Vegan Bodybuilding grocery Shopping on a budget

[Music] hey young guys mr. Kailash here repin world gym so a lot of you guys out there sort of bodybuilding thinking about tuning vegan for whatever reason that may be whether it's for health ethical reasons but you're not too sure what type of food you can eat and what you should eat for bodybuilding it's going to cost more than a regular bodybuilding diet but I'm here today to show you what I eat on a weekly basis and how much it typically cost me or overlooked [Music] so as you can see you guys got quite a bit of food here for pretty cheap this cost me around 50 australian dollars i did get a few extra things in each of the week like the cumin turmeric and cinnamon and the garlic I wouldn't normally by this red quinoa but they started selling it now and it was two older path I just wanted to get it to see what it's like I've known really eating quinoa before the only thing I didn't manage to get was my tofu though all out unfortunately but usually I would buy prob about five packs material 52 is another twelve dollars 50 on top of that you know and you're looking at 60 bucks minus those things he wouldn't normally buy so it's sixty dollars for nearly a week's worth of food pretty damn good if I do say so myself as you just saw it's quite a bit of food I got there for you know pretty cheap back when I was hitting me if I wouldn't have got the tofu when we got the beans but instead it was like chicken breast maybe meant maybe kangaroo and I would have spent a lot more than I spent today and got a lot less food so just to show you that bodybuilding vegan style can be cheap and I definitely have saves a lot more money since going vegan so give it a try the way guys get any questions feel free to hit me up in some infections happiness any questions you have remember you can follow me on instagram here or snapchat here and yeah I'll see you guys later

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