[UltraVid id=370 ]Saba's Burton Luisi right so it's now Thursday afternoon just trying to change them texting for moms I just got home and I'm going to be making myself protein shake and have banana water protein glutamine creatine all the good stuff and yeah I want to talk about something and I'll get back to that soon right so got my protein I don't taste damn good as always but my finishes and I'll come back sup guys Andres here back with another video and today I'm going to be talking about flatulence it's something that we all have to deal with some people worse than others and being a vegan and a bodybuilder with a high protein diet definitely no exception to the rule I think I caught the raw end of the deal when it comes to flatulence something that I've had to deal with you know and people around me I've had to deal with every day and it's something that I don't want to have to deal with so what I've been doing lately is a bit of research into it causes of it and some home remedies that we can do to prevent it so that's what I'm going to be talking about today so there's a few things that cause flatulence and one one of the things that really surprised me was how you chew your food now if you don't really chew your food much and you just take big bites and swallow things quite whole basically what's happening is the food is going down down your throat into your stomach in big pieces so your digestive system has to work a lot harder to break the foods down which can cause a lot more strain a lot more stress and a high release of gas now that's something that I wasn't aware of I never thought about like that and personally of a fast eater I take big bites big mouthfuls and a lot of that I tribute to having braces so because food gets stuck in my braces I tend to not chew as much as I should so I think that's why I'm fighting so damn much but anyway I've tried recently eating my food a little bit slower and chewing a lot more I definitely notice the difference the the amount of times I bite it in a day has reduced dramatically now it has introduced the severity of the smell but definitely reduced the frequency another thing obviously that can cause gas inocent flatulence is certain foods broccoli cabbage brussel sprouts and beans are very notorious for this and unfortunately being a vegan bodybuilder beans are staple in my diet a lot of beans every day and that's just something I'm going to have to deal with but in saying that there are other home remedies out there that you can utilize to help reduce the frequency and the severity of your flatulence so from my research what I found that having ginger can help and the way to have it is by having like a ginger tea to boiling up some fresh ginger in a tea and dressing it after your meal it can help with digestion which can also which will relieve flatulence another thing is I read that if you tried cheering on mint leaves after eating that can also help I haven't yet to try that one it sounds interesting hope it works what I did try recently is cardamom I sprinkle some of that with my rice and beans pre-workout and it's hard to say if it helps much or not because of what I said earlier about chewing a lot more and I definitely noticed that help with that so it's hard to save the cardamom itself is doing anything or not but I did notice today especially that I didn't have as much of a gas buildup to my stomach and I wasn't fighting as much as I normally do and believe me it can be pretty damn bad just asked my roommate or my partner oh but um yeah those are some quick and easy home remedies something that everyone should have in their cupboard somewhere in the pantry is bicarb so that now read the bicarb soda with a little bit of lemon juice and room-temperature water drinking that pre or post meal can also help so I'll give that one a go but yeah you can definitely give that one a go cheap easy everyone should have access to buy cups of it and left and lemons bicarb soda not sober but yeah those are some quick easy cheaper and these to give to try if you have any other remedies that you know of that I didn't list eight please leave them in the comment section below I always want to try new things to help with my farting ass I anyway give this video a like if you found it useful share with your friends share with the other vegan bodybuilder out there who have this farting problem but I yeah anyway guys catch in the next video [Music]

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