Amazing things and how to do it with your SCENAR, ENART 911 or DENAS microcurrent |

Hey, my name is Benedick Howard talking about ENART 911 electrical stim units from Russia for all sorts of body type situations.

In the 1970s this device was invented by a doctor Karasev just about the same times that the tunes that led tens units were invented however he kept on working with it introduced the most sophisticated microcurrent biofeedback systems and now we have a whole bunch of manufacturers making these units labeled SCENAR self-controlled energy electrical neuro adaptive regulations, it’s a mouthful I know, an ENART is an acronym for electrical neuro adaptive regulation.

The results are similar to what they achieved in the clinical studies in the 1980s on eighteen thousand two hundred fifty five people they had an eighty eight point two five percent curate overall.

In the musculoskeletal group is basically a hundred percent so please enjoy my videos and any further questions I’m there for you my name is Benedick Howard Aloha and comment below …

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