classic Sunday vlog time alright I'm off to my mum's place now and then we're going to go hit up Bunnings if you don't know what Bunny's is it's a massive hardware store that we have here in Australia it's not the nicest day here's Norton – originally a haircut – but anyway you know jump in the car and drive over there now all right we're in bunnies now and while I was looking for some seedlings see she's looking for kale and spinach the classic vegan options but they've all run out of kale you ask you can go I'll keep looking sound the kale this would be the most vegan thing I ever do [Music] [Music] all right some in the carpark and in the shopping center in there is apparently one of the Gold Coast's biggest big in selection shops I guess you could say well it's a normal mark like supermarket type shop but they've got one of these vegan ranges available on the Gold Coast so I'm pretty excited to see what they got and probably going to get myself some treats for tonight so let's go a look that's my old work I used to work there so this is a place Holly railroad market let's give a look [Music] now definitely going to get me when I use my favorite some back from the shop I only got three things and I don't normally get things like this because they are expensive over here in Australia especially now I've got myself some Jardine groundlessly so I'm making spaghetti bolognaise tonight and to dessert got myself some vanilla fudge ice cream pie tofutti is it so fruity or tofutti whatever cook yeah tofutti but yeah this looks good only at home for this melts and for right now so myself a comforter of course the remedy brand see very low calorie in fact 23 calories per serve five grams of carbs and great for your digestive system good man so it's now time for my pre-workout meal and I'm going to have something a little bit different I like to record when I eat different foods to give you guys ideas of something you might want to try so at this point it seems pretty normal I've got some chickpeas and I'm about to put them in the blender but this is where it gets interesting now at this point you're probably thinking what the hell are you doing banana and chickpeas well I don't know I it probably tastes good okay we'll find out oh yeah look at that goodness come on come on yeah we'll put a little bit more cinnamon on top just because I love my cinnamon plaintiff health benefits of course good for diabetics great for your blood sugar levels we have my special high-protein pre-workout baby food I know it's going to taste good well tastes like chickpeas in bananas but it's not that bad the initial flavor you can take as a banana and then the chickpea starts to sit through after but a shuttle you could probably do a little bit more sweetener or a little bit more Finley in there just to balance it out but damn this clear it's actually nice it's actually yeah nicer than I thought um but yeah babe – homemade high-protein baby food perfect because gym procedure carb you protein low-fat or put salt in there as well but yeah you guys should definitely try this recipe I'm just about to head off to the gym and I just started pissing down like it was raining before but as soon as I open the door is just like no you know what you want to go outside so have some more rain all right so I'm going to run to my car and hopefully not get too wet so I made it like a little bit wet plus today a little bit little dotty but as you can see they're running pretty hard dangerous driving in the rain so of course I will drive safely but now it's time to get to gym [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] [Music] now I forgot to record my dinner but basically what I had was I made a vegan spaghetti bolognaise I used the Gardein beefless ground mint now with one onion one carrot some garlic and I used a pasta sauce basically just cooked it and then I added that to some fettuccine and that was my dinner and then for dessert I had the tofutti vanilla fudge frozen dessert it wasn't an ice cream was more like a mousse it was really really good and then after that I had some pancakes so yeah I had a good night anyway guys thanks for watching my video today and I do want to announce the second one into my competition so this is your name below you are the lucky winner and don't forget to contact me to claim your prize and I want to pose a question to you guys what do you want to see that videos on do you have any specific topics any questions you want answered leave them in the comment section below because I want to make some new videos but I want to make what you guys want to see alright so yeah they've been down below alright guys thanks for watching and I'll see in the next video [Music] [Music]

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