where are you right now and what have you got the naked bacon heaven what do you mean it's donald's yeah but why is it heaven but you want to support McDonald's I'm just showing them there are so many babies out there so they stopped making ones [Music] oh really all right can you open up burger so you have a look all right so what have we got inside nice band-aid show us open it up so ketchup mustard pickles onion lettuce lettuce tomato and a soy patty it's all right is that mayonnaise as well we're in the cellars yeah okay so tell us what it tastes like always [Music] describe the flavors [Music] very yummy food texture taste of Macanudo looks like good way when you want something like fuck's up being super healthy you want a week being dope every day so you're saying you if you want something healthy coming to me bones know after you're being super healthy so you're born with it or if you are like clubbing and then you're super drunk and starving after clubbing when you're being dancing so much you want this okay it kind of just tastes like generic McDonald's burger kind of like a chicken burger it's got that that it's got that classic mac is Mayo flavor the feel it feels like a McChicken it feels like a McChicken the taste is different but the mayor is what makes it feel I can make chicken as well it's not chicken don't worry okay and I yes so that was a big baby we're here in Finland is currently in Finland and Sweden and hopefully it's gonna be across the world once I realize how popular has been popular here and we don't like to spoil the dogs it is an option and hopefully all around but anyway thank you for watching and I don't know what

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