ENART 907 - the world's second best SCENAR
ENART 907 – the world’s second best SCENAR

The ENART 907 represents the world’s most advanced electrical stim biofeedback device, and way beyond the original SCENAR or later COSMODIC type devices.

The ENART 907 is furnished with basic features of a professional device; easily adaptable to personal/family use.

By allowing the practitioner to adjust the first-phase pulse amplitude the ENART 907 can more effectively treat the whole range of diseases/injuries with only one device.

I bought the 907M with the three rail design at the same time as the 911M. Like the new 907 it is a simpler automatic version of the 911 without the diagnostics screen or the infra low frequencies.

While the ENART 911 is the flagship device from ENART developed by specialists at CCC Invet independently without Doctor Karasev the ENART 907 is the less costly alternative, but still simply amazing:)

In 2008 and just before the original 911M launch (the predecessor of the 911) I had a dream about a new ENART SCENAR which manifested a few months later as the 911M.  In the dream it had different ranges of frequency sweeps and superior what I call transverse “skinning”, but in actuality it was just one of many new features one which emulate previous popular ENART and SCENAR models.

I use a lot of different SCENARs in my practice and I love the 3 rail electrode option of the 907 and it surpasses the performance of the COMODIC SCENARs and RITM. Soon I will update the video with the 911 and 907 unboxing.

So the 907 is an amazing unit especially for both professionals and non professionals, and the various modes I talk about in the 911M video are good for any emergency imaginable, awesome power (if and when you need it), and so many programmable functions that you might get easily lost, but not with my videos and coaching!

For the techies out there reading this the “engine” or chip in the 911 can emulates several SCENAR models by adjusting the first phase voltage, or how the loud the signal talks with various tissues.

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2 Replies to “ENART 907 SCENAR – way beyond COSMODIC, SCENAR or DENAS”

  1. Hi, 08 June 2017
    May I ask the following question to yourself and anyone else who may wish to comment?
    Is there any data for successful use of either the 911 or 907 in cats and dogs?
    Your website has helped a lot to simplify my options, as I have found my search going
    round in circles, getting nowhere!
    Many thanks

    1. Hey Robert

      Of course! Every living thing benefits from microcurrent electricity. Think of the way it tingles the nerve fibers to release NM and NPs. It is like nourishment – and what happens in the mitochondria via the electron transport chain – all food ends up as electrons. Plants can use electricity as fertilizer and grow way faster too. It goes on and on. Wonderful eh! So, our flesh bodies use the electrons to boost energy, solve pain and rejuvenate old tissues.

      Even for animals.


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