Keith Cammell shares pain relief & nerve signal restoration with SCENAR

I shattered my left femur in a motorcycle accident my femoral nerve until three got damaged I was partially paralyzed my leg ended up atrophy to the point where I couldn't walk I was in pain and according to a nerve conduction report in 2011 I'd ongoing to innovation I wrecked in 2007 and finally put all this behind me in 2012 if I was introduced to scanner I'd probably still be recovering I'm at Peter Lathrop a neurophysiologist four years into my recovery he said he could help me and I went for it within the first three months of using a scanner I wasn't in excruciating pain and after six months of treatment I had another nerve test done this time the report indicated I had total normal nerve conduction I didn't just pop up one of my feet overnight I had to do a bunch of PT and still had to dilute the muscle but now I'm strong and I'm doing everything I used to do I know scanner sounds crazy but it's not magic it's just a TENS unit a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator healthcare professionals have been using tens unit since the 70s scanner is just a version from Russia that's programmable and uses biofeedback I know there's a bunch of people online making outrageous claims about skiing but it did help me in my recovery if you want to use scanner you got to know how to use it or it probably won't work so ask pa Lathrop about scanner he's the only person I've met that knows what he's talking about when it comes to this

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