Scenar ENART and Chakra Harmony.

Good afternoon new clues I will tell one more
The reason for its application was 908
The Ministry of Finance today will talk about
Normalize the work of a man well what is the enchantment now for sure
Knows how to report so very much
Written literature on gasoline on the Internet is the same situation as
I understand it is the centers because it flows through which
One ball accumulates about what it is
Where it comes from
Now we will not talk very much there
Theories are important that it is
Japanese energy circulation
Depends on human health if it is violated
Work one or another than
The quality joins
Pragmatic, there is very
Many petunia issues like
Normalize and maintain never received not all of them are not available
All uneasy in performance and therefore I
Developed a student in my opinion system
Which allows a person with the present to make in his store
Who is present he is more than
Intensive is not allowed
This business is very time-consuming for
Domestic practice this work this
System allows you to maintain harmony continue
Work man I thought that if the chuck
P this cluster solution solution
People cause violations
On them you can exactly the same impact the other
Time and one of the properties
The device is normalization
Work and the flow of energy cyprus is how I do it every
Morning on it you need to literally be
Five to ten minutes when when I
Wake up I’m working
Record charts of main books
The main ones died militant standing out will not go into
A complex name on banners is simply
The first operator is now
In the intensive care of men also between the scrotum and
Anus the second part of spending on
Low centimeters for dolls the third is
Implement and there is no fourth swatino
Georgians fifth is the beginning of the forum’s work The sixth bean geyni
The seventh is the areas where in childhood was
Town manager I answer device peripetia gupe any disk
Mode with the function of German I will work in
Mode text here I went out I will show an example of the first time a chat in the strength of certain
Conditions it is understandable that the lower part of the job
And I show the museum not a word therefore but myself
The principle is clear to you just let
Take turns it’s another cow presenting the book that’s it, it limits the old new year and
Level yet require who gave the signal about
Sufficient impact of minimum money on
Don can have an art lunch Sergey
He can wait for Canada before
Moment when the signal on the area worked
The adequacy of the impact there by random animals we have them and thus he reported that to me now to her I after I started
Apply this method is already
More than a month passed in the first that I can
Say after working in the morning
Charms great mood
Great health very much energy
To do and
Ekaterina and Medvedeva very well very well helps
One thing that I can do
Say by siberia and several hundred before
Of several of his patients to whom he used weapons
Applied news please someone interested
Apply and stay healthy all the best.

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