ENART 911 Specifications

As an ex development for GE I really appreciate what it takes to conceive, develop and manufacture a new product. In some case years of work, and in rare cases like this it is the culmination of decades of experience to quickly restore the body with the most sophisticated bio electrical engineering on the planet.

Once again the development specialists at CCC Invet combined this technical know how with user feedback from across the planet further improving on the COSMODIC.

The ENART 911M engine and now updated in the the ENART 911 make it even easier to use and to further improve upon the electrical interface with living organisms.

Here are the new modes or settings that have been incorporated:

MCONST (for models 911-L1 and 911-L2)
– For the treatment of wounds and other injuries of skin
– for use with electrodes of the device and with remote electrodes in the skin areas where it is difficult to establish a sufficient contact with skin (for example, thick hair)
– User is slowly repositioning the Device over the skin surface (moving it at a steady speed) or keeps it stationary at the range of 0,5 cm above the surface of the treated area pre-setting the maximum value of the treatment energy;
-the sufficient time of the treatment is determined by User themselves.
-the device signals the end of the optimal time of treatment in the treated area (in about 30 minutes).

EM (in 911-L2):
This mode is used for treating a wide range of conditions, both chronic and acute.

• The value of Frequency automatically changes according to the body response to treatment at the moment of each particular skin contact.
• The Device produces three short tones at the sites where additional specific treatment is needed.
•Determines maximal sufficient time of treatment at each particular position of the Device electrode on the skin.

IF (only in 911-L2):
This mode is used to reinforce therapeutic effect, eliciting resonance in malfunctioned organs. I.e., with help of infra low frequencies it “shows” the organ its normal working frequency, “adjusts” it.

A positive effect is achieved by using several frequencies in one treatment program.

This allows to regulate purposefully the activity of the specific CNS (central nervous system) structures and, as a result, to elicit more rapid and stable healing effect.

User may apply infralow frequencies (like the DiaDENS PCM – see my video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xHuJ…) according to the table attached to User Manual (where the resonance frequencies for different organs and systems are mentioned about.

Below you will find other new technical data of the device 911:

In addition to the 17 treatment modes user has the opportunity to create their own of treatment programs and save them in the memory of the device – up to 20 programs, and in previous versions there were 10 of them.

In devices 907 and 911 we’ve worked out a new advancement — SENSITIVITY function (SENS), which allows the user to adjust sensitivity of the device in accordance with such factors as condition of the skin surface (individual peculiarities, moistness, sensitiveness), psycho-emotional condition of the patient, environmental conditions, etc.

Now you won’t have problems with tracking the contact as it is possible to adjust sensitivity of the device in accordance with each particular case.

ENART 911 Specifications 1
ENART 911 Specifications 2

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