Video meeting #5: Rehabilitation and diagnosis methods

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Any structural pathologies and there too very much depends on the specialist is Europe does not need some complicated equipment is not needed n such as special knowledge that is you can see in advance five years from you problem and yes and then apply can be Libya is independent than that children are not given a week contact a specialist who advise you can be faith in more depth that system which showed problems if it is necessary to say this one a trip in it then you can apply there we’ll see the video will be her phone email this please i got it in electronic we can do excavation multiply yourself and the very number is very easy for them diagnosed to sit without a job and the UN percent of it in principle, I all I wanted to tell today is he methods of researching the goals of this meeting was that you understand what I need so much believe the result they need to be rechecked and except that the victorious understand what are the methods for that ruble and this is none? I do not think that researching if you have a normal because the heart does not mean that in the heart you work well there needs to be done it is necessary to examine it functionally not kazan and then you will see a In principle, the problem is the material that I wanted I have already laid out now if there is what kind of questions please ask I will answer them on the question touched the principle of probably everything is clear who she in general is not difficult when on this does not end the series I wish everyone the rest of the evening well rest tomorrow for it to go well who somewhere to rest then to work, but there are wars or the next one meeting I want about the latest not so long ago the percentage already the reason I will tell you methods I work on the rehabilitation of which I will this plan with their experience for example They also called it and there is to it a problem where do I apply for this all all the best and stay healthy thank you to everyone who came


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