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sup everybody Andres here back with a quick video today and in today’s video I want to discuss the topic of bloating basically is something that we’ve all run into some of us might deal with it worse than others but chances are you’re vegan you’ve had to deal with this or you’re dealing with it right now there’s many different things that cause bloating but the blame on Mary talking about today

specifically is from diet and juice bloating

so when you are on a vegan plant-based diet chances are you’re getting a lot more fiber than you would have been getting from a regular on omnivorous diet how many extra fiber in your diet can help fill up your gut and give you that distended abdomen resulting in that bloated look another reason could be that you’re eating foods that very very gassy food or when they’ve frozen when they break down release a lot of gas for example beans and obviously you know if you’re into fitness you’re into health and you’re trying to get your protein for the day beans can be an essential part of your diet and you could be eating a lot more beans than the average person I’ve one have around 480 grams of beans a day and trust me I feel the effects of those I can be getting quite gassy sometimes and can be quite bloated but I have a few tips and tricks there sharing two guys today that can help with our reducing the bloating and reducing the gas in us tip number one is to have a cocktail of apple cider vinegar and lemon juice with a little bit of water drink that two to three times a day before eating maybe 10 to 30 minutes before eating what they can do it is that can help relieve some of that bloodiness the way it actually works is by drinking concoction you can help stimulate the body to produce more acid in the stomach therefore helping you create better digestion tip number two is to go and get yourself some digestive enzymes I haven’t tried these yet but I am wanting to try these you can get them from websites like I heard I’ll put a link down in the description below if you get grabbed digestive enzymes or things like HCl and pepsin I’ve read good reviews on those and they’re supposed to help with bloating and gas you miss a lot another thing is to watch your fiber intake you know you could be getting a lot more fiber than you need to in your diet so go have a look at your diet and to calculate the fire but in it if you’re getting a lot more than you need you might need to reduce or change your diet a little bit just to remove some of the excess fiber to help with some of that bloating tip number four is to stay hydrated drinking a lot of water can help reduce bloating this you would think would actually do the opposite and actually bloat you but by drinking more water your body is going to excrete more fluid so the more fluid you intake the more fluid comes out of you which can help reduce that puffiness and upload Earnest so drink your water I’ve also read their drinking water at least half an hour before eating a meal can also help improve digestion as well but don’t drink water while you’re eating just take sips while you’re eating because drinking water while eating will increase bloatedness and you don’t want that okay so don’t do that another thing is if you’re new to a vegan diet it might take your body several months to actually adjust in the change of diet your body is not used to being on a wholly plant-based diet so you need to give your body time to adjust to the change so you know you might only be a couple weeks in a couple months in and you still get imploded and yes give it time I’ve been vegan for six months now I still suffer from a little bit of gas a little bit of lightness but no way near as much as what I used to suffer from when I first started so it’s just one of those things patience patience patience but anyway I hope you guys learned something from the video if you have any other tips or treats leave them in the comments down below and don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up subscribe if you haven’t already and I’ll see you guys in the next video [Music]

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