Vegan Bodybuilding Meal Prep | 170g Protein

[UltraVid id=369 ]hey guys Andres here back in another video and in today's video I'm going to taking you through a full meal prep haven't done one of these videos report assembly something brand-new for you guys so stick around and I hope you enjoy it so I'm about to do my meal prep video but I don't have any flaxseed meal and that is a staple of my breakfast diet so I'm going to go for a ride down to Sid market and get myself some flaxseed meal yeah boy [Music] so what's the first thing that we're going to do so for the start of our meal prep before we do anything what we want to do is we want to get two pans on the hot plate now and when I switch them on to around about a medium-high heat next step is when we get out of and set on to about 200 degrees all right we get one beat oven tray forward up and ready to go the oven is on the pans are on so let's get into it obviously we need some calves what we're going to do in our cooking is my so three cups of rice and I'm from eight cups of water and put cougar on and let that cook okay for what I have here for my meals are a couple of different options for frozen veggies these ones are going to be for meal throughout the day and this is going to be for dinner what we're going to do with both these there's two pans that we tucked on before we're going to put these in there and we're going to stir fry them up quite simply get your packet of frozen veg and empty it into one can [Music] next thing we have is we have three days where the tofu and you're having 300 grams each day and instead of frying these up what are we going to be doing he's cutting them up putting them on the baking tray and then chop them in the oven so let's get into it [Music] you [Music] and all right so tofu is ready we'll let that cool down here for a while before you start plating it up right now the veggies are cooked we're going to let them sit here and rest for a while the tofu is cooled down and if they do come down and the rice is still cooking what we can do is we can start assembling our breakfast so let's get into that now so this is where you will need three containers because we're doing three days worth of food you need to sell some quick oats some flaxseed meal three bananas and some cinnamon so the first step is we're going to be weighing out 50 grams of oats for me [Music] next step once we've done that is we're going to be weighing at 60 grams of ground flaxseed meal permeate [Music] the next thing I do is we're going to add some cinnamon the amount can be as much as you want or as little as you want I like to just do it by eye [Music] so basically what we have here is we have three days worth of breakfast and I'm going to be showing you how to actually eat this meal in a second so the way this meal you actually eat it is you take your dry mix the add in about one cup water or one cup of plain milk of your choice and mix it together make sure that you scrape the sides as you want to put it in the microwave for about one and a half to two minutes alright now that that's cooked for about a minute and a half the consistency is a lot thicker just give it a bit of a mix you can have this cold you don't have to microwave it I like to microwave because I like to have a warm breakfast especially for those winter mornings all right so the next step is we're going to add the banana so get your banana and simply just chop it in however you want and then what I like to do is I like to mash the banana voila and that is breakfast next step is going to be play up or dishing up the beans or our pre-workout and post-workout meals now what I'm going to be doing is the two cans of being this at a time and we have one can of black beans one can cure business so what we're going to do with the first one we're going to add 240 grams 2 mini 240 the first one and then Chuck in more mass now to shout the remaining beans in the same fashion and we're going to continue prepping the rest of the meals now that we have all the beans sorted out what I'm going to do is distribute that tired stir fry veggie mix I have into three of these it's going to be for the dinners [Music] you [Music] but while we wait for that rice to finish cooking let's get on to lunch all right so this is going to be my second meal of the day and it's going to be tofu with stir-fried veggies so the other the other veggies that I had stir fine what we're going to do is going to distribute them evenly into three meals all right now that sound what we're going to do is we're going to add our tofu and we add in 150 grams each meal now because I've kept it nice and simple when I was cooking down what I prepped it before I cooked it it's going to be easy got my three stacks 150 grams each she's going to cut off a little bit more and add into each meal [Music] now this meal might seem like a small meal but I use it as a filler just between breakfast and my lunch I'm just going to be a very simple meal it's going to be a salad what we're going to do is we're going to put it together but we're not going to prep it fully because it is a salad if you prep it a few days ahead it's not going to last as well the spinach is going to wilt down avocado is going to go Brown so what we're going to do is we're going to assemble parts of it and put it in containers and then what you can do is the morning of is then you can fully prep it from there so step is we're going to get our spinach and distribute it even now of course before you add your tofu to the screen chelation eat okra has been fully cooled down or else it's going to wilt it too much except is going to add apps Milo's we just added in to each one but we won't cut it up just yet so what you want to do is you want to cut it up the night before with the tahini what what you can do is just chuck in a spoonful now and when you are ready to eat it mix it in [Music] you what we want to do is we can add some black pepper and of course some salt [Applause] what I also add to this before I am race eat it is old dress of I'll cut up the avocado mix it in there and I also add in some apple cider vinegar just gives a little bit more Tang and that is lunch done now that our rice is done cooking we can start distributing it to the rest of our meals so we'll get into that now all right so what we're going to do is we're going to add the rice into the milk so trying to 50 grams pre-workout and 200 grams post-workout and then we have it there is our pre-workout and post-workout meals for three days done and then we have it three days worth of meals all prepped and ready to go we've got a breakfast our second meal we've got our pre-workout you've got a post-workout and we've got our lunch all ready to go I hope you guys enjoyed today's video and I hope this helped you with your meal prep giving you a few ideas anything like that if you have any other great meal ideas of great recipes or ways to prep please leave them down in comments section below or is love getting messages from you guys and yeah don't forget to Like comment subscribe and I'll see you guys in the next video [Music] you

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