Julie Kidder RITM SCENAR Testimonial

[UltraVid id=16 ]great my name is Julie Kidder and i have been using the scanner for i think about six months now and it's made a tremendous difference in my mobility in my life at first I've tried many many things I've had many issues for a long time in my spine in my back and I've I broke my tailbone about 25 years ago which started causing all kinds of problems and had car accidents with just caught many many problems and I've tried acupuncture I've been to chiropractors and physical therapists and all of them helped for a while but the issues keep coming or kept coming and so I heard through my physical therapist about the scanner and dr. Lathrop and so I thought I would try it because you know what have I got to lose so I met with him and I started using it actually he was doing treatments on me and I i noticed differences right away and so I determined that I was going to get better so i purchased my own scanner so that I could do it regularly at home which is the key really to be consistent and so to get home started using it and started seeing all these layers of injury start to go away and now i'm at the point where i can actually back off some of the treatments because my body is going to start taking over on its own but i just recently took a trip to Boston where I walked five to eight miles every day and I hadn't done that for three years so and now i'm doing stairs i'm doing all kinds of things that i didn't think i'd be able to do again so it's been a great experience i would i would highly recommend it so thank you