
заказ идет я хочу именно того чтобы и политика
именно этот опыт не получали да есть такая
поговорка чего боишься тут тебя
издание то есть частицу не из в наших предложений
руб сразу же кроме того важный
момент наша цель должна быть
привязана к сро ты напишешь допустим такого как
года примерно можно писать такого так месяца я стандартным тем кто тел или як получали то то и то то все
должно быть четко predator x руб но только здесь с такой момент если
честно пишет я хочу стать президентом
страны и поставит срок через ней то есть здесь тоже большое сомнение
сбудется ли бог желание имеют поставленная цель поэтому сроки то же должен быть следующий момент если
у вас какая то небольшая глобальная
цель ее обязательно нужно
15 этапов слона как говорят
лучше есть по частям сегодня он сразу
съесть а если разделить на
небольшие а не так как сейчас на какое то время это
можно осуществить или еще есть такая
поговорка путешествие тысячу начинается с одного
шанса этому цель обязательно развивая на этап то есть составляем
план спросить любого бизнесмена успешного бизнесмена
у этого человека обязательно всегда
написанный план то есть фонд не строит
мост не видят того в день он написал четко сформулировать
сформулировал что уходит и после этого
приступает к осуществлению может быть поэтому
людей которые так не ходят у них жизни
очень много получается а большинство людей
которые не имеют ни своего бизнеса которые просто же вот я и прошу и слава
богу они планируют свое
будущее е скорее всего поэтому живут как же то есть высшие силы
просто не знают чего не хотят они бы и как
то может быть дате не знаю почему
человек хочет следующий момент цель
дашнаки ваши желания должно быть записано
обязательно итак как можно больше так
конкретно чего вы хотите любой человек со
стороны не мог и высшие силы могли это
понять приведу пример допустим человек
пишет такого победу какого то месяцы имею да написал и все приходит время если
его родственники так говорит ты знаешь я
купил о тебе новый автомобиль и
вот моя старая запорожец отдаю себе желание исполнилось исполнено человек
получил машин но девять дней
обговорено штук какая она должна быть еек ничего хорошего чтобы так и
происходило это нужно все четко
описывает есть такой бизнес
тренер м политики ковалев он приводит пример
что работал игра с постановкой
цели с исполнением желание с одной в школе она хотела получить путника жить он сказал проблем нет
напишите каким кв 100 он а я должен какими
качествами он должен павлодар она написала о том что
пришельцы всем пунктам где то это все
да вот этого достаточно написал от матери
работы через полгода
приходит довольная тогда все
осуществилась все отлично потом встречающих
через какое то время а что такое что что то
не соответствует нет все соответствует но я не подписал чтобы так не
происходило старайтесь писать всем что вы хотите подробно и детали следующий момент итак
визуализация то есть вы должны
представлять чего вы хотите представлять на
разных уровнях ведь люди есть объемы
есть ли завалы есть эксперты то есть это те которые что так
как понимают на учет я так понимаю такие образы кто то на слуху желательно
задействовать все эти качества
путин курса запаха ощущение что вы при
этом почувствуете когда вот ваши
желания исполниться визуализация можно
сделать правах коллаж мечты ведь это потратят
какое то время взять старые журналы
вырезать оттуда или же из интернета
картинки потом распечатать того чего
вы хотите там дом или допустим какая то
цель пяти вы себя видите там
руководителем чьего то или достигшим чегото делайте фотографию события или же
капотом предмета туда ставить свои фотографии только вот
так как бы это все осуществилась а вы пишете сроки
обязательно в чем состоит ваша цель
пешавар этот коллаж перешейке
себя на 5 ноября то есть где то проснулись вы сразу же банк lazard упрекают сапожка
вообще то есть постоянно выделяется
энергия и желание быстрее об этом их очень
хорошо рассказывает о культуре первая его часть там подробно
рассказано как нужно
использовать визуализация взят
исполнения желаний это с третьего работу от принципиально это
я взял эту информацию из разных источников
джессика японией неоднократно работал
так что действительно имеет
место быть и все в принципе довольна
если но здесь некоторые
проблемы о которых я тоже хочу это желание которое
или цель которую мы ставим а может быть
просто не блажь то есть где то
услышали что то кто так хочет и ему почему
быть не менее тоже это не получить то есть вроде бы
должно подсознательно в ходе этого не хотите и скорее всего упали ваша цель и ваши пламенем поэтому нужно
потратить время есть различные методики
чтобы понять а паша вид ожила кроме того желание я и так пусть силу в
первой части желание обязательно
должно быть экологичность это мой
вам совет нет ставки каких то
целей и желаний которые будут вредить
другим людям или вот допустим
человек ставить желание
открытки или организовать бизнес
по продаже от алкоголя и сигарет более тяжелый случай
наркотиков возможно ваше желание
сбудется но поверьте проблем отпетого
лично у вас у ваших близких вашим это показывает жизнь
показывает практика намного больше лучше желание чтобы
было экологичный допустим человек там
ставит себе целью какой то кафе
создавалось впечатление как акта по другому помогать
людям чтобы была такая позиция тогда как знаете желание обычно выделяется очень
много энергии и не достигается следующий момент могут быть какие то
внешние факторы которые мешают вашему
желанию или вашей мечте
воплотится в жизнь это может быть
влияние других людей каких то высших сил отличный других и здесь вроде бы и
человек сестры мирабал что правильно
поставил а что то влияние что тот не дойдет
осуществиться с этим тоже нужно
работать шипулин внутренние
факторы которые мешают осуществиться
ваши цели епархия желание допустим человека
может быть занижена самооценка могут принять какие
то события которые произошли с ним текке
уже не помнит манере подсознание очень
хорошо закрепить события которые
произошли когда человек находился
внутриутробно при родах может быть более ранее переводы вот эти факторы
внутренние обязательно нужно
учитывать потому что по ним очень сильно
люди вот я вкратце
рассказала о том как ее нужно ставить чтобы они исполнено и ату как устранить те
факторы которые мешают узкие юбки целей
ежова я поговорю в
следующем видел а сейчас задавайте вопросы это
поможет нет создать видео которое будет
вам будет интересно если понравилось статуя пальца вверх
дело перепосты всего доброго будем

Epic Fasting and Mountain Climbing

[UltraVid id=70 ]so now I just climbed the mountain well I’ll show you what it looks like in the distance pretty impressive from where I’m standing it looks very impressive in this video not so impressive but anyway there it is good morning YouTube now is 3:30 in the morning Saturday morning I’m whispering because blindness or sleep I haven’t slept a wink last night and I am kind of tired kind of right away about what I’m going to do right now is pack my bag and I’m going for business it is a hike I’m going to go River Drive and our hours drive down south and I’ll go there climb Mount Warning so stay tuned all right in the car now and some coffee that’s hot and dumb my cupholders aren’t big enough for my travel company oh well I’ll make do time to go so made it now to the bottom of Mount Warning there’s quite a few people who are already and it’s like 4:30 in the morning but ready to start my climb now it’s bloody pitch-black walking through the car park now all right oh my god this is a four to five hour return trip what have I got myself into walking in the rain forest it’s pitch black hopefully battery my torch laughs can’t see shit like this all these farts really tell but here steps all the way up to the top I think some poor bastard had to come here and stick these things in the ground all the way to the top of the mountain fuck that oh fuck take your brush I made it to the top it’s bloody awesome view to shame that the camera can’t pick up the detail but the sunrise is so beautiful up here [Music] so nice up here but to show you so many people kind of crowds it but the walk was crazy the last maybe half a K is straight uphill rocks you go literally rock climbing way up here there’s chain the hold on dude but it’s pointless full body workout to me an hour and a half to walk up this whole thing I said the estimated time is about four to five hours round-trip so pretty pretty crushed it ran up here [Music] heading back down now so I’m going to try my best to show you that vertical path that I was talking about once I get there this is going to be tricky [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] which was very the end of it just got this anyone up on the phone why I want to go all right sir made a down the rock rock wall thingy now back on the track and the track you’ve literally just rocks everywhere my knee my feet I saw did a bit of ninja warrior jumping down the rocks that’s probably why running on coffee and no sleep or parallel I’ve been awake 24 hours so yeah plenty at home you have nice big fees and then probably go to bed he’s like an or I’ll just go about my normal day we’ll see over anyway I’m gonna keep going whole trip what’s you guys [Music] so much easier when you’ve got daylight and you can see where you’re putting your feet this massive tree uprooted way down there you know take some serious power to uproot tree they speak oh my god all the stairs I made it to the end Here I am so successfully completed mount morning and I don’t know how long that took me to me an hour and a half to get up there an hour to get down so not bad they reckon on the sign they say four to five hours round trip it took me two and a half hours I finished ran down the hallway about I got halfway absolutely wrecked freaking me shocked hell I’m starving and I probably lost all my gain from that cardio item trading so it’s all good anyway time to get so had a couple hours sleep with the neighbors for the first time in his life decided to use power tools so it’s working me up by anyway that’s fine I’m going to eat now I’m getting pretty hungry and I’ll show you what I’ve got it’s my arm my stocks and salad it looks like a bowl of spinach but there’s other things in there I can issue it is tomato cucumber tofu avocado salt pepper lemon juice and tahini so I’m going to eat this and watch a movie on my laptop rest stop eat again and then track better view of it yeah we like goodness all them games [Music]

Spine Health: Feedback on the treatment of a child

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Results with the using ENART 907 in а complex therapy of urolithiasis

Linskiy I.Z., ENART-practitioner, Ukraine.
Source (Note from Admin: These results are typical and quite easily obtained with a little coaching).

ENART 907 - the world's second best SCENAR
ENART 907 – the world’s second best SCENAR

In this article I would like to share my own results and observations on the given issue. Urolithiasis takes the second place among the disease of kidneys after pyelonephritis.

Medical practitioners, which work in this field (urologists, general practitioners, practitioners of the family medicine) are well aware of the fact that it is not always possible to achieve benefit results with using the conventional therapy of this pathology.
The particular and common problem is the process of the excretion of the stones, especially when it comes with the stopping of a concrement in one of the parts of the ureter. A partial or full block of the ureter is often observed with this. In this situation it is needed to remove the blockage and restore the proper function of a kidney, otherwise this may result in complications that can lead to very severe outcomes, up to the full loss of an organ. Traditional therapies (drug therapy, distant lithotripsy (DLT), surgical interference) don’t always give positive results and often comes with the range of side effects.
ENART-therapy is non-invasive and safe method of treatment, which with its high effectiveness almost doesn’t have contraindications to application. I made sure of it on my own experience.
To acknowledge said above I will describe several cases with using ENART 907 within summer season. In summer, as a rule, the number of cases with complications of urolithiasis increases, they manifest themselves as a passage of concrement with renal colic attacks.

According to my observations, more than 50% of patients have sticking of stones in an ureter on different levels. I applied ENART–therapy exactly in these cases.
I had 5 cases, when after up to 2 or 3 sessions of ENART-therapy there was a passage of stones. In one patient a stone had passed in one hour after the first session had done and absolutely without pain!
Other patients noted that a pain had completely disappeared immediately after the session and an attack had been in several hours (the attack was much lower by its intensity and it allowed to do without using analgesics). But no one of them was anxious about that, because I notified them about it beforehand.
After an exacerbation that was of short duration, there was either a passage of concrement, or its considerable dislocation down along an ureter with its following passage in a several days.
Such examples, as a rule, referred to the cases, when stones were located in a low part of an ureter and by their sizes didn’t exceed 1 centimeter by their diameter.
When carrying out a treatment, the following modes were used: DIAGNOST 1, 2; CONSTANT 1, 2; INTERVAL; AM; CS. In cases with the severe pain syndrome, I applied FMVAR. This mode helps to relieve pain (that may be very intense in time of a renal colic attack) – immediately and for a long period of time. But I also had more interesting results, and it took much more efforts and patience both from the doctor, and from patients to achieve them.

I will describe one of them. Male, 63, turned to me, diagnosed with urolithiasis. The stone (14 mm) in the middle part of the right ureter. He refused from the DLT and from hospitalization to the urological department. Then I prescribed treatment by phytopreparations and suggested to carry out the course of the ENART-therapy.
After only one session a pain syndrome has completely disappeared. It took even some efforts of mine to persuade the patient not to go to his job, he felt so fine. In total we had 6 sessions, during the procedures he noted a gradual pain movement down along the ureter. Finally, the concrement fragmented (fell into several small pieces) and came off.

The patient brought the stones,that he managed to collect, to show me.
In further the absence of the blockage in the ureter has been proved by the excretory urography.

Here I have to add that if he treated by the traditional methods, then except for considerable financial expenses he would have had to eliminate the outcomes of DLT and possibly of the surgery.

Another patient, male, 40, renal colic attack.
After the proper observation the diagnosis was set by me: the urolithiasis. There was the stone (10 mm) at the upper third of the left ureter.
The patient was ready to start a conservative treatment (the block of the ureter was not complete, with the preservation of the function of the kidney), but afterwards (despite of the recommendations) he decided to turn to a private urological centre, where he underwent DLT. An observation carried out in 10 days showed that the stone was at the same place.
On finishing the therapy at the centre, he turned to me once again, as the concrement didn’t come off.
The observation carried out in 10 days also confirmed that the stone was at the same place.
I suggested the treatment with ENART-therapy.
After the first session the patient noted that the pain had moved down along the ureter approximately to 5 centimeters, and after 4 sessions there had been the passage of the concrement. The check observation didn’t show the shadows in the left ureter.

There was also a patient, male, 67, diagnosed with urolithiasis. The stone (9 mm) was found in the left ureter. The renal pelvis on the left was broadened by 25 mm (up to 35 mm).
The patient refused from the inpatient treatment and preferred to take phyto preparations combined with the sessions of ENART-therapy.
After two sessions a check observation showed that the function of the kidney improved, the size of the pelvis decreased by the 15 mm (up to 20).The pain syndrome has been almost arrested, but the patient, having been advised by some of his relatives interrupted the treatment.
The further status of his health is unknown to me.

Proceeding from the said above, I can make definite conclusion, that ENART-therapy is very effective method for urolithiasis complications, and in further it will be more and more implemented into the practice of the practitioners which are engaged in this issue. It can be applied both with complex therapy, and as a monotherapy (an independent therapy), when a patient would refuse consciously from the traditional therapy.

Long-term Healing Results in ENART Therapy

By physician Linsky, an ENART practitioner from Ukraine
Source (Note from Admin: These results are typical and quite easily obtained with a little coaching)

I would like to share my own experience in studying the long-term healing results of using ENART devices (Enart 907 in particular) in order to assess the regenerative reactions that appear in the body in response to the influence of pulses generated by the device.

ENART 907 - the world's second best SCENAR
ENART 907 – the world’s second best SCENAR

In my opinion, this study will help both the ENART beginners and those ENART users who have already had some experience in ENART therapy.

To begin with, I would like to remind you of some distinctive features of ENART therapy and its basic differences from other therapies.
ENART is a modern reflex therapy. It has no drawbacks and is easy, simple and convenient to use.
ENART is applied to some specific skin points on the body and works with short-pulsed high-amplitude electric signals that dynamically change their form according to the body’s response to device stimulation. This establishes a biological feedback: device – body – device.
Pulses generated by the device will elicit various bodily responses that help to restore the impaired or lost functions of the body. It is important to note that there is no adaptation of the body to ENART treatment. The lower the adaptation of the body to the treatment, the more effective and shorter in time the treatment will be.
The bodily responses formed as a result of ENART treatment will initiate regulatory recovering processes that are stretched in time. In some cases it is suffice to have 1 or 2 sessions to get full recovery but such cases usually involve acute conditions (existing over a short period of time).
A long-existing (chronic) problem will require (in most cases) treatments of 10 to 12 sessions per course or even several such courses.
After ENART treatment all the metabolic processes in the body would be restored. The organs will resume their normal bodily functions, this means that the cause rather than symptom, of the disease has disappeared.
So, when we use ENART therapy, we not only remove pain syndrome (any 900 series device will cope with this task ideally), but from the very start we are working for complete recovery as much as possible in each particular situation. And the main thing here is to remember that the body’s self-recovery and alteration will take time from several days to several months.
When treating a long-existing pathology, improvement usually comes in the course of treatment, but maximum healing effect should be expected in a month after the treatment is terminated and the health-improving activity in the body will continue for a longer period of time (up to 3 months).
Formerly I heard from my tutor and later I myself came across the situation when the patient that I treated told me: “You know, after you finished my treatment course, I still had some symptoms of my illness, but after a month I recovered from them all by myself.”
If you know terms of healing and therapeutic features of ENART treatment, you should always explain to the patient in detail what he or she can anticipate from the treatment and at its duration.
This is because most people prefer pharmaceuticals which they use to remove only symptoms of the disease. For instance, a patient takes a pill and after 15 minutes his or her arterial pressure has returned to norm, pain is relieved, etc.
Such therapies suppress protective and adaptation reactions of the body and destroy its self-regulation mechanism, which then evokes transition of the illness into its chronic condition.
After the first uses of my ENART device I was not always fully satisfied with the healing results at the end of each course of treatment. I must say that I had mainly dealt with the advanced cases when a patient had already undergone various therapies of which had not always been recognized as safe.
I observed the improvement, but some symptoms had remained which bothered me. I was determined to find the reason and analyzed the results and made some changes in the healing process.
There were also patients whose problems could not be solved completely during one course of treatment.
One day during my training exercises I hurt my wrist and got the second wrist joint and ligamentous injury, which usually takes much time to heal. From my own experience I know that the healing process may last from several months to a year or more and can be exacerbated at the most inconvenient moment.
So, I took my device and got down to treatment. Pain considerably reduced but appeared again on the wrist activity. I held 5 sessions of ENART therapy while proceeding with the training exercises in my customary manner. After three weeks I found that the pain syndrome disappeared and did not appear even on the wrist activity.
The next case that attracted my attention took place with my wife (I think those who attempted to heal their relatives will understand me). For several years she experienced pains in the thoracic and lumbosacral parts of the spinal column, but as it usually happens, “she has never had time for healing”.
She took 8 sessions, with some sessions held not to the full extent (difficulties with treating relatives).To my questions about therapeutic effects she answered that nothing helped her.
After about a month I noticed that she no longer had any complaints about her pain. The palpatory inspection had shown her spine was almost painless! To my question about her health she answered that the pain gradually disappeared and she simply forgot to tell me about it.
Then I began, wherever possible, to investigate the long-term healing results I got from my all “complicated” patients.
It turned out that within a month after completion of the course of treatment, most patients had recovered either completely or their health had considerably improved.
I used ENART therapy on one of my patients for Traumatic Epicondylitis on his right arm (tennis elbow).
The condition occurred after injury he had about a year ago.
Before visiting me he saw various medical specialists and took mainly non-steroidal hormones and physiotherapy – with minimum results whatsoever. It should be noted that the patient could not restrict physical activity of his injured arm due to the nature of his profession.
Nonetheless, after 5 ENART sessions the patient experienced considerable improvement: the elbow joint range of motions had increased and the pain syndrome that disturbed him for a year had actually disappeared.
There were some uncomfortable sensations on wrist squeeze and occasional pains on activity that still remained. When I met him after two months, he was happy to report that those residual effects had gradually disappeared and now his right arm works to the fullest extent.
There were many other positive long-term healing results.
For example, after ENART treatment a long-expected child was born unto someone, someone got rid of skin problems, etc.
But the main thing for me is that I have understood the basic features of ENART therapy and can now safely explain to the patients how their healing will progress.
In addition, I would like to note some factors that influence the healing effectiveness. First of all, these are smoking, alcohol consumption and frequent use of chemical drugs, especially antibiotics and non-steroidal hormones which interrupt recovery processes not allowing them to come to the logical and favorable completion.
Before ENART sessions I always warn my patients against the above mentioned factors because with them the healing process goes slower, its effectiveness drops by 40 per cent, more sessions are needed for the course of treatment. My warnings often make the patients get rid of their bad habits.
In the past I have used various devices that have worked with biofeedback, but after I acquired Enart 907, healing effects came much faster with it.
When getting down to every session, I always feel confident in success and believe in the ability of the device to cope with any problem. Of course, Enart 907 is not a panacea, but until now I have had no single case of which the device could not help patients. This device makes it really possible to feel full freedom of creativity in approaches to treatment and considerably expands the boundaries of therapeutic effects.
I wish you all to have good health and be successful in all your deeds!