Vegan diet update: First competition winner

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Look, arms are shrinking what’s up guys Andres here alright I’m back with another video today obviously and I’m going to be talking about what I’m going to be doing with my diet coming up very soon all right so as you guys know if you’ve been following me I have been doing a bit of a shred diet over the last few weeks or a couple months really I have lost a bit of body fat but I’m at a point now where I’ve kind of stagnated and I’ve kind of kind of lost interest in shredding itself I am very comfortable where I am like at the gym with my strength and I don’t want to sacrifice my strength just to lose a little bit more body fat so what I’m going to do now is over the next couple of weeks I’m going to start to increase my calories slowly and I’m going to start bulking I know something that I haven’t done in quite a while now so I’ve always felt what for the last maybe maybe last 12 months six months I’ve been at a bit of a maintenance and a little bit of a deficit I haven’t really been done a good bulk in a long time now when I say I did a bulk I don’t mean I’m going to go crazy over board is a shitload of calories sorry that’s my my Benji’s already yeah there is anyway I’m not going to go crazy overboard and do like a dirty bulk eat shitload of calories or anything like that I’m just going to slowly take my calories up probably eat the same sort of food sort of eating now and just increase my maybe my protein a little bit and my carbs the thing about being vegan is usually when you play with your carbs all your protein belief or anything close any macro nutrient in fact you usually plane with all of them for instance I eat tofu tofu is one of our sources of protein but it’s also a source of fat so if I cut my protein out if I cut my tofu down lower my protein but are also lowering with that same with beans if I’m upping my beans I’m offering my protein and then I’m also up in my carbs so ok I’m coming so this is going to be interesting for me because I have not done a bulk since being vegan so should be too hard I mean it was easy enough when I was eating meat and I don’t see it’s going to be any different now just means actually a little bit more cautious when I’m changing food meals but anyway that’s what I wanted to say just a quick update on what I’m going to be doing everything’s what I’m going to be doing in the next couple of weeks so probably not going to thank my shirt off as much probably going to be rockin t-shirts and singlets I mean it is coming to winter here in Australia and perfect on the ball so yeah and our guys give this video like if you haven’t already please subscribe it means well when you guys follow me subscribe and comment all that stuff over and yet now that I’ve hit over 200 subscribers I want on just wait I’m coming I want to announce my first winner so I’m going to put the winners name on screen now if you are that person please contact me go to my YouTube page go to contact that area and send me an email and I’ll send you out your prize alright guys I’ll see you in the next video take care [Music]

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