Walking In Finland

it's andreas here back with another video but I haven't made a video in a long time being pretty slack but guess what I'm in Finland now you know from the Gold Coast in Australia where it's like 30 degrees all the time and I'm here in Finland it's like one degree at the moment and look there's snow just like the first time I've actually properly seen snow I mean I've seen it once before in New Zealand when I was like maybe five or six years old but that was different you know who remembers when they're that young really but anyway I just wanted to say that if you want to be vegan Finland is the place to be there are so many like vegan options in the supermarkets is like a crazy amount of mock meat made from not just soy made from oats made from beans and for soy seitan it is crazy awesome mum like kebab meat made from seitan which is beautiful and the sound whose one which is called pulled oats and it's kind of like pulled pork I guess it comes in a few different flavours it's quite nice you have that every day rather than that there's tons of tons of other oh don't even think now what else is there Oh tons of tons of chocolates and candies and sweets like you wouldn't believe it's crazy and there's this Finnish Finnish food which is called Cariad Lampe daca or DCP there but ECP daca which is like a rice pie face like a like a rye bread thing with like a rice filling it's quite nice actually I really enjoy it but definitely if you are vegan you should definitely come to Finland the food is awesome people are nice place is great there's all this nature everywhere it's just like pristine untouched and there's some great little vegan cafes and restaurants as well which you can check out use the happy cow app and find them but anyway just wanted to give everyone a quick update let everyone know what's happening and hopefully I should make some videos in the future but anyway if you have any questions about anything feel free to contact me and leave them down in the comment section below bye guys peace talks later

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