Using SCENAR to Treat the Common Cold (Peergou’s Ring)

hi my name is a all bark and I’m going to be showing you how to use a SCENAR to treat the common cold this method is called peer goes ring and it was taught to me by penny bond of healing innovations NC right now i’m using the skein our pro plus model but this method can be done with any type of skiing our model when using the skein our pro plus model make sure you turn the interference 28 and the gap to 18 you can use any combination of numbers but i found this combination where it’s very effective this is where we’ll start first put the energy up to a level that the patient feels comfortable with tell me when you’re comfortable dis it’s good hold this teen are at the base of the neck for about 30 seconds and then rotate around the next in a clockwise rotation until you return to the same spot this has been on with his name for about 25 seconds home in go ahead and rotate it hold it at the base of the neck again for 30 seconds and then wrap it this time counterclockwise until you get to the same spot repeat this process two more times making sure to stop at the base of the neck for 30 seconds every time you pass over it to reiterate use the peer groups ring method anytime you’re sicker feel the cold coming on for more information on all things gnr look at WWE lectro 30 be calm

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