Will SCENAR Take My Pain Away?

hi my name is Kay from the scanner experts and I'm here today to answer another question that we frequently get and that is well scanner take my pain away I've tried so many things nothing has worked and I tell you after just a brief explanation of scanner this is the question that we usually get next we answer the question what is scanner and then people want to immediately know what they can expect in terms of pain relief kind of relief can I get will it take my pain away the most frequent questions we get usually the first questions we get and as you can see on the screen the short answer is yes it will help your body stop the pain it does this most of the time quite quickly you know keep in mind that because pain is generated due to many different types of conditions and injuries we can't address them all in the exact same way so of course after the answer yes there is more to say you need to understand how scanner actually helps the body it helps the body by stimulating your own internal pharmacy did you know that you had an internal pharmacy or did you think the only pharmacy there was was Walgreens or CVS or something inside Walmart well you do have your own internal pharmacy and scanner actually helps your body secrete the right amount of what's called neuropeptides along with other neuro mediators all part of your internal harmony and the this is actually what relieves your pain and initiates the healing sequence in your body so when you get a scanner treatment you might get immediate relief where the relief might come several hours later how and when you experience the leaf is related to your condition and how scanner works with your body taking a pain pill generally begins to dull or mask your pain about 20 minutes or so after you take the pill into your system right and then once the medication is worn off your pains going to return and you need to take another pill and you repeat this process continually when you have chronic pain issues those of you with chronic pain issues listening to me know what I mean well when you get scanner treatments your pain relief will last longer and longer as the device doesn't dull or mask the pain and then wear off it actually stimulates your own internal pharmacy to work on the underlying problem the reason for the pain and to help it return to a normal state so you can expect that when you have repeated applications of the scanner that you're going to progress toward health we have had many hundreds of people with pain related to fresh and very old chronic injuries receive scanner treatments over the last eight years in our office with a success rate around 90% you'll see below a link where you can listen to some videos of some of our clients and what they've had to say about pain relief with scanner and we continue to build the video testimonial if you will it's something that we didn't used to do and so we now get to do that right so that you can hear more and more people talk about their experience with scanner you will find that scanner therapists around the world will really echo our results that it is quite a successful type of therapy and when you have a very chronic condition one of the things you need to keep in mind is it's not a magic bullet it's not something that you're going to do a few times and voila you know have this chronic condition in your body be healed and have that pain go away but your body does have an amazing ability to heal and self repair and so over time you will see that that underlying condition be cut begins to normalize and the pain relief becomes sustainable so while it's not for everyone and I will say it's not for everyone the results most often are so positive that it's worth testing it for yourself if you're suffering from a painful condition if you're experiencing side effects of your current pain management treatment if you're tired of the side effects that that brings that's kind of what I mean or if you just know that you're not playing your life at the level that you would like to play and you wonder you know is this something that's going to be able to help you put your injury your painful condition in the rearview mirror of your life and move forward further and further and further away from it it is worth trying because I've seen that happen for so many people speaking of pain management you will have to listen to our next video to hear our little rant and I say rant and air quotes kind of about pain management because pain management is such a prevalent thing here in the United States and we just don't know why on earth anyone would want to manage pain instead of getting rid of it once and for all it's really beyond us so check it out look for that video specifically and see how it sits with you bye for now

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