[UltraVid id=86 ]then I could feel that all right I'm here with the maid days going to get some skin our treatment never had it before don't know anything about it he's going to explain what it is and how it works you okay scanner it's electronic pulse frequency healing what you do is you place it and you work the device on the on the area of this that's causing pain so pain management area yeah or post surgery as well okay so my tricep is it give me a bit of a niggle so I'm going to work that today yeah and what it does is it picks up damaged nerve endings so which is always the case in pain management areas so we're thinking with very stimulating those damaged nerve endings to your central nervous system in turn turns on your body's own healing switches in the brain so it's it's it re recognizes it's got an injury there to go and do it on its own rapid healing okay cool developed by the Russian space agency in the 80s for their astronauts and space for when they do it themselves yeah and they don't have medications they can treat it and heal it interesting awesome awesome for oh yeah right ice alright so we just I just need your arm relaxed yep okay and I'm going to be getting here yep so the first thing we do is turn the device on okay and we're going to I'm going to place it on your skin these are unrealistic lip folks on your skin and we're just going to get a free you're going to start turning the frequency up okay yeah we want to find a frequency that you can tolerate you don't want to start biting your skin or clarify it needs to stay comfortable so it will work regardless but I will see the higher the better the frequency ceiling that yeah I can fill out is it comfortable yeah okay can manage that okay we'll just keep we'll keep tuning it up because I want it to get to a point where you go out okay okay kill that like most it's none if you feel like pulsing in down my arm like you've got a high tolerance tolerance yeah very high it's gone on me still not too high yeah that's right Wow yeah I mean I love like deep tissue massage and yep so yeah like that but get hang it high to get me yeah yeah yeah skew yeah a little bit more I think yeah I think there we go yeah that there yeah feels quite like hot you know yeah so the first thing we do is cool brushing yep so and you can hear the device working yeah I feel that – hi now he's dying right already oh really – it's not – fine we'll just use the muscles ha ha mr. pain tolerance and team getting our max readings yes right on damaged nerve endings and waking them up Dyson can go anything that can go past 30 seconds where an addendum 7 ends so just so it just does it by itself basically it yeah man yep totally appropriate amount of time yeah well like with the brushing effect we've just finished doing we found the sticking points here which is the dermis no benning's it's drawn to them so it will stick to the skin and then that gives us our dosing points as well yeah decent good dose in email okay yes all right I'm back now from a first scan our treatment Dave I think it went well I already notice that way our whole arm felt so much lighter afterwards it's a weird sort of feeling but I'll show you the points that we worked on so worked on this point here around my former my bicep was getting a lot of pain around there also you really see but on my wrist here all around was getting really high readings we worked out well and all on my hands my hand was just like killing me so worked on my whole palm and the pain area that I went there for which was on my tricep erm I said well they work red will also work around there but all these other areas were getting readings so it's all linked basically if you have an issue or a pain somewhere it's all linked the whole arm is linked area length shoulders back chest so we isolated these areas and the Machine sounds that they were problem areas with this tension nerve endings so we worked all them well and yeah right now I can feel that my arm feels a lot lighter and just a lot more relaxed so we said to give it a few days and then let them know how it feels and we'll go from there to see whether I need more treatment or not but so that means no training back tonight like I was going to Train Lakes instead and then like the next half that is my resting so it works so well but anyway I'll keep you guys updated and let you know how it's going yeah it's pretty interesting to to get the sort of treatment so I know nothing about I've never really heard of it but like I said I'll keep you guys updated and see how it goes from there

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