10 Things Vegans Are Tired Of Hearing

boom sup everybody andreas here back with another video today and in today's video I'm going to be telling you things that are tired of hearing since going vegan number one number one on my list and it's number one for every vegan every vegan bodybuilder out there is where do you get your protein from but like where do you get your protein from the same place animals get their protein from plants chickpeas kidney beans black beans broccoli spinach tofu tahini sesame seeds protein powder 10 phase mockney's number 2 but like why you vegan because I believe in something I'm leaving because I believe that animals shouldn't have to go through pain and suffering I believe in the health benefits of being vegan I don't believe in contributing to the suffering and death of innocent animals it's what I believe in just like you believe in whatever you believe in it's my belief system but really I don't think I could ever go begin but I could definitely go vegetarian huh cool man thanks for telling me I don't think I could ever eat meat again for but life don't you miss me don't you miss the taste of meat meat tastes so good how can you not eat it no I don't miss a taste of meat I like the taste of the fruit that I eat now I like knowing that I'm not contributing to the suffering and death of innocent animals I don't even like to smell of meat anymore but I don't think I could ever give up cheese cheese is just so good haha well look if you're vegan there's cheese options there's still cheese available going vegan doesn't mean you have to give up cheese there's playing with cheese alternatives out there on the I mean I've had partners in I've had mozzarella I've had cheddar I've had nacho cheese there's so many different types of cheese out there that are beading and cruelty free so by going vegan you don't have to give up cheese so remember that sick so like what don't you eat you don't eat meat but you can still eat eggs and milk right ah no I'm not vegetarian I'm vegan that means no animal products no meat no fish eggs no dairy nothing that has been produced from an animal severn but like how can we not eat bacon bacon is life no vacant is not like bacon comes from a pig and I love pigs pigs are cute pigs are smart intelligent animals I don't want to contribute to the slaughter and killing of those poor innocent pigs if I could right now I would have a pet pig and if anyone mentions to me bacon one more time I swear God hey isn't it hot yeah I mean like what can you even eat when you go out since veganism is getting so much more popularity there's a lot more places out catering for vegans out there and are offering vegan options on the menu not to mention there are also vegan only restaurants and they're popping up all over the place you're on the Gold Coast we have so many vegan restaurants and so many places cater for vegans nowadays so look eating out is not hard what can I eat burritos tacos enchiladas pizzas burgers Thai food Chinese Japanese Indian sandwiches salads acai bowls smoothie cookies ice cream everything I can eat anything that you can eat there's just big an alternate route is 9 I bet it's so expensive to be vegan I mean it probably cost you a lot more now that you're vegan wrong I've actually found that since going vegan my food bill has decreased I mean have you ever looked at the price of meat in the supermarket it's expensive it is so much cheaper being vegan especially being a vegan bodybuilder I eat a lot but I also eat things that are cheap beans tofu vegetables fruit it's dirt cheap oats rice it's cheap it's cheaper being vegan the only thing I will admit is more expensive is eating out sometimes some places do charge extra for their vegan options now I don't know why that is do you number 10 all right what if you're trapped on a desert island and you had no choice but to eat meat would you eat it or would you just die you know what if I was in that situation I probably would eat an animal to survive you know what I probably eat a human to survive but I'm not in a survival situation I can go down to coals of wars right now and buy my broccoli and tofu or whatever I want and those are the 10 things that I've heard the most since going vegan sometimes we're driving crazy sometimes I just laugh them off now because I hear them so often but yeah thanks for watching guys I hope you guys enjoy the video if you did don't forget to like it share it with your friends if you haven't already consider subscribing now by hitting that subscribe button and don't forget to turn on the notification belt also follow me on Instagram I'm active on there daily but thanks again for watching I'll see you guys in the next video boom [Music]

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