Friday Night // Vegan Kofta Dinner

[Music] so pick these up at kohls the other day chickpea and red lentil copters they are vegan as you can see here oh and a 4.5 out of 5 star rating so they must be goofy way anyway got these wanted to try them because I never really eat things like this on the regular and today's Friday night you know like something a little bit different alright so I'm just going to be frying these bad boys up and in here we have leftover sweet enterprise not many but enough and we're going to be also making a salad and some veggies to go with them so I'll show you guys how that comes out [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] so in the kitchen cooking my cough is my dizzily my thing is after touch them they catch you I'm excited to eat these bad boys so pull it through let's all these little bad boys all right so costly to cook their you cook salads done clicks enterprise are cooling down as you can see life is good and gains will remain so there's my meal complete with everything and you know we got that fatten tomato sauce no added sugar of course fellow sweet sweet shred gains [Music] hey guys i just want to finish off this video real quick by saying that those copters were delicious yeah a lot tastier than what I normally have a post-workout meal I could be following my blog link down below and you'll know that I pre-planned food for the most part the reason behind that is when I do have I'm sugar meal or cheat meal or whatever you want to call it because I'm eating plain through most of the time but a cheat meal taste that much better and it just makes you appreciate through so much more if you haven't already go check out my chickpeas and wife of yours here and you'll see that's what i normally eats my post-workout meal I via anyway just want to run to go up and don't forget to like comment share subscribe follow me on my snapchat Instagram Facebook follow my blog check it out give it a like give it a thumbs up do all that stuff I don't care i just want to get it's the famous naija [Music]

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