Bodybuilder tells “Why I went vegan”

[UltraVid id=433 ][Music] top everybody Andres here representing will Jim just wanted to make a quick video today because a lot of people have been asking me why I'm gonna be there like hundreds your body builder you love eating me you need to eat me why and he'll be in I don't get it well basically it was a challenge that I sent myself I always said to myself I wanted to try being a vegetarian and my girlfriend she used to be a vegetarian she's now thinking kind of motivated me to go down that path so a couple months ago I said to myself alright look I'm gonna sit down write out a diet plan to see if I can go vegetarian for one week and see how my body reacts so I go to my computer work down the macros worked down my food and I looked at it and I was like oh I'm still eating eggs and a lot more when I was eating before so having this to have that and I was like you know what I get rid of this put in this and then this I'm like wait a minute this is I said maybe I should try and well you know my mom is a vegan my older sister is vegan my younger sister is be my girlfriend was vegetarian I had to all these influences around me and my mom started saying you know you should check out this guy on YouTube or you should check out this page bla bla bla so I did a bit of research started looking into it I said hey can't be that bad I'll try for a week or two and see what happens so I went and got all my plant-based vegan food started doing my meal prep and then started doing it for a week and you know what I felt I felt great after one week I was like you know what I'll keep going kept going and what I noticed was my energy level started going up my strength of the gym started going up I was more regular than I've ever been before I will save ourselves fighting a lot more but hey that's something they don't take you on you go vegan I'm telling you guys now that's gonna happen if you go be and be where you're gonna fart a lot more anyway enough of that it's basically my motivation to start going vegan and now that I've stuck with it for a couple months you know when you start something you start looking into it when you start researching and I started doing my research into veganism and started to learn about the ethical side of things which I never really understood before but when once you start looking into it you start realizing what is going on in the meat industry in the dairy industry the egg industry it's just beyond bullshit it's just fucked up and after seeing and reading some things and watching some videos it just turned me off they treat animals it's just bullshit why it's just it just makes me angry but whatever anyway so yeah after learning about that stuff it's not just an experiment anymore it's basically what I subscribe to now it's the lifestyle that I want to live in the lifestyle that I'm gonna keep living and to have the influences I have like my family and my partner around me just helps me and just makes it that much easier to keep going so yeah I know a lot of people think you know if you want to be a body good you want to Train you can't be vegan you're not gonna build any muscle you're gonna lose size well I'm telling you that bullshit you can get all the nutrients you need from plant-based food it's fucking simple all you have to do is know what you're doing know what you're eating know what's in your food and do your research right on telling you that's all you got to do but look anyway that was the video I want to make today just to share with you guys why you know if you've got any questions leave them down below you can follow me on social media I got my Instagram snapchat Facebook and also my blog which will be in the description below but yeah anyway guys I hope you enjoy the video [Music] [Music]

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