Two ESSENTIAL supplements for fat loss & higher testosterone

hey guys and welcome to another video today we're going to be discussing two essential supplements that I like to take went on my fat loss regime so stay tuned so the two supplements that we're going to talk about today are dim and calcium Diggler great basically these two supplements work together hand in hand and I'm gonna explain what they do and why I take them so let's start with dim dim is a short name the full name is Diane dole will make me think in dolan dying dying dumb little meat thing I think a girl like that time a person what dim is it's a phytochemical that's produced during the digestion of cruciferous vegetables like broccoli cabbage cauliflower and Brussels sprouts and the main reason that I used in is for the positive effects that has on estrogen metabolize a ssin there is other research out there to suggest that of might also have anti-cancer effects there's actually one lab study other than I read that said it dim actually killed and stop the spread of some cancer cells and said because of its effects on estrogen it could be useful in preventing some former dependent cancers like breast cancer prostate cancer and colon cancer one thing that does set them apart is it is an over-the-counter supplement you don't need a prescription for it there are other drugs out there that you do need a prescription for that have a similar sort of effect but unlike unlike that if dim isn't an estrogen blocker what it does in fact is basically metabolizes bad estrogens but lean your body with the good estrogen which you do need for overall health so why is it important to remove the batteries in 40 well basically when it comes to body building especially you want to have you want to make sure your hormone levels are in balance but you do want to make sure that your testosterone is always higher than your estrogen levels the reason for that is having a high testosterone Alice does promote lean body mass it does also promote an effective fat burning metabolism and does also help improve your sex drive to improve your mood and also help with your overall strength in the gym so what I first notice when I taped in is basically the excess water weight that you're wanting hold on to that starts to be removed by the body because you're you're releasing that excess bad estrogen from your system therefore taking away some of that excess water weight these body tends to hold on to when you have a higher estrogen level so I find that it helps with the river excess water so giving you that that more drier look especially around the midsection it helps to remove a lot of matters that sort of floating that you might get especially Landry goodbye alright so the next one is calcium if you look great and what this is is basically it acts like a detoxifier so helping remove everyday toxins from your body and also has been shown to help lower estrogen again like Tim having that low estrogen is going to help you make better gains in the gym have a lot of body fat and help you put on muscle also by removing the toxins from your body you're going to help keep people are you working yet optimal level which is great overall health one thing I do do notice as soon as I start taking this is because I take you that night when I wake up in the morning to do my morning pee what I notice is that my pee is really really super dark super yellow and I tribute that to all those nasty toxins live in my body so because I'm not a doctor or any sort of health care professional I can't recommend that you take either steam or calcium to look great I'm just telling you the reasons why I take it and what it does for me but if you do want to go out there and purchase some of yourself I'll leave a link in the description below where you can find the cheapest and best prices on one if you are in Australia I do suggest check me out walking in trees they do stock it a very good price and they also stop a heap of other products out there protein – amino acids pre-workout you name it and if you do shop with them don't forget to use my coupon deluxe and you will get a free shake out with your own just follow the instructions in the link below but yeah anyway guys I hope you found this video useful if you did give it a big thumbs up don't forget to hit that subscribe button also if you think any one of your friends and family would benefit from this information don't forget to share this video with them alright guys thanks again for watching and I'll see you guys in the next video [Music] you

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