what's up everybody andreas here back with another video and it has been a long time since I put a video out a few months but I decided to put out another one and it's because I am leaving the Gold Coast tonight that's right I'm going on a trip first stop is Macau for one week and then I'm off to Finland to see my lovely girlfriend Mira I haven't seen in like eight months so it's been a long time bye anyway let's get into the video first flight down I made it to KL now I'm going to the transfer desk to get to my connecting flight to Hong Kong and then from home time I'm going to take my ferry will take a ferry rather to Macau so I'll see you guys soon [Music] I made it to the ferry terminal on the ferry leaving Hong Kong you're going to Macau [Music] so I made it to the cow just go from ferry now we'll open up farmer dad and then hopefully over coffee relax [Music] [Music] so this is where I'm staying in Macau this is my dad's little apartment that's a bathroom there and here we got the main living area computer station there's my dad in the kitchen so this is the first dinner here in Macau home-cooked meal y-yeah well over there got cucumber and tomato salad coriander what type of bread is this Portuguese for me brick Portuguese wholemeal bread and what do you call this again cha cha chi-soo room ah cha just your school ba vegan chickpeas there you go so you got chickpeas your two types of rice basmati rice and red rice tomatoes yeah celery what was the green stuff he put in there baby kale baby kale leaves all the good stuff and then what's that casserole oh this is chicken casserole a Chilean chicken Consuela so I grew up eating that stuff yeah me too yeah and of course Tabasco anyway we're gonna dig into this first mural looks great [Music] [Music] so now we're going into a Chinese supermarket my favorite bags of rice we'll see where we go where's the tofu here we go beautiful who's the selection of God all the tofu that's my favorite one 650 MIP what's this $1 yeah rice cake stick once it's a rice cake yo you see that about that oh no they're putting this stuff here if it's vegan bean curd pasta if it's soy based well the only one I would just you be this one here that's all it's all um non-vegans from dairy it was easy supermarket we can come back to you in the morning but that's what it is 24 hours perfect please look good they may have a girl soybeans mung beans kidney beans yeah chi Chi berries I think so good yeah yeah not even body I were crazy one day looking for them I couldn't find it kidney beans this chicken tonic what's that no but this kind of thing we we can go to some malady at least five games yeah this is a lot twenty bucks Los Feliz about three dollars three do not think is telling that foolishness for refried beans about Simon had a quick look in the supermarket one thing I haven't seen since being here one thing I haven't seen a single Jim and I haven't seen one single person that has muscles like me but seriously I haven't seen one Jim here I'm on the hunt wish me luck [Music] this is our lunch today chickpea salad with tomato cucumber avocado Carrie and uh what did he call him shallots we call it spring onions yeah and simple dressing and then some oil free but a free garlic bread thank you it's bloody good I'm on my first mission to a gym and Macau and go to twofold cow fitness I was taking a bus didn't I place in Macau and I was stopping here at Starbucks and grab a coffee amazing food so yeah anyway I hopefully it's good fun Jim shoulders [Music] this is Macau fitness pretty cool gyms [Music] so I just finished my first session at Macau Fitness trying to be the shoulders their arms and that place is pretty cool like I had a really nice sauna really nice bathrooms and like electronic lock is yeah really nice anyway I'm heading back to my dad's place now and then we're gonna go hit up the supermarket and get something for dinner I'm thinking I want some rice noodles I've got some bean paste Bowl at home I'm gonna steam them up and make some sort of like tofu stir-fry think anyway out here in the middle of Macau it's morphin it's really nice nice fresh day so we just stopped back from the supermarket and we've got some goodies that's some small green but it looks like packaged oi a couple of capsicums some of these mushrooms shiitake I guess at least shitake mushrooms tomatoes soy sauce couple onions some of this fried bean curd like basically fried tofu got a big ol carrot and some women selling noodles so we're making stir-fry tonight all that there it was 128 patacas which is about 20 bucks Australian not bad it is vegetable stir-fry plenty of veggies of some shitake mushrooms white house on top careful with the noise in the background because some tofu leftover salad from lunch and vermin selling noodles in there looks pretty good [Music]

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