what's up guys Andres here back with another video and in today's video I'm going to be taking you through a typical finished supermarket showing you all the different types of food and vegan options that they have available in the supermarkets here in Finland so as you can see we're starting off here in the bread section and what I'm showing you now is typically a lot of different oat breads and a bunch of different rye breads and these ones here that I'm about to pick up they're basically an oat bread but thirty to forty percent vegetables as you can see here this one is parsnip and carrot and they've got really good macros as you can see if you pause it you can see they're really high in protein quite moderate fat and decent amount of carbs one thing Finland is known for is its rye bread and it has an awesome selection of different rye breads which tastes great now moving on every fish at market always has this great salad bar which you can go and fill up a bowl and pay by the weight as you can see there's great options you know beans vegetables salad and as you can see in the next one that we've also got different types of fruit so if you need a meal on the go it's a great thing to have as an option there next we've got our vegan cheese's so there's a pretty decent selection of vegan cheese's as you can see here a few different brands few different types of cheese and this one here you can see I'm picking up is creamy cheese with hot peppers I haven't tried it but it looks pretty good [Music] so pretty good selection of cheese there I'm moving on we got a big range of different offices as you can see homeless and different types of sauce I think I haven't looked at everything extensively but then we've got some soy mints here haven't tried that one either I haven't tried a lot of these but there's heaps options there different types of like burger patties made from different things not just soy but also from beans these ones here are really really tasty then made from black beans eating them on the regular horse everyday really good macros on them low in fat high in protein and decent amount of carbs and then plenty of other different mock meats here that we have as well as falafel type things I think there you go there's some falafels so there's one section of the fun like mock meats area they have this stuff here Hotchkiss is really good it's also made from beans it's quite high in fat compared to some of the other options here so I typically don't eat it but it does also have a good amount of protein and it is really tasty and you can use it in so many different ways this is here's just a log of seitan looks really good I want to get it but it's very very expensive it's really 20 euros for that 750 grams pack there so quite pricey they're just a little Satan sticks and some deli meats made from Satan as well so pretty pretty good selection there and some different types of sausages as well this is also some vegan kebab meat haven't tried that one I have tried another one which is pretty good it's quite high in fat but also high in protein some more different Nuggets seitan Nuggets that's some vegan lasagna that's ready to go try that that's pretty good pretty tasty and if you need a quick meal just heat it up also got some other ready meals available here and these little things are like well these are a vcp darker which have rice pies basically it's like a rice porridge filling inside of a light right crusted I'm addicted to those things I eat them everyday there's a chili con carne burrito like I said this is more like ready meals here so we've got some not too sure what that is put some like bread rolls with some fillings inside for good there's little pie things there with a little as you feeling they're really taste as well good as a little snack let me go it's a pretty good selection there this stuff here pulled oats these are really good so this is these are made from from oats and they basically like an imitation meat like pulled pork really tasty few different flavors here and then you must have got a meatball version which I haven't tried but they do look pretty good pretty tasty as well so that stuff I've been eating a lot of the the pulled oats they work really well and a lot of my meals now this is the vegan kebab meat that I have tried it dead-set just tastes like normal kebab meat it's so so tasty so good but pretty high in fat too I hear some more ready me also have in the supermarket's is like a Thai tofu noodles and then they also have what is this one here so another Thai vegan tofu dish and then a Thai rice of the dish moving on to the cold section we've got some vegan custard that we got from Elle Pro I haven't tried it typically the only custard much but the option is there also a couple other ones they've got there by only there they're pretty good brand very popular here so this is like custard and creme section I think I'm looking at now Plante's and other popular brands out there you've got yeah so you've got some cream coconut cream and those are solar cooking creams so moving on you've got some like creme fraiche that we got from your own like that stuff on there on burritos when we make them Yassa is also another good brand they make their stuff from oats so they make yogurts and stuff like that so here we've got some cold milks ours are some vegan yogurt so a lot of these are vegan L Pro here with their high-protein one so 11 grams of protein in each little tub really good really tasty good texture good flavor there's about three or four different flavors they come in so this one here I haven't tried this is a coconut base to yogurt and it comes in a couple different flavors as well but like I said the L Pro ones are really good I've tried a few of those good is a little snack or bed because you got that little protein hit and good flavors another good brand of yogurts is like I said for Yossef and they make their yolk from oats here we go so these are really good they also have like sort of a high protein version as well which I yeah those ones they're really really tasty and then all the L press up here is all vegan it's got all different types of yogurt or different flavors made from soy or oats what else you there's Yasir again really tasty planty and like I said making more yogurts here as well it's a pretty good selection there and here we go into their their plant milk section in a cashew hazelnut coconut soy oat almond this goes on so it's great selection from Elle Pro as well as Oatley here so they make a few different types of oat milk some specially made for breast is some for just normally coffee chocolate you name it so I also got quinoa mill which I've never seen before which is pretty cool there's also rice milk and as you'll see in a second we've got hemp milk here in supermarkets so they've got all these different types of milks readily available just in the supermarket you don't even have to go to a health food store to get them which is awesome like back home in Australia you'd have to go to a specialty store to get some of these milks but here just go to supermarket and buy the awesome there's Oatley again Ponte there's your chocolate wand and more Oatley stuff tasty tasty stuff that one is like fruit flavored drink I would milk soy milk oatmeal and non-vegan disgusting day out of my face stuff so yeah there's a selection of milks you can see the shelves are getting pretty empty also you've got these Oatley like cold brew lattes and match the drinks which you can just grab on and go that really tasty really good and also energy staff for it one also they do protein ones which we didn't have in this shot but it really tasty as well onto the ice cream section so we've got some ice cream cones this one here is vanilla made with some rice which is art so good I love that one it's good it's not made from soy if you're trying to limit your soy intake this one is a camel toffee which was also really nice those are some fruit ones there and this is a juicy pear maybe so I haven't tried that one though those ones I haven't tried either I'm more of a chocolate vanilla type around and a fruit ice cream guy there's some more little fruity flavored vegan once there I want to show the flavors this one here is a chocolate – vegan one haven't tried it looks pretty good though and I've also found a sneaky Ben and Jerry's non-dairy one in there I couldn't find where they were there but they had a big section of Ben & Jerry's and they will have all the non-dairy ones as well this yummy is a mint chocolate vegan one and tried got a few different types flavor yourself and I was only they also make ice cream I haven't tried any remember this first but pretty nice and here is some more of these ones here that's vanilla strawberry and it's something else in NYC but they also make like licorice flavored ice creams which I haven't tried here we go in the freezer section some vegan dumplings and then we've got yeah pretty big selection of frozen items here meatballs nuggets what else some mock meats so one bit we also we've got some different types of burgers more Nuggets more meat patties or vegan so there's a Mexican style high-protein veggie patty there so crispy chicken nuggets what else have we got here soy slices I think you got some falafels in there as well yep or else some other like white beans not too sure then these I think those are Swedish things some soy pieces and thank need and then this is all I haven't tried if it's pretty popular here looks pretty tasty too pretty good macro humming as well high protein and then of course you've got your corn stuff this mint I'm not sure what if the corn stuff is vegan but half of it is a half a vegetarian and pretty sure some more veggie patties at quinoa burgers schnitzels mids and that kind of stuff yeah so that is the freezer section a pretty good range and they're pretty good choices there so that's what I could find I didn't include any of this like sweets and lollies or anything like but they do have a big selection of different vegan chocolates and vegan lines and stuff like that I need to go with my girlfriend so she can point them out to me because I'm having a bit of trouble reading the ingredients sometimes but anyway that's what I want to show you guys that there's a huge selection of vegan foods here in Finland and that's just in the supermarket so I hope you guys enjoy the video if you did give it a thumbs up don't forget to subscribe and I'll see you guys in the next video

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