[UltraVid id=368 ][Music] now it unlike me you are drinker and you need a hangover cure this probably do the trick it's all good spinach for glutamine greens powder BCA's recovery your muscles lemon juice vitamin C all this is you're going to help hydrate you those electrolytes actions going to help rid your body of all those nasty toxins from drinking yeah Morpheus Isis Saturday afternoon I haven't really eaten much today I've had a green smoothie and I've had a tofu salad I'm going to be having a pre-workout meal soon we go training but right now what I'm going to be doing is I'm going to pick up my dessert for tonight my epic monster donut from donut time so we're going there now [Music] [Music] and that is a big boy some heading up to the gym now jumping on the bike and be training arms [Music] I [Music] I am starving haven't eaten much all day so this is going to fill some of those nutritional gaps there she is fully vegan red velvet donor with chocolate ripple biscuits chocolate drizzle and vegan cream icing I don't even know what if you do for wha it's so soft the chewy delicious you mean BAE so two out there say I don't want to go to Yuma because I don't want to give up their favorite foods well look that's the selfish statement that's saying that your tastes pleasures are more important than the lives of other beings out there your taste buds and we're important and you would happily contribute to the suffering and death of some animals now look you don't have to give up taste when you go vegan look at this this is a freakin donor entirely vegan no one died could make this monstrosity sugary deliciousness I haven't given up anything I've added value to my life and I still get to eat delicious food sorry if you're not vegan think about that [Music] [Applause] [Music] damn another fish you know one or two and don't forget to subscribe if you have more my chocolate videos out every week it's been a little bit slack with what comes in Miami but still businessman and put me down yeah I'll see you guys next year right [Music]

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