what's up guys I'm Janice here back with another video today and this today's video I'm going to be discussing the health benefits of when you go times based now making this video said because a friend of mine messaged me telling me that she wants to try going vegan for 30 days to see how it feels and she wanted me to sell it to her basically but not from a vegan perspective more from a plant basis perspective and the health benefits associated with eating a plant-based diet as opposed to eating an omnivorous diet so what I've done is I've written down a few points that I know from research and from experience myself are the benefits of a heart based diet so let's get into it so the first point I wanna address is micronutrients micronutrients are often overlooked especially in the health and fitness bodybuilding industry people often look at the macronutrients of the micronutrients when in fact micronutrients are what determines our health it's all good to be getting you know the right amount of protein carbs and fats but if you're not hitting your micronutrients daily your health is going to suffer if you're eating a whole food plant-based diet you're more likely going to be incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet fruits and vegetables up full of micronutrients full of vitamins full of minerals so you need to ensure that you're getting the correct micronutrients daily things like vitamin C vitamin A vitamin D calcium zinc the only thing that vegans or plant-based people on a plant-based diet may have to substitute is vitamin b12 so vitamin b12 you get when you eat meat right but where does the meat get is vitamin b12 from when the meat is still alive and an animal farmers have to inject that animal with b12 shots now that's the same thing as I start get a supplement the reason we don't have b-12 naturally-occurring anymore is because one our soil is so degraded that is not found naturally in soil anymore and two we treat our waters we don't get it from there so we have to supplement with it just like animals do the next point that one discuss is once you go to plant base you're more likely going to be eating less protein in your diet which in turn is going to put less stress on your digestive system now we've all heard this that eating a high protein diet your body takes more energy to break that protein down when compared to things like carbohydrates or fats now that's true the body does use more energy to break down protein and what that does or what that means is what is drawn from places like your brain down to your gut to focus hard on trying to digest all this protein that you're constantly filling your body with now have you ever had a big meal and then feel lazy or lethargic or sleepy after that meal that's because the blood is traveling from your brain down till you got to digest all that food now when you're feeding your body a lot of protein the same things happening constantly you're putting a lot of strain in that area so you body has to work harder has to work overtime to break it down things like meat and animal protein actually can take two through times longer than plant-based food to be broken down and fully digested and flushed now this is why people who are a high animal protein diet usually suffer from things like constipation and IBS more commonly now this leads into my next point which is bowel movement when you go to plant-based and you're eating Whole Foods you're going to be having a higher fiber diet which basically means you're going to be a lot more regular and your colon is going to be clean well from one perspective it's going to be cleaning itself out more regularly I don't know if it's actually going to be clean in the sense that because it's going to be filled with now you might find yourself cooking a lot more than usual now this is a good thing because it means your body is not struggling to break down the foods that you're feeding it so don't be scared if you're pooping two to three times a day that's normal once you go on a plant-based diet the next point I want to address is gut health or more gut inflammation when we consume things like meat eggs or dairy our body or add guts can become inflamed because our bodies are not designed to break these things down and gut health is very important for your overall health it can affect how you're feeling on the inside and on the outside your gut health will also affect your immune system so by having a healthy gut you're going to have or you're going to support your immune system and have a healthy sort of immune system if your gut is inflamed and constantly aggravated your immune system is going to suffer your health is going to decline and that is not good if you want to be a healthy human being the worst offender in this category I would say will have to be daring because as humans our bodies aren't designed to break down other mammals milks it's designed for those other mammals babies our bodies lack the necessary enzymes to break down things like lactose and that's why so much of the population on earth is lactose intolerant think about it why do so many people report feeling sick or bloated or just not right after eating dairy products or drinking milk it's because we're not meant to drink it we're not meant to eat dairy it's made for baby cows think about it so rather the next thing that I want to bring up is energy levels once you go to plant-based you're more likely to increase your carbohydrate intake now carbohydrates are basically humans primary fuel source our body runs on glucose so when we take in carbohydrate our bodies break it down into into a simplest form which is glucose that bank goes into our blood converts the energy and keeps us alive now plant-based foods are high carbohydrate foods it makes sense that once you start eating more carbs and less fats and loot and less protein your body is going to be working a lot more efficiently which means you're going to have an increase in your overall energy levels I remember when I first went vegan the first week or two I just remember jumping out of bed every day I remember going to the gym and just hitting PBS because my strength was done through the roof that's because my carbohydrate had increased significantly and I reduced my protein intake and my fat intake slightly I had all this extra energy and it just helped me make better gains in the gym so for me that's a plus so by eliminating animal products from your diet you're also going to be eliminating cholesterol and most likely going to be eliminating saturated fat intake this is a good thing because having high cholesterol and a high saturated fat intake are linked to the highest cause of death in humans and that's things like heart disease diabetes cancer so by eliminating these things from your diet you're going to be reducing your risk from developing these chronic illnesses now we've already discussed the benefits that he can have for your insides but what about your outsides so if you're going to be eating less processed food less refined sugar eliminating dairy eliminating meat eliminating eggs lynnae's all animal products the health benefits on the outside are awesome you're going to notice that your hair is going to grow faster it's going to be stronger your nails and grow faster and be a lot stronger and a lot healthier and if you suffer from things like acne or pimples or get you know regular breakouts if you're reducing animal products from your diet you're going to help clear up your skin you're going to get that nice vegan in everybody wants to have nice skin don't they now if you feel like I've missed something or have anything else to add to this please leave it down in the comment section below I love when you guys contact me I love getting feedback from you guys and if you haven't already subscribed please consider subscribing I try to put out at least two videos a week and I cover things on veganism health bodybuilding I also upload blogs if you have any topic that you want me to discuss let me know down below and yeah don't forget to give this video like share with your friends and I'll see you guys in the next video ah and if you did notice I'm wearing my vegan athlete shirt which I got from my new sponsors living engine I'll put a link to their website down below and you can use my coupon here to get 10% off your order go check those guys out now [Music]

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