My Vegan Weekend in Melbourne + Arnold Classic 2017

[UltraVid id=429 ][Music] you [Music] [Music] pretty excited to be back in melbourne on my way to doggies gym now first session down here going to be trans back might run into some ifbb pros you never know this time of year arnold is happening so excited to be here can't wait expo tomorrow and then the pro show on Saturday night it's going to be a good weekend guys hey guys just got done training down at doggies smashed out a back and bi's session seen dexter jackson there shawn rhoden copper guys from my gym it was packed pack today i know i described from groceries grab some tofu and soy cheese cauliflower asparagus and some oats just some food for the days ahead so I'm not eating out all the time space of money anyway checking with you guys soon yes first meal down here in Melbourne when you're staying with your sister and she doesn't have any balls big enough to fit your meal you've got to use the big mixing bowl time to eat some in the city now on my way to grab coffee before the first at the expo lot colder then gold coast but not too bad bout thirty in the morning pretty busy what the coffee and got my second meal all day I've got tofu broccoli and cauliflower a lot my avocado at home so with my facts I'm out that's right don't cheat meal 6 and ayah so you guys know what I have then anyway after this I'll be heading over to South Bay to the expo hopefully meet some guys and meet up with some people I know i'll see you guys in the other side of Elvis so you don't know what on my way to the expo now we're walking through the city coming up over the south bank walk another bridge over the Yarra on way to the expo it's nice sunny day here at Melbourne not too bad not too cold but yeah it's going to be a fun day [Music] [Music] your first and try some of the samples to my god [Music] [Applause] Oh [Music] you [Music] just got done at the expo day1 got back Glaser ran into a few people are new at bond with some now probably going to go grab feed and hit up the gym and train shoulders some of that not enough tired everybody'll chickpeas all right just finish shoulders on my way back to home bobb back my sister's place and we're going out to dinner tonight some being a restaurant not too sure what's on the menu but I'm you guys we've seen what that is very soon [Music] so it's now Saturday morning I'm down here by the yarra river in Melbourne across from Federation Square just enjoying the sunshine on this beautiful mouth and day the weather down here is a lot different to where I'm from up on the Gold Coast you know some Queenslanders it gets hot and it gets sticky and sweaty up there whereas down here when its pod itself it's nice it's horrible because it's got a cool breeze that yeah the humidity is really low had a coffee had two meals and now I'm just walking around not too sure what I'm going to do stress today but that's beauty of being down here I don't really have any plans I didn't want to get up your expert for a second day just because it's the same you know got but the pro show tonight that'll be good but it's good to go watch the pros battle it out for GR the title of Commerce patient winner 2017 but ya allah [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] hey [Music] so I lost my bus card which is also my tram card and also my train Club I want to buy another one on the cheap bastard so I'm just doing a lot of walking today guess that I did about 18 and a half thousand steps and I try and meet that today [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] alright so saturday afternoon it's time for my pre-workout meal got myself here's both oats with a banana and some cinnamon they're going up the gym and trade some arms today after that I'm gonna have some dinner not sure thing I have if I'm getting it out of them when they just buy something for the supermarket after that I'm going to be hidden up the pro show tonight back in South Bank and be good night [Music] finish my last session Adobe's walking back get feed now have a protein shake right so here's my dinner for tonight I've got two burgers sandwiches that I just me we've got our vegan burger panting that's a soy cheese right captain fried spring onion salsa picante and also fried zucchini all on a multigrain slice of bread don't have any lettuce hanging on back but this looks pretty damn good in a can't wait to eat it [Music] [Music] Oh [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh don't dawn sounds and thighs [Music] [Applause] [Music] I've been coming years in 1972 about 45 years and I've been coming year of the year of the year and even in night Andy you want the best all of your competition in city Australia did this beautiful out browse and but nothing that wildest dreams did I think then that you will have one day such an unbelievable successful almonds classic raising it involve up so just go home from the auto classic pressure pretty disappointed with the turnout this year there was not very many big names at all I mean I was excited to see Dallas MacArthur but then he got sick and pulled out at the very last minute which is disappointing but at the same time it's understandable so yeah Brandon Kerry took it out which I knew he would and I don't even know who the other guys were really so which sucks because the first two years it was big news big news big names last morning in Melbourne just going to get myself a coffee and now just walking to the IGA to grab some veggies for the plane because I've got nothing and knowing me I'm going to be starving on that plane so yesterday I walked twenty nine thousand steps safe to say my feet are pretty right now so I just got myself some food for the plane I got myself a cucumber tomato and avocado from the IGA as you can see there I cost me 10 box what the [Music] at the airport now gonna get check in and get on my flight back home run a light first off on a light idea apply now [Music] playing got the verdict Brisbane sitting here waiting to find out what happens it was soon 30 minutes a review on are you better getting off the plane your brisbane get a bus down [Music] so got ourselves the water to stay hydrated of course but yeah it's going to be fun another hour or so back to the Gulf Coast great way to end my trip age welcome home to Queensland we're getting closer to me I saw him back on the coat just had my pre-workout meal and I'm going to head off the gym now train some legs but anyway guys I hope you enjoyed my video and my trip to melbourne wasn't that eventful this year but still something to watch anyway catch you guys later [Music] [Music]

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