What is a SCENAR Device?

hi everyone my name is Kay here from the scanner experts and I come in to you today to share with you the answer to a question that we get asked frequently one way shape or form people want to understand what is a scanner device so that is a very frequently asked question one we answer a lot and thought we would share with you today here a little short video so a scanner device is actually an electro therapeutic medical device and you see on the screen a picture of a rhythm scanner a professional unit interacting with the body and you see actually that it says FDA cleared the fact that it says that gives you an indication that we are located here in the United States we're actually in San Diego California in the United States and that the rhythm scanner is an FDA cleared medical device it's important that you look as you look at different devices to actually ascertain if the company that manufactures or distributes the device has actually bothered to get regulatory clearance that clearance is so important it protects you as the consumer so scanner is an electro therapeutic medical device and I want to go through what the name means because it's actually an acronym and some people know that and some don't some people actually search for scanner on Google like SCA n and ER like it sounds um so what is scanner and what does it mean as an acronym the SC actually stands for self-controlled this means that the device establishes a biofeedback link with your body when it's in use and it's constantly changing the properties of the applied electrical impulses and it's making those changes in response to a very measured reaction from your body so in that way it's self-controlled the en actually stands for an Ergo neuro so what does that mean well the effective scanner is actually based on electric impulses of a specific shape and the shape of those impulses are patterned after the natural nerve impulses of the human body and lastly the AR AR stands for adaptive regulator so your scanner device not only provides a very direct therapeutic effect but it also activates the natural defenses of the body so there you have it scanner is self controlled an Ergo neuro adaptive regulator now we pronounce it like scanner because as in a way this is what the device does it scams the body consistently throughout a session as it activates the natural mechanisms of your body so let's dive a little bit deeper into what a lecture of therapeutic device actually means when we say that we mean that the scanner interacts with your body from an electrical perspective versus a chemical perspective like a drug would human beings are actually electrochemical beings and so we're speaking to it in its own electrical language so it's a good non drug solution for a wide variety of painful conditions in the body and that non drug perspective is good in terms of the absence of side effects like a drug or a chemical would bring when we interact with the electrical aspects of the body with a device like the scanner you can help the body's own natural processes that are in place that would stop paying and create self repair in the body now in the US market scanner devices are classified as class 2 medical devices and again as I said earlier you want to check that any device that you're investigating is actually registered in your country by its regulatory body because not all devices are and those regulations are purely in place to protect consumers now you may or may not be familiar with electro therapeutic or sometimes they're called electro medicine devices I will ask if you think or you believe that you do know about them like you know about Eastham but you haven't used a scanner we hope that you'll set aside what you know and I put in air quotes that word no set aside what you know about electro medicine or estim technology in order to learn about the advances in the field and why we call scanner the smartest device available today in the field and that comes from somebody who has 35 plus years of experience in the field so not somebody who's sort of a newbie trying to sell something if you don't know about electro medicine or electro therapeutic devices or Eastham you're here learning about it now at a very very good time as more and more people are looking for alternatives to drugs to injections invasive procedures and surgery and many times we have found that scanner can be that alternative not all the time certainly but when you get prescribed these different things venture out and get a second or a third opinion and take a look at what is possible with scanner our co-founder he's my other half dr. Peter Lathrop has been in the field of electro medicine as an inventor working in the industry as well as a practitioner he's a neurophysiologist and he's been in the field over 35 years he actually co-developed the first commercial tens unit at Medtronic incorporated in 1979 so if you've heard of a TENS unit he's one of the co developers of that and nowadays he says trade in your old Tim's and your old Eastham technology or put it way in a drawer just like you did your first mobile phone he says the technology has advanced tremendously and becomes smart technology just like your smart phone and you want to upgrade in this technology just like you've done in your phone technology now he's been using the e rhythm scanner since 2008 before that he was using earlier generations of electro therapeutic devices some of which he co-developed but in 2008 he was introduced to scanner technology he explored it he adopted it he gradually got rid of everything else that he was using and he hasn't found anything to replace it and he continues today to help people get sustained pain relief and back to high levels of functioning using this he's also a level three master trainer teaching practitioners and consumers around the world so what you get in him is somebody who's not just teaching but doesn't know because he has a day-to-day practice as well this is a picture of he and I we are partners working together I have a nursing background a deep medical device background in the pain management space as well as well as a coaching background so we make we think a very good team and we hope that you're going to follow along and learn more from us about scanner about stopping pain and about all the benefits that come from using scanner technology as either a lay person or as a practitioner so look down below for where you can go next to follow along with us we want to end today by telling you a client story this particular individual comes from doctor Lathrop practice his pain problem was becoming chronic he'd had it for a number of months he actually came in with this soreness in his shoulder II had an injury while playing baseball and that soreness in his shoulder was at about a level seven you know they do a pain scale on a scale of one to ten and he was a sad and mostly when he was throwing otherwise it was just kind of generally okay and in the background for him it wasn't the pain wasn't interfering with his daily activities but boy it was interfering with his love of playing baseball and his goal was to play baseball and specifically to throw without pain and to know that his shoulder was okay so before he came to us he had that goal he did chiropractic he did acupuncture we did exercise and soft tissue work and he didn't have any resolution of the problem and he'd gone to a surgeon to get an opinion and about the same time he came in to see dr. Lathrop he decided to try the scanner treatment first that was his decision he had an MRI that showed a small posterior superior labral tear then the surgeon said he should have surgery but he decided he wanted to try the scanner treatments before doing something invasive and committing to that surgical procedure and so he had his scanner treatments and after some time his range of motion was much better doctor Lathrop really believed that he was progressing while he was throwing though he was still having some pain so they decided to do another MRI and lo and behold on that MRI there was no evidence at all of the labrum tear that tear had healed and so Rick had a little bit more physical therapy to take care of aspects of what was going on in terms of a frozen shoulder and then he was back to playing and he played in baseball tournaments and the shoulder responded great and he didn't have any pain problems so it was a fantastic result from scanner therapy and a little bit of physical therapy to take care of frozen shoulder at the end and we find oftentimes the scanner and other modalities chiropractic or exercise can be very beneficial together so that's Rick's story it's a common story in our practice and if you'd like to look learn more again just go down below and follow along with us future videos webinars or give our office a call and find out whether or not scanner is right for you by interacting with a professional or getting your own home unit scanner in the meantime create a great day and we'll be with you soon bye

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