Epic Fasting and Mountain Climbing

so now I just climbed the mountain well I’ll show you what it looks like in the distance pretty impressive from where I’m standing it looks very impressive in this video not so impressive but anyway there it is good morning YouTube now is 3:30 in the morning Saturday morning I’m whispering because blindness or sleep I haven’t slept a wink last night and I am kind of tired kind of right away about what I’m going to do right now is pack my bag and I’m going for business it is a hike I’m going to go River Drive and our hours drive down south and I’ll go there climb Mount Warning so stay tuned all right in the car now and some coffee that’s hot and dumb my cupholders aren’t big enough for my travel company oh well I’ll make do time to go so made it now to the bottom of Mount Warning there’s quite a few people who are already and it’s like 4:30 in the morning but ready to start my climb now it’s bloody pitch-black walking through the car park now all right oh my god this is a four to five hour return trip what have I got myself into walking in the rain forest it’s pitch black hopefully battery my torch laughs can’t see shit like this all these farts really tell but here steps all the way up to the top I think some poor bastard had to come here and stick these things in the ground all the way to the top of the mountain fuck that oh fuck take your brush I made it to the top it’s bloody awesome view to shame that the camera can’t pick up the detail but the sunrise is so beautiful up here [Music] so nice up here but to show you so many people kind of crowds it but the walk was crazy the last maybe half a K is straight uphill rocks you go literally rock climbing way up here there’s chain the hold on dude but it’s pointless full body workout to me an hour and a half to walk up this whole thing I said the estimated time is about four to five hours round-trip so pretty pretty crushed it ran up here [Music] heading back down now so I’m going to try my best to show you that vertical path that I was talking about once I get there this is going to be tricky [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] which was very the end of it just got this anyone up on the phone why I want to go all right sir made a down the rock rock wall thingy now back on the track and the track you’ve literally just rocks everywhere my knee my feet I saw did a bit of ninja warrior jumping down the rocks that’s probably why running on coffee and no sleep or parallel I’ve been awake 24 hours so yeah plenty at home you have nice big fees and then probably go to bed he’s like an or I’ll just go about my normal day we’ll see over anyway I’m gonna keep going whole trip what’s you guys [Music] so much easier when you’ve got daylight and you can see where you’re putting your feet this massive tree uprooted way down there you know take some serious power to uproot tree they speak oh my god all the stairs I made it to the end Here I am so successfully completed mount morning and I don’t know how long that took me to me an hour and a half to get up there an hour to get down so not bad they reckon on the sign they say four to five hours round trip it took me two and a half hours I finished ran down the hallway about I got halfway absolutely wrecked freaking me shocked hell I’m starving and I probably lost all my gain from that cardio item trading so it’s all good anyway time to get so had a couple hours sleep with the neighbors for the first time in his life decided to use power tools so it’s working me up by anyway that’s fine I’m going to eat now I’m getting pretty hungry and I’ll show you what I’ve got it’s my arm my stocks and salad it looks like a bowl of spinach but there’s other things in there I can issue it is tomato cucumber tofu avocado salt pepper lemon juice and tahini so I’m going to eat this and watch a movie on my laptop rest stop eat again and then track better view of it yeah we like goodness all them games [Music]

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