Scenar -1

okay it's me scanner 101 when you're going to use your scanner whether you're doing a treatment on another individual or on yourself you need to make sure all your medals off IE earrings rings watches belt buckle I guess is ok unless you're doing the lower quadrant then I take the belt off as well and to get going you turn it on probe is on the back of this one although you can get individual probes that you will plug in the bottom here to use and so you'll want to put this probe wherever you're going to work close to that area and then you're going to hit the plus button and you're going to plus up the top number you can see it moving until you can feel that and then you want to back down three or four so you hit the minus button one two three okay and then you need to put on the diag diag so you're going to hit this button off to the right as and the lower button plus or the minus 2 a 1 and then I pick it up and I start looking for numbers and the number that you're going to want to look at is right here on the left the very top left the lower that is anything 20 or below means it's chronic so wherever your pain is or the area you want to work on you're going to kind of work around it and try to find the lowest number and that's where you're going to start so it looks like my wrist is pretty good i've been working on it because my carpal tunnel has been bothering me so i'm going to go with right there 52 and you're going to leave it there until the bells ring you

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