How To Make Tasty Broccoli

[UltraVid id=434 ][Music] what's up YouTube mr. deluxe here go to blue one for you guys today alright so a lot of you guys out there who are bodybuilding vegan it might not even be vegan but hey you guys all probably have this one thing in common and that's that you eat a lot of this stuff right here that's right I'm talking about good old broccoli right I've got a recipe today to show you how to make this stuff a lot more tasty there's a lot of you guys out there eat the stuff day in day out and I know you get sick of it real quick believe me when I was cutting for my competition so I asked to eat this stuff four times a day and trust me when you're eating steamed or boiled broccoli four times a day you get over it so the recipe I've got today is very simple very easy adds a few more extra calories to the broccoli but hey it's worth it in my opinion alright so what you do need obviously is a good amount of broccoli and a baking tray lined with parchment or baking paper you also do need some cooking spray I'm using a good old coconut oil today and also you need some seasoning right well I've got this one here today thanks to my housemate bling it is chilli and garlic and also has some good old Himalayan pink rock salt in there which is what you need if you're not going to use any seasoning I would suggest just salt it works just fine alright so let's get started first step is to set your oven to around 180 200 degrees I've got this crappy old oven here so I set it around 200 and that seems to work just fine for me yeah I am alright once we got the oven set it's time to get going on the broccoli so first thing we want to do is we want to cut it up into fairly small pieces you want to keep it even when you're cooking it you don't want pieces to get burned some not cooked evenly so keys to keep your sizes consistent alright nice day when you've got your broccoli or cut up nice and even just make sure that it's all pretty much the same size I think it's not you've got a few extra pieces just get your knife cutting down the middle get them nice and even Oh get away from me here nice and easy all right so once you've done that next step get your cooking spray and basically a light misting over all of it so it's just like this not too much but just enough to give it all a nice even coating next step is get your seasoning whatever seasoning you want like I said like chilli garlic and salt here you could do a pre key to do cumin you could do minced garlic you could do onion powder whatever tickles your fancy as long as you got something that you like chopped it on the top may I'm telling you all right so now that it's seasoned it's ready to go in the oven here we go into the oven that's in 1c broccoli is cooking away you want to set the timer for around 30 minutes that should be the ideal time for it to cook without it burning if by that time it's not cooked we'll leave it in another five minutes or so but we'll check on it 30 minutes or see how it's gone now the top tip for you broccoli stems don't throw them away you can use them in other recipes that I'll do in the future but ya can't hold on to them because they are packed full of nutrients and very very versatile guys thanks to the magic of the internet our broccoli is done all right let's have a look looks good right so what you're looking for is little flecks of brown on the top I used to want it to be green but you want it to be this more of like an off green color so we get some little crunchy bits they will taste delicious all right guys hope you enjoy just kidding remember if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comment section below and you can always follow me on social media I have my Instagram my snapchat Facebook and I now also have my blog which you can follow links will be in the description thanks for watching guys give me a thumbs up

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