Arm day Feat. Kial & ANB Pro Rachael Miller

Arm Day Workout

Exercise One
Standing Barbell Curls
4 Sets Total (2 Wipe grip & 2 Close Grip)
Rep range 12-15.

Exercise Two
Barbell Skull Crushers
4 Sets Total
Rep range 12-15

Exercise Three
One arm dumbell preacher curls
4 Sets Each Arm
Rep Range 10-12

Exercise Four
Tricep Rope Extensions
3 Sets Total
Reverse drop set till failure (X3)

Exercise Five
Seated one arm dumbell curls
4 Sets Total
12 Reps each arm

Exercise Six
Dumbell Skull Crushers
4 Sets total
10-12 Reps

Exercise Seven
Barbell Preacher Curls
3 Sets Total
8-10 Reps

Followed by some posing


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