Do I Need A Prescription To Buy SCENAR In The USA

hi everyone it's k here once again from the scanner experts here answering a question that we occasionally get sometimes more frequently than others and that question is do I have to have a prescription from a doctor to purchase a scanner so the question is generally coming from an everyday lay person like you or I it's not coming from a licensed practitioner and it's about whether or not just like medications are prescribed is scanner prescribed and the short answer is yes at least here in the United States which is where we operate we're located in San Diego California and we cover the United States and in the United States the FDA actually requires that when a consumer buys a scanner device that they have a prescription now that prescription can come from any type of licensed practitioner we have several different home unit scanners the rhythm scanner sport d the sport and a licensed practitioner needs to write that prescription so if you have a physician or other type of practitioner may be a chiropractor or an acupuncturist or someone like that who will write you the prescription that's fantastic if they would require some information prior to doing that you can certainly reach out to us if you need someone to help you write that prescription we do actually partner with a very wonderful physician and md who is well versed in scanner and she does do consultations if you happen to live in San Diego County you're going to be able to actually see her at her office if you live somewhere else in the United States she takes a telemedicine approach and if you're not familiar with telemedicine you could google that to find out about a very common practice now of physicians on the phone with clients with patients with everyday people asking the questions that they need to ask in order to learn about your situation and then determining whether or not you're an appropriate candidate for a scanner and so we're happy to connect you with her that particular resource if you need someone to write a prescription for you you could just give us a call at six 1950 1375 to again that's six 1950 1375 to you can feel free to ask for me as 4k and I can get you what it is you need or somebody I can direct someone on our team to get you what it is you need so again the question is do I have to have a prescription to purchase the scanner and the short answer is yes now if you search online you are going to find that you can get scanners from other places I have conversations with people when they go to places like eBay and see that they can purchase one and that device comes from Russia or maybe they can get one from Canada I highly recommend against that the reason that I recommend against that actually is the devices that will be coming from other countries will not be registered here in the US they will be hopefully registered in the country that they're coming from sometimes they are sometimes they're not but you also have more of a challenge to get any support should you need further education should you have any quality issues with the device you've bought because it will not be able to be taken care of by a US distributor so I've seen people need to send devices back to Russia and not have any support and have it take quite a long time to get it back so that's the longer answer to people who would like to kind of go around the need for a prescription and by outside the United States we like to make it very easy for you here in the US to get a device to get a prescription and to receive the support that you deserve so we hope you'll contact us alright everyone have a great day

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