Vegan Bodybuilding What I eat in a day + Carbs and Protein explained


Hey hey eyes up here hey everybody how you gon smell Friday and I’ve got the day off work today which is great for those of you guys who don’t know what I do for work I currently work as a computer programmer not my dream job I would might rather be doing something in the fitness industry but who knows what will happen so currently making my breakfast in here I’ve got 40 grams of quick oats and 60 grams of good old flaxseed I just chucked some water and entering the microwave without a minute half and now going to throw in the rest of these so the rest of these berries well it says poor fruit mix thrilling as berries and grapes and they are from Chile that’s where that’s wrong right and there she is no mixing those berries for market sister person I would add cinnamon on top but I left my cinnamon at work now I’m going to be heading to shop space and groceries [Music] so I’m getting my second meal were they ready look making tofu and veggie stir-fry no chuckling I guess some seasoning some sauce over to make it taste a bit better but what I’ve got in here at the moment is 300 grams of hard tofu and I chuck in some frozen veggies which has broccoli cauliflower carrots and green beans also threw in some banked asparagus you know as well but yeah I’ll see where we got the cupboard and see what I can check on that to make it taste good all right so as you can see she’s looking a lot better now what I did is a mayor sauce out of some curry powder put a little bit of granulated garlic in there I also a spoonful of what do you call it what’s that stuff stuff that Luke doesn’t like about tahini I put in a spoonful of Kartini and also half an avocado just to try and thicken the sauce up a little bit where she’s looking pretty good and I’ll be eating her soon and can’t wait to see what it tastes like all right so there’s my bowl of tofu veggie curry I’m a little bit different for lunch [Music] so like I said I put half an elbow in the stir fry to cook with it but I want I wanted to eat the extra half you get my fat tentacles and that is one of the best avocados of having a long time because it’s a Hass avocado for so long they’ve just been selling Shepherd but the has arrived dig in [Music] [Music] so this meal is high protein high fat and low carb the reason I do that is I don’t like to have meals where I have high carb and high fat together now the reason is because years ago I was reading that it’s not it’s not that it’s not good it’s not ideal it’s not optimal to have a meal that is high protein high fat and high carb because your body is going to favor one macronutrient over the other users primary primary fuel source now look it’s not to say that you can’t have high fat and high carb meals I’m just saying personally I like to separate my keeping my carbs usually in the morning when I first wake up in that breakfast and before gym and after gym and the reason I like to have carbs around my training one carbs are primary primary fuel source which human being so it makes sense to have a meal that’s high in carbohydrates before training you know you want to have a lot of energy but when you’re in the gym lifting weights so having times beforehand just makes sense and number two having carbs post-training basically when you’re injured training and that did weight you’re completing your muscle glycogen stores and what you want to do is replace those stores so after training having a high carb meal all those carbohydrates are going to be taken in and put into the muscles and stored as glycogen therefore helping you recover faster and giving your energy for the next to the next workout so that’s my theory behind why I like to have carbs pre and post-training and also there is I like to have them in the morning is because it just helps me start my dad better giving me a lot of energy to wake up and get through the day so what type of carbs should you be eating before training and after training well for me I like to stick with low GI carbs or I know the glycemic index is kind of a moot point because it can be affected on what you eat in your meal for instance if you have amount that contains fat the glycemic index is going to be it’s not that you’re going to be negligible because having fat in your gut will slow the digestion down up fruit anyway so basically I like to have low slow growing carbs like brown rice or basmati rice before training so I get a slow-release source of energy and then if I was having some sort of fast digesting sugary sort of car beforehand and your levels go up but then they come down just as fast as they go up so what you want to do though after training is had those high glycemic carbs how those sugary carbs basically you want to restore your your muscle glycogen as quickly and as effectively as possible so limiting fat intake getting in a good source of protein and getting in those fast-acting carbs so it helps pull nutrients straight into the muscle restore this glycogen levels and just help with your overall recovery like a milkshake without the milk none of that cow titty juice top everybody alright so it is dinner time I just smashed out a good old farm session down at World Gym and now it’s time to refuel my muscles so what’s on the menu well I don’t know to be honest pretty lazy it’s Friday afternoon or Friday night so I’m thinking I’m going to make beans of course rice of course and veggies the course stock standard right and the reason I like to have rice and beans together is because together rice and beans make up a complete of the niacin profile and what it gets all the essential amino acids sort of needs to build and repair muscle oh now look you don’t have to combine protein sources together for amino acid profile in one meal you can have beings at lunchtime and rice for dinner it’s still going to be the same thing your body is going to still grab those amino acids from lunchtime is going to grab those amino acids from dinnertime and it’s still going to build muscle you’re still going to get that protein that you need your body is a very smart and adaptive machine it doesn’t care where it gets the protein or amino acids from in just care that it gets it simple right exactly all right so let’s get on with it cut my beans in there got my rock in there plenty of protein plenty carb got my babies in there plenty of 5 are plenty of micronutrients now we have to put on some type of seasoning or sauce so let me come back to you now what I’m going to use I’m going to be using the good old fashioned ki common soy sauce the left salt version of course to save on that sodium intake mmm beautiful my meal is so beautiful well I think so anyway some people have told me that my food looks boring but I don’t care what the haters say be sure to go check out my other videos for some inspirational vegan meal ideas I like to keep money or simple I like to keep my meals nutrient-dense and I like to keep them on youtube for you guys to go and see now go check it out now [Music]

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