Bulk Nutrients Vegan Range – Part One Earth Protein

[UltraVid id=430 ][Music] sup everybody Andres here got something special for you guys today it's my first review video so the guys down a bolt nutrients have been kind enough to send me some samples to review and of course it is all vegan so I'm gonna be reviewing their entire vegan range and I want to start by saying these guys do not sponsor me I don't have I'm not getting paid or anything like that for this this is purely just a review video just to test out or see what they're vegan ranges like I've been buying powders from them for a while now I always found it was very good very high-quality in the beginning the flavors weren't always the best they didn't always hit the mark but in recent years have been putting a lot more effort into it and getting those flavors hidden the nail on the head you know I've only tried one vegan product of this and that is the both protein the salted caramel flavor but anyway get into that in a little bit so first of all I want to start by showing you the entire range that they have that's vegan so this is the entire vegan range over at bulk nutrients Comte you as you can see we've got three different types of protein soy pea and a protein which is a blend of rice and pea protein we've got B CAS we've got greens powder pre workouts test boosters fat burners and more pre-workout but yeah quite a selection I've got over there ok so the first protein that I'm gonna be reviewing is the earth blend so this is one that is a blend of brown rice and pea protein the flavor I've got here is chocolate this comes in three flavors you've got chocolate vanilla and salted caramel it has a complete amino acid profile it has 24 point 3 grams of protein per serve it also has 2.7 grams of carbs and 1.2 grams of fat ingredients we've got 100% organic yellow pea protein 100% organic brown rice protein and natural flavoring from stevia so what I'm going to do is follow the directions here it says to have it with 300 to 500 mils of liquid I'm going to use my shaker and see how goat's got my 400 mils of water and I'm gonna see how it mixes give it a shake check the consistency but if you can really see that but doesn't look very thick or too thick compared to normal way we'll give it a taste that is good better than I expected it's quite smooth it's got a ok chocolate flavor not not terrible but I've definitely had some worse ones from from whey protein definitely bigger then like wpr maybe add a distinct is like a casein protein quite nice doesn't really have the same texture consistency is way it's a little bit more powdery I guess you say it's got a it's got a good flavor for the amount of water I would say three to four hundred grams at 30 to 40 mils more is good if you have any new gel like you might water down too much but yeah this is this is nice I would definitely buy this flavor all right round two for the earth protein so up two more flavors here I have already tried the salted caramel I've been using that for about a month now so I'll come back to that one so today we are gonna try it the vanilla and see how that goes drop it on the bench whatever this one looks a little bit more powdery and compared to the chocolate feels I don't know it feels a lot more fine now when compared to like wipe her team yeah with me yeah just made a big mess all over the bench yeah I just made it be miss on the floor but who cares alright look some let's get to it let's see how this guy's gonna shake I'm gonna taste definitely notice flavorsome as chocolate I mean there's a hint of vanilla flavor there but really it tastes up a lot more like a like a natural flavor yeah actually says a lot like the salted caramel one to be honest and not a huge fan of the flavor of the salted caramel you know to be honest in my opinion it doesn't really taste like tear immortal I've tried the salted caramel for from bulk for whey protein back before I was a vegan and I loved that one they you know they got a flavor so right but that's why I ordered that plate first and when I got it and trying it i was i was quite letdown I mean it's not terrible it's not a bad tasting protein but it to me to else it doesn't taste like caramel and this has a very slight vanilla taste but I think to do with less water I think maybe 300 mils of water would be good just right now it's it's honestly quite watery but the textures good it's it's not too not too thick I feel like it's about the same as the chocolate I mean the mouthfeel is it's good you know it's not a lot of people are sent online with vegan proteins my friend is they're really chalky and you know they don't mix well in water warm these these are mixed well and what this is mixed well in water so far to me it tastes like the taste like soy protein the first the first protein powder over bought was soy protein years and years ago and it was a natural flavor it was unflavored and that's that's what this tastes like same with a sole count one they taste very similar personally so I'm gonna pick one flavor out of the three or off though I'm gonna pick the chocolate hand chocolate tastes better better than both of these but you know if you want to use the protein powders rather than just in the shake form and something like pancakes or some sort of cooking I'm sure they'd be fine yeah so put up the the price on both nutrients websites and the earth protein blends you can get so one kilo for twenty seven dollars you can go for kilos from ninety nine dollars saving $2 25 kilo eight kilos for $169 saving five dollars 19 kilo twelve kilos is the maximum you can buy at one time and that is two hundred and forty nine dollars seventy six dollars and twenty five cents a kilo the great thing about bulk is in any kilo Amanda sure that you buy you can select whatever flavor of protein per kilo so you can get say forget the four kilo you get two kilos of chocolate one of vanilla and one of salted camera some other quick notes totally vegan GMO free also high in essential amino acids BCAAs and glutamine so pretty much the ideal choice for vegan bodybuilders out there looking to build a maintain muscle it's low carb low fat high protein exactly what you want in a protein ice is cheap taste is good consistency is okay texture same sort of thing okay mixes well mix is easy you can mix it in a shaker which is good the only thing it's really lacking is variety and flavors but I'm sure the guys a bulk are working on that but yeah so that's my take on the earth protein blend stay tuned for the other ones coming up soon

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