OCDAY 250 Pro Racing Quad Frame Review Part 2

[UltraVid id=435 ][Music] hey guys and welcome to part 2 of my review of the update 250 pro quite got the frame now as you can see I've got a fully kitted out I've had it most for a while tango for a few flights crash it a few times I'll be yeah I basically run through what I've got on this at the moment okay so you see I've got four 22 or 2300 kV Emacs motors on it running a BL heli on dys 20 a ESC s other SN 20s SCS I've got CCD cc3d running clean flight I've got Devo I 701 receiver in there running 2015 milliwatts Fatshark video transmitter with a I be crazy left hand circular polarized egg blade on there camera is sunny 600 TV l super had to CCTV camera what else and the only batteries I have at the moment are the is it be compact 2200 milliamp 3s batteries I'm waiting on some smaller 3s batteries 13 times million we see once this is only 25 C does a job little bit heavy but this thing still flies pretty well with with this on the top but when I had Mobius a little funny it definitely knows the difference in performance what else can I say about this so well first of all I had a problem mounting the flight controller what I do is I'll show you my advice if you get this frame you have a flight controller that has bent pins because as it gets seen there it'll look the pins that stick up the top at too high for this top play frame what I actually had to do was cut some of the frame off which wasn't ideal but I want to wait for flight controller bed pins I didn't ever need to resolder so I just cut the frame not beat the other cheap Frank doesn't bother me too much now that's what I had to do to make that fit another issue I had with this particular model was with the pdb soon as i wired up EEOC's and the battery connector on the pdb it was up like the battery in magic smoke came out so i'm not too sure what happened is if the PB couldn't handle 3s battery but some of the copper wiring copper strips running from the battery connector pads to the either C pads puffed up and blew it out of blew it out pretty much so pretty upsetting me out of that I contacted the vendors sold me the frame told me what happened they've kind enough to to refund half the price of the frame which is good so and what I ended up doing was just getting just a small cheap you know PB on email Etha like you know two or three bucks and just wired everything up to that and that's what I currently have in here is mashed in the middle there es es and he very much in in the middle there all right so I've shown you guys supplied footage of it later but another issue I had was trying to find space everything because my receiver is pretty chunky at least a lot of space the front also the video transmitter the fat shock transmitter is pretty big and I had to basically take the frame apart do a bit of a rebuild to get it to fit where it is in there runs across the top of the flight controller sticks out the back but it's a turn in a decent spot you know it's not going to cut much damage if it crashes so props I'm running on this were five oh four five just jump in five four five props waiting some bullnose wants to try it out got no more props left broken them all would you believe it so yeah look this thing is it goes and I've crashed it several times what main concerns you want to be aware of these top plate screws and there's five of them in there I've crashed the last crash I had I lost three of them and that's probably because in putting a lock tight on them the first time one of dialects got some new ones with a loft ID on there and nice and stiff now they're not gonna come here this is something to be aware of make sure you lock tight your screws anytime good a quad and some of y'all learned you know also with the bottom screws I lost two of them you know pre in a crash prior to that one as well so again what is your friend yeah surprisingly the arms strongly thought they were would be you know I've crashed this high-speed straining with the ground you know arms first this thing you know the motors have copped it full of dirt you know big bang nothing no damage to the frame the frame is held up well this peb thought this would be the first thing to snap no it's got a little chip in the front there's nothing no damage everything else has held out well yeah what's gonna say of look at what LEDs at the bottom this we there's something else is so I'm topping you see I've got this little bit of foam on top that's basically just to give me clearance for the battery so doesn't sit on top of these they you see wires and connect up to the flight controller so and it's just not only a double stick tape on there and then also put some double stick tape runs it down just to give the battery bit of traction to slide around on there now oh no I like this frame I like the look of the frame you know it's a pretty sexy little frame its life is fuck – 111 grams for the frame itself and if I was you know if you want to run the 4s on this I'm sure you get a shitload of power you know even when you know you're obviously probably put some better motors I don't know if these can handle for us but yeah I think you know because it's so light and compact it would go pretty well I'm so know something been trying to future yeah look that's an update on the frame this build you know it's been a fun little quad to have just want some freaking new props I can take ready yeah I can't fly at the moment no props for this or my my Nighthawk here looking pretty naked I've got no es es on way for some spices – chuckling here I had some 12-amp emacs EEOC's might be out early but they're just so unresponsive I tried with the EEOC's rain BL halyard here compared to these ones my god the difference in throttle control you put the throttle up for the Adhan motor start/stop on you on your throat this one throttle up throw down three seconds or more will follow the throttle stops when you put it right down to the bottom you know it's just ridiculous so wait those ICS conferred and I've cleaned up a bit look I put some cable braiding and the place I'm plunders anything on the EEOC's motor why don't you see why is that look this videos all about this frame so yeah so currently can't fly hopefully my pops will be here soon and if you're wondering why I'm not wearing a shirt in this video is because I fucked I got my bodybuilding show coming up soon Cheers hot sweaty night so whatever thank you thank you deal with it alright I'll show you guys some footage of this little bad boy all right cheese [Music] come on do it come over here and pop on to me Joe come on coming what a Potemkin Tamaki one Billy come on Tommy come on Tommy come on to me come over here and perform for me she was like as you've said the right ciosing wanna try cadogan thing where but enough feel if I opened my bring there right there with me there buddy now you're gonna wear free in Africa lotta young somebody coughed my gun come now yellow [Music] combien oh yeah [Music] I know [Music] come on blow funny bunny guys easier yeah just forget this idea come aware car [Music] a company like on speed yeah Rinku give it to me give it to me give it to me give it to me calm down oh yeah [Music] oh yeah oh yeah ticking bomb bomb bomb diggity [Music]

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